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Envy ought to have no place allowed it in the heart of man; for the goods of this present world are so vile and low that they are beneath it; and those of the future world are so vast and exalted that they are above it.
- Colton, English Sportsman and Writer (1780-1832)

When we’re dealing with our rivals in the world, you have to look every bit the young, energetic man you are, Mr. President!

Obama Dyes Away the Grey

Barack Obama Uses Just for Men Hair Color


Represent, Mr. President!


That’s right Mr. President, you represent every one of us, I like the way you’re doing what it takes to look your best.


Don’t ever let anyone tell you that hair dying is only for women. In fact, it says it right there on the box, “Just for Men.”


Speaking of representing, maybe you should consider representing Just for Men. You could do a little endorsement deal, get yourself a little extra spending money and buy something nice for the girls.

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