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Covetousness, by a greediness of getting more, deprives itself of the true end of getting; it loses the enjoyment of what it had got.
- Thomas Sprat, English Clergyman and Author (1635-1713)

There is no way this is a coincidence. Move the mole from the chin up to the nose and they are dead ringers:

Obama Cast as Satan

source: in2eastafrica.net

Now don’t blame me for reporting this or making the comparison, because judging by the twitter hashtag #TheBible while the show was airing on History Channel last night, at the end of Christ’s forty days in the desert, I was only one among millions who had the exact same thought the moment Satan first appeared – OMG, they cast Barack Obama as Satan!

Now before my liberal friends get to hysterical about any mentions of Satan and Obama, it would be well to remember that there were far more people calling Bush the Antichrist during his presidency than there have been people claiming that Obama’s the Antichrist (despite the fact that Obama’s opposition has a much deeper evangelical base.) Regardless, both comparisons are equally loony.

While Obama may have more of the charisma The Bible describes in the Antichrist, neither president comes anywhere near to being the supremely intelligent and diabolical genius that Satan is in The Bible. The media may have been successful in convincing many Americans that Obama would be the great intellectual president of our times, but reality is, there’s a reason Obama’s kept his college transcripts under lock and key and when you take the man away from his teleprompter and all the softball questions lobbed at him by his adoring media, I would argue Obama’s not even as smart as Bush. You could see this during the debates, both in the Democrat primaries and in the presidential debates, any time Obama was forced away from his scripted answers, he was completely outclassed by his debate opponents in both parties.

So no, while I won’t subscribe to any theory of Obama being the Antichrist, I can tell you this – the Devil does exist, he tries to tempt each and every one of us every day in our lives, and in working through his minions in the American media, the Devil was able to get his candidate into the White House.

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19 Responses to Obama Cast as Satan in The Bible

  • If pResident Obama was as smart as the media insists, he, being the narcissist he is, would have all his school records out for all of the World to see. When Satan’s face was shown last night, I almost fell out of my chair. You are probably right, not as smart as “W”.

    • Seriously, my jaw just completely dropped when Obama came on in that robe last night.

      • Did not see but heard about this thru the grapevine.
        Picture does have uncanny resemblance to Obama.

  • P. S. Thanks for today’s write-up!

  • Havent seen all of this weeks episode yet just about half way through since it takes so long to explain to 4 kids what is going on in between each story and what has been skipped that is of historical and spiritual significance. I have really enjoyed getting to use television for intelligent discussions with my kids for once though!! At least my kids now have a visual of how God despite our disobedience as humans and our sinful nature has worked through us and situations to maintain Christ’s lineage and His plan for salvation!! Now back to the topic at hand. I do think W is smarter than Obama which is still not saying much. At least Bush made decisions!! Neither is evil enough or cunning enough to be the antichrist!! I think to those who have studied the scriptures with the right motives will be pretty dang sure of it when it happens!!

    • So glad you’re enjoying the show, because I’ve heard more than a little bit of blowback from some Christians saying, quit watching the television and read your Bibles! I think this series is unbelievable in condensing the Bible into ten hours while keeping the main storyline true to the source. There have been parts I wish they hadn’t skipped over, but again, to put it in a ten-hour epic, they’re doing The Bible so much justice, and as you say, I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything in my life that’s inspired so much discussion, which ultimately will bring people to The Holy Book.

      And the power of the visual media, wow, I have a pretty good capacity for imagining the scene when I’m reading a book, but so many parts of The Bible that kind of just washed over me a bit, they are so unbelievably graphic and powerful in the hands of the team who put this together.

      • Have you watched The Passion of the Christ yet? That movie made me cry like a little baby in the theater during the crucifixion!! That was some incredible cinematography…

  • Looks like Obama, thanks for sharing, I missed the show last night.
    Obama, I Am Your Father!

  • I think you are correct on several counts: Satan looks like 0; O is not as smart as GW; Evil got its nominee in the WH, TWICE! Sadly, your acct has been suspended, so I can’t post this on twitter:( Great write-up, tho. Thanks!

    • Thanks Lady NRA, the Obama-loving atheists at Twitter have suspended my account. Please do subscribe via email because it’s great to have your reads & your comments!

  • Ok, just hit twitter with your article, Take that Twitter!

  • I, like everyone else said OMG it’s Barry, The only thing I will say. Don’t be fooled by Barry, he is one sneaky POS just like Satan himself

  • Nice reporting. This is all the buzz today with the Twitter hashtag #ObamaIsNotSatan. Quite a phenomenon.

  • Didn’t see the show, but the buzz was all over my news feeds and Twitter yesterday. Wow! Amazing ‘look alike’ there. While show producers are trying to explain this all as sort of a ‘coincidence’, I firmly believe that the casting for the part was decided by ‘Divine Intervention’!

  • I was literally taken aback when I saw the photos of the actor (Satan) beside Obama. The funny thing is when not made up, he looks nothing like him. Roma Downey swears this was not intentional but you can’t tell me all the thousands of people notice the resemblance and no one in the production company saw it? Pffft! I must repent: Looking at either of them puts bad thoughts in my mind! :-0

    Mike, you have a big bullseye on your account. Freedom of Speech is a thing of the past! Makes me so angry you get suspended after seeing some of the most blasphemous tweets! When Obama lovers can talk so vile & vicious about OUR God but we can’t speak truth about THEIR prez??? World is going to Hell in a hand basket, for real! You just keep on doing what you do best…. TELL IT LIKE IT IS! 😉 Thanks Mike!

    • Thanks for the support, Cristi. Seems the powers that be at Twitter have much the same attitude toward Obama as Ellen Barkin when she tweeted, “Obama is our leader, and we are his people.”

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