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As the shadow waiteth on the substance, even so true honour attendeth upon goodness.
- Akhenaton?, Egyptian King and Monotheist (c. B.C. 1375)

As Obama continues his tour of daytime and late night talk shows and we’re treated to moments of awesomeness like watching the ladies of The View gush over how many different ways he’s wonderful and scenes of male newscasters giggling like little school girls over clips of Obama singing karaoke, the pop star president continued his media blitz as the campaign released a new version of the famous HOPE shirt.

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That’s Obama’s HOPE anyways, he HOPES that you’ll forget how he once famously said regarding the economy at the beginning of his term, “If I don’t have this done in three years, then there’s going to be a one-term proposition.” Obama’s HOPE is that you’ll be so overwhelmed by his breathtaking magnificence, that you’ll forget all about the rotten economy.

F*ck the economy and vote for the cool guy. We all know the media’s buying it, but are you?

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16 Responses to Obama Campaign Unveils New HOPE T-Shirt Design!

  • That’s some funny sh*t right there !!!!

  • Stupidest f*cking thing I’ve ever read… By Obama’s standards (the same interview you take that one quote out of context, why no mention of how we got here?) he’s done his job. In October, November, December, of 2008 and January of 2009 the US economy sheed and AVERAGE of 600,000 jobs PER MONTH. After the “failed” stimulus the economy has had 26 months of positive job growth. Average GPD under Obama is higher than it was under Bush.

    Obama’s policies have stabilized the economy. You can look at quotes from January ’09 but if your not looking at non partisan economic analysis from the same exact time period you would see that EVERYBODY downplayed the severity of the collapse, that was exacerbated by a decade of Republican policies. from 2000 to 2006 the GOP held the White House, the House and the Senate, we’re still trying to recover from that….

    • Yes Andrew, you are so much smarter than the rest of America who says this economy sucks. Have you seen Obama’s approval marks on jobs, the economy and gas prices?

    • What in heck have you been smoking? Must be good stuff! If you are that much with your head in the sand (or elsewhere), you need to gather your brain cells and wise up so our country doesn’t go down and out should (G-d forbid) Obummer get re-elected!!

      • Thumbs up for your passion, but I need to remind you, there’s supposed to be a debate, not necessarily people mashing on their keyboards as hard as you were just now, but this is how it’s supposed to work, there’s supposed to be a debate, there’s supposed to be some people who think he should get re-elected and some who don’t. It’s called a Democracy.

        I get the feeling you’d prefer it much more if you were living in a dictatorship where there’s only one side to the story and no debating it.

        • Oh, well then, lets talk about Obama being unpatriotic for starter. He doesn’t even know what to do to respect the flag or what to do when sayingpledge of allegiance. Maybe because he’s not a true blue blooded American? His spending habits got fancy vacas for Michelle, family and friends? What about his supposed alliance with Israel? There are hundreds of points to debate!! Where do we start???

    • Andrew. I know the government pablum must taste great with the koolaid (2012 is turning out to be an exceptional vintage) however the pablum you are swilling is simply false. Anyone that’s made any effort to look into the matter rather than pitch their head back and open wide like a hungry trusting hatchling waiting for a regurgitated worm knows the data given to the fellow pablum swilling media is only 1st time unemployment submissions which is absolutely ludicrous and impossible for calculating unemployment. You could literally mathematically take real unemployment to near 100% while never showing official unemployment over 10%.

      I won’t even begin to expect you to fathom the hidden Quantitative Easing induced inflation that is being kept from the public via the same type of farcical statistics

      Wise up hatchling.

  • Andrew, I agree with you absolutely. Obama saved more jobs when he rescued the Auto Industry than Bush ever created. Bush had the lowest numbers in job creation than any recent President. For some reason it’s become so acceptable to trash Obama on Facebook and this page with personal attacks and untruths. I guess we’ll have to get use to it for another four years……

    • Poor Obama. Imagine becoming president and actually having to deal with people who think you’re taking the country in the wrong direction and even having the nerve to go on Facebook or a public forum and express those opinions.

      Questioning the president? Why, it’s so . . . un-American! Oh wait . . .

      Yeah, I know. That whole Democracy thing, liberals would like to do away with it entirely so we could just outlaw all that messy dissent and have ourselves a true paradise, just like they’ve created in all those other leftist totalitarian paradises – Soviet Russia, Putin’s Russia, China, Cuba, Iran, North Korea.

  • Sorry Mike, but that’s where you completely miss the point. The Right Wing of the GOP have completely taken over the party in a way that there is no semblence of even the Republican Party of Ronald Reagan. Reagan and Tip O’Neil would argue ideologies during the day and converse and joke in the evening. The late great William F. Buckley didn’t recognize his own party under Bush/Cheney. His son voted for Obama. Goldwater and possibly even Eisenhower couldn’t get nominated if they ran today.

    Oh and who’s trying to squelch freedom of speech? No one that I know. What you mistake for freedom of speech is the unprecedented disrespect of the President and in some cases thinly veiled threats!

  • Some people forget that who brought this country to its deepest crisis ever was G.W. Bush, a Republican that professed Free Market and no State intervention. You also forget that when everything started falling down for Bush, he gave away a candy bar for everybody (the famous tax credit) like if the people were stupid. You also forget that the bank crisis was caused by lack of regulation and pro-monopolistic laws created by Ronald Reagan. So, don’t blame President Obama for stopping the biggest crisis ever, don’t blame him for saving the biggest industry remained in our Nation, don’t blame him for give people better opportunities to study, don’t blame him for bringing back the economy slowly but steady.

    And besides the economy:

    We can’t live in the Medieval Age when women were treated like objects. Abortion is right every single women have over their body.

    We can’t live in the Dark Ages when stem cell research was considered evil. Science cannot be stop just because some extremist religious fundamentalist think so.

    We can’t like in the Middle Ages when homosexual people are treated like if they were not humans. Like if their sexual preferences were cause of shame and punishment.


  • I think u have all kind of missed something that truly is unpatriotic. The Republican Congress & Senate literally stone-walling every piece of legislation that comes through the door. They have argued about everything big or small, without any regard to how it would impact the American people. Never has our government been so dysfunctional. They are completely f#%king the citizens of this country in order to serve the big corporations and provide them with more money so they can send more jobs out of this country. These companies are making record profits while Americans are trying to figure out how to put a goddamn meal on their table. How much money is enough? Will it ever be enough? At what cost? Never has our government so blatantly displayed their self-indulgent servitude to money, causing great hardship on this great country and it great people. Romney’s nomination is all you need to prove that point…the man is the antithesis of what our country needs to help restore our economy…yet all the good little Republicans get in a row and follow him right into the burning building. Instead of bitching and holding our great President accountable for the actions of this GOP impotency…maybe all you people need to stop voting for Lobbyist in our Congress and Senate and start voting for people who actually represent you.

  • All this crying about there having been some Republicans to counter the Democrat majorities Obama had in both houses of Congress his first two years and which he still holds in the Senate.

    You would rather Obama have a Soviet styled Politburo that would just rubber stamp everything he wanted? Well he did. When Obama took office, he threatened America, if we don’t pass this stimulus NOW we could see unemployment go as high as 8%, so Congress rushed that 1,079 page pig through. Where was the transparency? What happened to the promises that all legislation would be up for 5 days for public viewing before it would be brought to a vote. Obama lied, the economy died.

    He threatened America unemployment could go as high as 8% if that $787 billion pork bill didn’t go through, he got his wishes, and unemployment went past 10%.

    Over three years later and we’re still over 8%.

    So don’t cry about Obama having to deal with the indignity of some members of an opposing party like every other president has had to do. He got his stimulus and then he proceeded to spend the next 13 months focused on passing a health care bill that had an individual mandate (which he mocked as a candidate) and that had no public option (after candidate Obama said he would sign no bill that did not have a public option.) Two more broken promises, and yet all this time, thirteen months he put Congress in gridlock as HIS OWN PARTY couldn’t get the details right and all America really cared about was jobs, jobs, jobs.

    So don’t cry to me about those OBSTRUCHZUNIT Republicans. His Dem Congress rammed through Obamacare and Stimulus with zero Republican support while the economy went into the toilet.

    He failed.

    One and done.

    There will be plenty other black presidents, so don’t take it personally.

  • Naive, very naive. Republicans don’t have what it takes to bring the economy back. Socialism? I would rather research what this word means because I don’t see any Socialism in the United States. Health Care, please, the day every single person could go to the doctor without paying a dime, that day I could say there is a health care program. I still have to pay for my College tuition, for my health insurance, for my transportation , for my food, for my rent. Where is the damn Socialism?

    Has Obama been perfect? no, he hasn’t, he didn’t really use his strong fist and shook those Republicans in Congress that always tried to boycott him. He was too condescending when he let the Republicans get away with more tax breaks.




    And who were behind that: Republicans.

    Do you think that the Republican economic laissez-faire will help to push the economy up?

    Do you think that no taxing the rich is going to help?

    Do you think that the economy is going to be better if the State don’t intervene?

    Do you think that leaving the less fortunate alone cutting public spending in social services will create a better society?



    OBAMA 2012

  • And for the record:

    Nobody brought the racial issue in this debate but Mike:

    “There will be plenty other black presidents, so don’t take it personally.”

    You are racist!

    Now you can’t deny it. You just exposed yourself.

    • To simply bring up the man’s race does not make one a racist. I remember the tears of pride in my eyes watching the inauguration of America’s first black president. What a great disappointment this president has been, not just from the standpoint of the failed stimulus, the way he was willing to sell out on two of the core principles he campaigned on in HCR (public option a must, no individual mandate) but beyond just his failures of policy, I had great hopes that he would live up to his promises of not seeing red states or blue states but a United States.

      This guy’s entire campaign now rests on pitting “us” vs. “them.” So sad, so disappointing.

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