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Envy, among other ingredients, has a mixture of the love of justice in it. We are more angry at undeserved than at deserved good fortune.
- Hazlitt, English Essayist (1778-1830)

Pablo "Eagle Feather" Sancho

One of the most spiritual people I’ve befriended on Twitter is a man named Pablo “Eagle Feather” Sancho.

Pablo’s a good fellow to follow, the vast majority of his tweets offering the words “I bless you,” as he confers his blessings on his followers (and I suspect he considers his “followers” not in the regular Twitter sense, but more in the cult leader sense of the word.)

He may have a bit of a messiah complex, or perhaps just he went online and got ordained by the Universal Life Church and now he takes his title of “reverend” a bit too seriously, but Pablo’s stream of blessings and invocations are uplifting to tap into regardless.

So imagine my shock and dismay when in reply to a single tweet, Eagle Feather fired off these half-dozen replies in rapid succession. (Read chronologically from the bottom up . . . )

Pablo Sancho

So what did I do to incur this bombastic barrage from the bestower of blessings?

All six of those tweets came in reply to a single share of my “Obama Likes Being President” post in which I calmly, without any malice, made the case that Barack Obama likes all the things that come along with being president, but through his actions and his words, he shows quite clearly that he doesn’t care too much for the actual job of being president.

For daring to express my opinion on the president, Pablo tells me he “feels so sorry for my soul” and that my “eternal soul” is in need of being “saved.” He tells me I am “trapped in endless darkness” and that my “darkness is great.”

And I so say to you – please let the light of Democracy and free speech into your heart, Pablo.

You seem as if you would prefer to be trapped in the endless darkness of a totalitarian regime where you either agree with the party in charge or you disappear. Forever.

Pablo, look up and see the brightness of a society where an open debate and a free exchange of ideas conquers those who would subjugate us all underneath an all-powerful government.

Your intolerance is great and I feel so sorry that this is your response to those who dare question a president in a free society.

(Seriously, I post an article critical of the president and this guy is asking me to “repent” and let “Massiah” (sic) save my soul?)

You’d probably be much happier in a place like North Korea, where all are united in their unquestioning praise of Dear Leader and any who dare speak otherwise are made to “repent” in the concentration camps.

“Repent n let Yahoshua, the Massiah (sic), save ur eternal soul,” he tweets me.

Repent for daring to question the most beneficent reign of our Dear Leader Obama!

Seriously, Pablo? Seriously?

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