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The soul of man is infinite in what it covets.
- Ben Jonson, English Poet and Dramatist (1572-1637)

Say what you want about Fox News, some people imagine they lean a little right, okay, I’ll admit they do, but whether you love Fox News or hate them, there’s one thing you must admit – if it weren’t for the Fox News Channel, we would be living in a country where the media was as completely one-sided and controlled by the ruling party as it is in countries like Cuba, Venezuela, Iran or Russia. Think of it, ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN and of course, PBS and MSNBC, every single one of them, straight propagandist cheerleaders for Barack Obama.

So last night, Mitt Romney won five out of five primaries and locked up enough delegates to become the inevitable Republican to face Obama in the presidential election. Over the entire course of the primary contest, for the Obama State Media, it was newsworthy and fun showing all the sound bites when the Republican candidates were duking it out amongst each other, but the fact that last night, Mitt Romney came out on top as the undisputed Republican nominee for president?

Not deemed newsworthy.

Think about this again – ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, PBS, MSNBC, when it was their beloved Obama crossing the threshold to claim the nomination for himself, they were trumpeting the news with joy, “Hark! The herald angels sing!” as they reported with glee how Barack Obama had become the Democrat nominee.

Yet here we are now, in this historic moment where for the first time in American history, a major political party nominates a Mormon to run for president? Silence. Crickets. (Mormon hating bigots!)

After what was a pretty long and drawn out primary, last night, Mitt Romney was finally able to heave himself a celebratory sigh of relief as he wrapped the nomination up and nailed Obama in a speech with some really good lines. The amount of face time the Obama State Media gave Romney in his moment of triumph? Not one second.

So after watching the news and the lack of reporting last night, thinking maybe it was just a bit too much for the OSM to process the fact that the Republican infighting was finally coming to an end, I tune into the Obama loving farce that is Good Morning America this morning, and here’s the “news” we were treated to in place of Romney locking up the nomination:

Started with some five year old case of a British girl who went missing in Portugal at the age of four. Sad story for sure, but we’re starting the “news” broadcast with a story where the gist of it is that British police say they have some new leads (with no details provided) and they’re trying to bring the story back up to maybe get some more leads.

We then segue to a story about Prime Time Neon Deon Sanders and how his wife spent the last night in jail on a domestic violence call. Okay, Deon Sanders is one of the most high-profile athletes in America, so maybe this qualifies as legitimate news for a national news program, but seriously, this trumps the fact that we now know who’s going to be squaring off against Obama in the November election?

But the GMA broadcast gets even more ridiculous as it goes on, “Oh hey, Romney winning five of five primaries last night to become the GOP nominee is not worth a mention, but hey, look at this, there was this girl who was SO EXCITED over Obama’s visit to Boulder, Colorado, she actually spilled her frozen yogurt on his shoe!” Cut to shots of Obama all smiles, looking cool and saying no big deal.


Obama Yogurt Shoe

Listen, if you’re an Obama fan, you might think that every news broadcast should be straight Obama loving propaganda like this, but if you’re someone paying attention, someone who could vote either way, stay awake and realize that what you are watching when you view the news broadcasts of the alphabet channels of ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, PBS and MSNBC is the American equivalent of a full blown, state-controlled media. Watch these Obama cheerleaders masquerading as journalists and realize that in every way they can, they are trying to do the thinking for you.

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3 Responses to Obama State Media in Full Propaganda Mode

  • Along w downplaying Mitt’s win, the MSNBC team is saying that Mitt is an extreme right-winger. Even the casual observer knows that he’s a moderate. Everyday I continue have a lack of respect for the drive-bys bc they think everyone is incredibly stupid. With them, up is down & good is bad. Pathetic

    • Yeah, along with being an extreme right-winger, Mitt Romney also managed to become governor in the bluest of blue states Massachusetts. MSNBC is ridiculous.

      You know how there’s a license you have to have to practice law? There should be a licence to practice journalism, too and when the reporters and especially the editors who determine what is and isn’t considered newsworthy, when they’re this flagrant in their bias, that licence should be revoked.

      • MSNBC is a joke. I no longer consider them a legitimate news network. Between far left nut jobs such as Chris Matthews, Rachel Madcow,and self-admitted socialist Lawrence O’Donnell, I laugh at those idiots.

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