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Why is day two the hardest when quitting smoking?


I can always make it one day, no problem, but here it is January 2, and why do I feel absolutely stir crazy to go outside for a smoke?

I’m the only smoker in the house so I don’t want to inflict it on my wife and step-daughter, so I do all my smoking outside. Day one was no problem, but here we are day two, and I can literally feel my body rising and halfway out the chair before I remind myself, oh yeah, I’m not smoking any more.

There are two cigs left over from New Year’s Eve, and I’m thinking it might actually be easier to keep them on hand than pitching them in the trash. Maybe I’ll be ready to say good bye to those final two by week’s end. All I know is, I hope day three is easier than day two.


I feel like going Tarkanian on a towel right now.

I feel like going Tarkanian on a towel right now.

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7 Responses to New Year’s Resolution

  • It does get easier but only if you truly desire to quit. Perhaps something to keep your hands busy might help you dear Sir~

  • Is this you Mike? Good for you Mike keep it up you will wonder why you ever smoked I mean the smell is so wrong!Get the Walmart brand nicotine gum #2.. 🙂 It is a great substitute.. BUT Don’t get me wrong I would die for a cigarette right now! I just don’t have any so I go on to do the next thing..

    • How long has it been for you now? My problem is, I’m very good at quitting, but I’m also really good at starting it up again. I’ll go two weeks, six weeks, six months, but I never seem to be able to leave it behind once and for all.

      How long have you been smoke free now?

  • Quiting smoking was easy for me for some reason. Going a month without alcohol was much more of a tribulation.

    • Sometimes it’s good to give something up for a bit just to flex your will power muscles a bit, give the liver a bit of a chance to recuperate . . .

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