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Avarice, the spur of industry.
- David Hume, Scottish Philosopher and Historian (1711-1776)

Monika Mincheva of Bulgaria performing Rhythmic Gymnastics with an unnamed ball.

Whether or not Usain Bolt is the greatest athlete ever as he says he is, you could definitely argue he was the most electrifying athlete to watch during the games.

Michael Phelps is now the most decorated Olympic athlete ever, and that is one guy who worked his tail off to get there. Do you know how many hours you have to put in at the pool to eat 8,000 calories a day and have zero fat on your body like that? And if someone with a camera happens to snap another photo of Phelps hitting the bong now that he’s done with Olympic competition, HE EARNED THAT BONG HIT! Leave Michael alone!

2012 marked the first year since 1980 that the Summer Games had no baseball of any form. The IOC has room for “sports” such as rhythmic gymnastics but no room for baseball? Am I paranoid to think there are some serious America-haters on the IOC? (And yes, they do have Basketball in the Games, but even an America hater couldn’t deny the kind of ratings guys like LeBron and Kobe can pull worldwide.)

Field Hockey is a sport. I would tend to disagree with Wikipedia defining Rhythmic Gymnastics as also a sport. That being said, I found the later much more watchable than the former.

Do you think Barack Obama has ever engaged in a chant of “U.S.A., U.S.A., U.S.A!” The only way I can picture Obama launching into that chant is if it was after he began his political career and knew the cameras were rolling on him. I seriously doubt his heart would have been into it, either.

Watching NBC take advantage of the big audience to plug their new shows, I thought Dennis Miller nailed it when he tweeted:

Well, I guess they did make it to airing that first episode after all . . .

(You’re a bit of a masochist to even sit through that, aren’t you Barbara?)

I thought this reply to Miller’s tweet was also funny . . .

Ah come on, where’s the love for rhythmic gymnastics?

Two final thoughts on the Games: other than the political statement they made with the opening ceremony plugging the NHS big time, I couldn’t have been more proud of how the Brits pulled off the games and put their great country in such a wonderful light. (Sorry, Mitt.)

Finally, thought it was awesome to see the U.S.A. return to it’s rightful place as leader atop of the medal count.

Suck on that, all you deniers of American Exceptionalism.

“U.S.A., U.S.A., U.S.A!”

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