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The ever-whirling wheele Of Change, to which all mortal things doth sway.
- Edmund Spenser, English Poet (1552-1599)

When he was running for president, Obama the Candidate tried to tap into populist anger at rising gas prices by proposing a windfall tax on oil companies to give every American a $1,000 rebate check. Hey everybody, let’s all vote for Obama, have ourselves some free spending money and stick it to those evil, greedy oil companies!!! He ran TV ads in 18 states touting the idea and slammed John McCain for campaigning against “taxing their windfall profits to help drivers.”

Within a week of Election Day however, Obama’s promises of a windfall tax were dropped from the website and never taken up again. Here it was just one week after being elected president and a full two months before he would even start the job and Barack Obama was already on course to breaking his first campaign promise. Much like the first week of his presidency when he signed the executive order to shut down Gitmo and then never followed through, we were better off because he broke his promise, but it was yet another broken promise nonetheless.

The truth is, a campaign promise from Barack Obama is about as empty as the bathtub of a Frenchman on any given day.

So as the 2012 election nears and we see gas prices under Obama rising higher than they did even during the odd and even days of Jimmy Carter, I have no doubt that once again, the man who will never take any share in any of the blame will try his best to agitate the masses and focus people’s anger over high gas prices against the villains of big bad greedy oil.

But as Barack Obama and his surrogates in the Obama State Media try to shift the blame for the pain at the pump away from his failed presidency and against the evil greed of BIG OIL, consider a simple fact represented here in this cartoon:

Big Oil Is Evil

You know, if Apple was selling gas, with a 25% net profit in Q2 of 2012, Apple would be making a net profit of $1 on every $4 gallon of gas sold, but hey, forget picking on Apple, we all know how much liberals like their iPads and iPhones and iEverythingelse so never mind picking on them or suggesting anything about excessive greed over at Apple or a need to tax their windfall profits, let’s go back to the more important matter of demonizing BIG OIL.

The only thing is, looking back on that cartoon, if BIG OIL is evil, doesn’t that make your state and federal government nearly five times as evil? Worst of all, the taxes they place on gasoline are regressive taxes meaning the pain at the pump and the drain on the wallet hits the poor and the working class the hardest!

But this Obama guy, I’ll tell ya! This guy who came to the presidency as The Great Uniter, a guy who told us he did not see red states or blue states but a United States, this guy’s only hope left now is to try to divide the country in on itself and hope that he can scrabble all those little pieces together into something over 50%.

Without any shame he will take an industry employing hundreds of thousands, an energy industry that provides the lifeblood of our economy, and he will try to divide America and turn the greater share of Americans against that industry. Make no mistake about it, he’s going to do it, he’s going to aim the blame at BIG OIL and point his finger to the BIG OIL castle on the hill and say, “Hey America, I’m with you, I’m just as angry about those high gas prices as you are! Let’s grab our torches and our pitchforks and let’s climb that hill and storm the castle and stick it to those greedy bastards!”

Yeah, so much for The Great Uniter.

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4 Responses to Next Time They Try to Tell You How Evil and Greedy BIG OIL Is…

  • Mike, I believe you nailed it. My belief is that now, in order to go along and get along, Big Oil begins to lower prices with the “promise” of under-the-table help from obama (always lower-case ‘o’ because, he is after all a lower case). Prices will be at their lowest several weeks before the election.


    • Oh that uppity nigger and his uppity ways. We can’t have some uppity negro telling us what to do. We need a pasty white man with no rhythm, like George W. Bush! Now HE was a president! He knew how to ruin the country, he knew how to bail out those banks with trillions of our tax dollars. Man I miss those days when we went to war with nothing more than a rumor and killed hundreds of thousands of brown people who we do not respect or understand simply because they have oil and don’t adore our propped up beloved Israel which God punished for their hardened hearts. Bad neighbors to every peoples surrounding them. King Hesikiah was just that, and the prophet Jeremiah warned him to not deal underhandedly and conniving to his surrounding nations and to give rest to the fields planted every 7 years for revitalization. Nebuchanezzar of babylon did away with the nation of Judea and imprisoned the Jews for his entire life! President Obama (big O you idiot, he is our leader, like it or not) is finally treating the coddled and heavilly subsidized “Zion” on a more level playing field. He will not defend a nation that is hostile to its neighbors just because we felt real bad about that whole holocaust thing we never started in the first place. Israel has been coddled long enough, it is time to take the training wheels off and let them act like grown-ups.

  • Next time they try to tell how evil and greedy big oil is remember that many of these oil companies see no fault of their own in destroying our heritage by their continued perpetuated existence. They finance “scientific” studies to denounce real empiric data that raises concerns about the sustainability of this fuel source on our planet. They engage with their political operatives to promote destabilization and war drumming to effect the stability of the price ofoil, always to their financial benefit. They fight to tooth and nail to suppress any technology and knowledge that might prevent them from making record profits year after year. Many of these billionaire oilmen use their deep pockets to alter policy in their favor and pervert our democracy to their justified goals. You obviously have not filled your mind with stories of the ruined lives, poisoned communities, and destroyed ecosystems that are laid to waste simply because these tragedies are not billionaires with lots of powerful crony friends to prop them up. Now the Penn GOP wants to extend billions in subsidies to keep them from having a less that stellar year? WTF?
    Benjamin Franklin said this: We are all born into this world ignorant, but we have to try pretty hard to remain stupid.

    • Obviously, you’re trying pretty hard on that account. You drive a car, Jonathan? Maybe you ride the bus? Maybe you shop at a grocery store where 90% of the products you buy were delivered by truck. You are a consumer, Jonathan. You should thank your lucky stars we live in a time where gasoline is so cheap and affordable.

      You really have no clue how many of the things that you take for granted are all affordable because of cheap energy prices, do you?

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