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David Gregory Breaking the Law on National TV

As I foresaw with my crystal ball in the first of my predictions for 2013, after David Gregory broke Washington D.C. gun control laws, on camera, with an entire nation as witnesses, today, he got away scot-free. Gregory will not face the same charges that would be faced by any other person witnessed possessing and waving around a high-capacity magazine in D.C. The fact that I saw this coming does nothing to lessen the disgust I feel in having heard the news today.

Hey David Gregory, you want abandon any remaining semblance of a career as a journalist to become a fanatical crusader for the tightening of gun control laws? You want to get on national TV and taunt the head of an organization that’s 4.2 million Americans strong by waving a high-capacity magazine in the man’s face, despite the fact that you tried to get clearance from D.C. metro police to do this and they told you in no uncertain terms that to do so would be breaking the law??? Well then, you need to be held accountable for breaking those very same laws that you’re pushing for!

The truth is, when it comes to being an advocate for gun control, you’re just a punk ass pansy, David Gregory. Real activists like Gandhi and MLK and Cesar Chavez broke the law in a way where they made damn sure they’d end up spending some time behind bars, sacrificing their freedom for a cause they believed in. If you had any credibility in your convictions, you would have made an example of yourself and demanded you do some time in the name of the cause.

Revelations 13:10 says, “He that leadeth into captivity shall go into captivity” and I would add to that, he that pusheth for stricter laws must be subject to those stricter laws. The fact that your gun control buddies in high offices of government were willing to make a mockery of the gun control laws in D.C. with this blatant double-standard only weakens those very laws you would have the rest of us to be subjected to. From all the state propagandists at NBC pushing to crush the Second Amendment to all the little despots in the Office of Attorney General prosecuting citizens for breaking D.C. gun control laws, letting Gregory skate on these charges is a travesty, it is hypocrisy on a most despicable level.

Here’s what D.C. attorney general Irvin Nathan said of the decision not to press charges on Gregory in a letter this afternoon:

First, the undeniable facts:

Under D.C. Code Section 7-2596.01(b), it is unlawful for any person while in the District of Columbia to “possess, sell, or transfer any large capacity ammunition feeding device regardless of whether the device is attached to a firearm” or loaded. Under the Subsection, the term “large capacity ammunition feeding device” means a “magazine, belt, drum, feed strip or similar device that has the capacity of, or that can be readily restored or converted to accept more than ten rounds of ammunition.” Under D.C. Code Section 7-2507.06, any person convicted of a violation of this Subsection may be imprisoned for not more than one year, fined not more than $1000, or both.

Now here comes the attempt to justify weaseling out of pressing charges.

Having carefully reviewed all of the facts and circumstances of this matter, as it does in every case involving firearms-related offenses or any other potential violation of D.C. law within our criminal jurisdiction, OAG has determined to exercise its prosecutorial discretion to decline to bring criminal charges against Mr. Gregory, who has no criminal record, or any other NBC employee based on the events associated with the December 23, 2012 broadcast. OAG has made this determination, despite the clarity of the violation of this important law, because under all of the circumstances here a prosecution would not promote public safety in the District of Columbia nor serve the best interests of the people of the District to whom this office owes it’s trust.


Influencing our judgment in this case, among other things, is our recognition that the intent of the temporary possession and short display of the magazine was to promote the First Amendment purpose of informing an ongoing public debate about firearms policy in the United States, especially while this subject was foremost in the minds of the public following the previously mentioned events in Connecticut and the presidents speech to the nation about them.

source: WaPo

Could it be any more obvious here that the OAG is forgiving Gregory for breaking the law because they see him as one of their own, a fellow traveller in the gun control movement? And what the hell does the tragedy in Connecticut and a presidential speech about it have to do with failing to prosecute the laws in D.C.??? Maybe most incredible of all is when Mr. Nathan tries to shield Gregory’s illegal possession of the magazine by invoking the First Amendment when a much more accurate description would be that he was breaking the law in an attempt to dismantle the Second Amendment.

Here is my email to the D.A.’s office in D.C.:

How ironic that the phrase “Equal justice under law” is engraved on the front of the United States Supreme Court building in the very city you serve, as you show no regard for that core principle of our justice system in failing to prosecute David Gregory for blatantly breaking gun control laws with an entire nation as witnesses. Amazing that you could be so hypocritical in your double standards, one standard for the media elite pushing for stricter gun control laws and another standard for the rest of us commoners. Shame on you. If there was any justice in D.C., the people pushing for stricter gun control laws would be held to even higher standards, not given a pass when they break the laws they’re pushing for.

Here are the contact details if you feel compelled to contact these hypocritical scumbags yourself:

Email: [email protected]

Phone: (202) 727-3400

Unlike Mr. Gregory, last year, 105 individuals were were arrested in D.C. for having a magazine that can hold more than 10 rounds. For the next arrest, I pray that there will be a line of lawyers with all the skills necessary to take the case all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court and argue that the failure to prosecute with “Equal Justice under law” demands the law be stricken down.

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8 Responses to No Charges for David Gregory. The Media Elite is Above the Law in D.C.

  • Ronald Reagan Quote
    “We must reject the idea that every time a law’s broken, society is guilty rather than the lawbreaker. It is time to restore the American precept that each individual is accountable for his actions.”Including David Gregory!

    • Exactly. He knew what he was doing, D.C. Metro even told him before they did the segment that it would be a violation of law. It will be very interesting to see if there are any star-quality lawyers willing to take up the next case of the average joe getting charged for the exact same offense.

    • I would love to see this backfire with a (activist) judge throwing out subsequent identical charges through the equal protection clause.
      That said, prosecutors have always had the power to not press charges against someone who obviously broke a law. Here in Vermont we just let an old man slide for vehicle manslaughter because, get this, of his age and illnesses the State would not be able to properly care for him.
      IMHO, we have way too many laws and the law in question should have never been on the books for this activist journalist to break. So should I be demanding someone get arrested for a law I don’t believe in? Or should I cross my fingers and hope the prosecutor’s judgment bites him in the ass through the judicial overturning of a law that was clearly arbitrarily enforced on some and not on others?
      One thing I do not hear much from either side of this debate is the fact that the first federal gun laws used the commerce clause of the Constitution to regulate machine guns and sawed off shotguns. These guns are to a large degree still illegal for most Americans to acquire and possess. Gibbons v. Ogden started this precedent in 1824 and ever since Roosevelt stacked the Supreme Court, to pass well intentioned but flawed market regulation to deal with the depression, the liberal use of this clause has regulated just about everything we can or cannot do or use. Society is guilty of allowing this to happen and in doing so doomed the individual accountability Reagan (and myself) yearned for. (Not to mention a truly free market system.)
      Ronald Reagan had some great speeches. My favorite is the greatness in America measured by the fact we can(could) travel from one coast to another without identification papers. Great speeches only go so far. Action is what counts. The actions of him and everyone of our modern President’s do not mesh with their honorable speeches or a truly liberal and free democracy.

      • Good hearing from you, Galen.

        The Commerce Clause, which should be a meager clause and nothing more, has been used to completely dismantle the Tenth Amendment, and it is the greatest tool liberal activists have had to completely override the Tenth Amendment, which was one of the most genius parts of the Bill of Rights. The Tenth Amendment is the most plainly spoken of all the amendments:

        “The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.”

        How much more plainly spoken could that be? And it has worked perfectly when it comes to a wide range of issues from marijuana to gay marriage to assisted suicide. It works perfectly because those issues are far from any hint of a mention in the Constitution, and it works perfectly because all the other states can watch and see how that works out for them. That’s the way it should work for everything not specifically mentioned in the Constitution, but no, our Federal Overlords can find any excuse to use that Commerce Clause to impose laws on an entire nation without any regard for the Tenth Amendment.

        I still believe that any encroachment on the Second Amendment is unconstitutional, because if you read the founding fathers thoughts on it, it wasn’t about hunting and sportsmanship, it was about making the government fear us and not the other way around. But we’ll see. I would love nothing more than to see the next guy busted for carrying a high-capacity magazine in D.C. get one of the best and brightest lawyers in America take that case all the way to the USCC and get it thrown out over equal protection.

        • I completely agree and if I didn’t have three underage children dependent on me for their well being and education I might be crazy enough to be that person. (Being a parent really does mellow you out.)

          • Dude, you just keep being a good father, speak your mind and let it be heard, and keep making those awesome toasters. That’s an ingenious product. *seriously*

  • In Hawaii even a spent bullet in a bag is enough to be arrested and could get you jail time. Even seen police try to use a toy (plastic) bullet against someone. True story. Young woman friend, with a rifle in the trunk of her car, arrested, soon released but arrested. Many hunters in Hawaii.

  • Very good write-up. Had I taken that into my place of employment, I would’ve been fired.

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