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The envious man grows lean at the success of his neighbor.
- Horace, Italian Poet (B.C. 65-8)

For many of his wild-eyed followers, the reelection ecstasy they reveled in as Obama wept must have had all the divine revelation of John 11:35.

Obama Cries in His Joy of Behing Relected

After all the grief Speaker of the House John Boehner got for his tears, it’s interesting to see how the media now portrays Obama’s tears as if politicians crying really isn’t a big deal any more.

The headline of the AP story reads: Changing times: Politicians’ tears more common now.

To sell their point, first we’re given an example of a tough guy like Putin caught weeping on winning his reelection (see, even tough guys weep!) the AP article then tells of the “enduring image” of The Iron Lady herself, Margarete Thatcher, as she was photographed leaving 10 Downing Street, and then we’re told of how much things have changed since Ed Muskie’s run for the 1972 Democrat nomination collapsed after he broke down defending his wife from attack by a New Hampshire newspaper.

Funny how we were never treated to that kind of perspective in the moments John Boehner was recorded crying.

From the ladies of The View:

John Boehner Mocked for Crying by the Ladies of The View


Barbara Walters said, “This guy has an emotional problem. Every time he talks about anything that’s not ‘raise taxes,’ he cries. If you had seen Nancy Pelosi all these past years crying, what would you say? She’s got a problem.”

So Barbara, after all the times he cried during his run for reelection, does Barack Obama have an emotional problem too?

Joy Behar went on to mock Boehner as the “Weeper of the House.” Awesome. Can we now call Obama the crier-in-chief?

HuffPo hack Robert J. Elisberg titled his rant against Boehner “The Grim Weeper.”

Isn’t it fair then that we call Obama the Marxist Mewler?

On “Jimmy Kimmel Live!”, Kimmel ridiculed the teary-eyed Republican, suggesting Boehner’s tan, along with his smoking, drinking and crying habits, make him more apt to serve as Speaker of the “Jersey Shore” House instead.

Obama, The On-again, Off-Again President SmokerKimmel likening Boehner’s smoking and crying to something you might see on Jersey Shore is like making a crack about how you wouldn’t be surprised to see our on-again, off-again smoking president doing some cheesy karaoke bit on some late night TV.

Oh wait . . .

In hit pieces on Boehner, The LA Times and Rolling Stone came up with two different articles under the title of, “A Crying Shame.”

“A crying shame” would have made for a much better title for their next article on Obama’s reelection.

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4 Responses to Obama Wept

  • Mike, always different for a democrat and a republican. Think it is because dem’s know one is the better man.

  • The Prophet Obama [þ] and Boehner should schedule a time once a week where they can get together and weep. The Prophet’s [þ] can instruct his disciples to gather their tears and bottle them to sell them on eBay as miracle cures for physical maladies.

  • Amazing how perspectives can change depending on circumstances and who is involved!

  • Please do not make comparisons of President Obama to Jesus Christ because he wept.

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