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Trust not too much to an enchanting face.
- Vergil, Roman Epic, Didactic, and Idyllic Poet (B.C. 70-19)

Hey Julian, it’s only a matter of time before the assassin’s bullet finds you. I’m sure you know this. I’m sure you also try to take solace in the fact that when you get that bullet you so richly deserve, some will even view you as a martyr.

It must be thrilling to strip the world’s only superpower of it’s clothes and share the unguarded assessments of our diplomats and those of our allies, you must feel like quite a powerful man to put a death warrant on some of our best intelligence assets and blow the cover of so many American agents and agents of our allies, but when that assassin’s bullet finally does take you out, have you ever thought of exactly who will be celebrating the life you lived and all your “heroic” deeds?

Does it make you feel proud to imagine that a Communist China which brutally stamps out all opposition to their authoritarian rule is celebrating your espionage?

Does it make you feel vindicated when you think of how you’re being applauded by repressive regimes like the nutjob mullahs in Iran, whenever they can take a break from stoning women, hanging homosexuals and torturing political dissidents?

Does it warm your heart to think of all the terrorists who blow up cars in crowded markets and set bombs off in crowded night clubs who will say that you were quite the useful idiot for their cause in trying to tear down the “Great Satan” and install a global caliphate?

What a wonderful collection of tyrants and murderers you’ll have to mourn your death, Julian Assange.

Some people should die, that’s just unconscious knowledge.

“Pig’s in Zen” – Perry Farrell, 1987

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One Response to Message for Julian Assange

  • If Assange had focused on releasing examples of wrongdoing, more people might support him. Still, he’s exposed incompetence and corruption. Better than most of the journalists damning his name.

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