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Life every man holds dear; but the dear man holds honor far more precious dear than life.
- Shakespeare, English Dramatist and Poet (1564-1616)

My buddy Miles is an incredibly talented musician living in the United Arab Emirates, Miles is a guy whose entire heart and soul are focused on music, he could care less about politics, especially politics half a world away. He tells me he reads my blog posts and doesn’t know what to make of it.

Well, Miles emailed me last night about a dream he had – it seems my political rantings are working on the subconscious of even my most non-political friends.

Hey mike

I dreamt about you last night and
You were running for president…

and we were eating dinner in new yorks most posh place

you were going I am gonna make this country so special

that, all the poor people will never have to struggle again.
and the rich guys eating in this posh place wont be the rich anymore
and putting down poor people `like they do .. the poor
will be eating in the same joints as the rich and wealthy
cause we.ll be taking all their bucks and secretly
giving it to all the poor folks in the world…

and you said tomorrow when i become the president
this will be done…

i said mr president we got no money to pay the dinner bill
hey Miles you said, do not worry , one has to go thru chains
and lots of pain to rise to the top.. so you take the dishes
and I,ll do the light work like wiping and drying the plates
i have to do the super thinking to get us out of here
a real quick.

I said I hope this is a dream.. heck no you said
think about tomorrow… and I went oh yeah
you will kick me out when you become president

ha ha your wrong miles
then I woke up

right up until now Im thinking
man you should run for President

so long President Mike

nice dream buddy
take it easy


I just love that, and who could have ever guessed I would become the stealth candidate for Occupy Wall Street in my good friend’s dream?

Rest assured, Miles, you’re going to be greeted as the highest foreign dignitary when you get back to the states and you know there’s always an open bedroom for you in President Mike’s White House.

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