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Honor is but an empty bubble.
- Dryden, English Poet, Dramatist, and Critic (1631-1700)

National Review Online Comes Out Against Gingrich

I knew the folks at NRO followed my blog but still was surprised to see how quickly my last post would inspire their front page repudiation of Gingrich.

Yes, the power and influence of this blog is second only to the fun I have imagining it as such, but the timing of this lastest “dis-endorsement” against Gingrich was pretty tightly timed right after my last post.

The editors elucidate on why they came out against Gingrich: Winnowing the Field.

NRO’s Victor Davis Hanson also has a great read comparing and constrasting Newt and Mitt (he finds the two far more comparable than contrasted) although he doesn’t arrive at a conclusion and leaves it to the reader: The Gingrich Gamble

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