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Paul Ryan and the Path to Prosperity

Okay, his proper title is Representative Ryan, but I’ll call him “private” as he’s been enlisted in the battle to reclaim America. Plus, “Picking Private Ryan” had a better ring to it. (And that reminds me how even after all these years, I’m still pissed at Hollywood for giving the Oscar to Shakespeare in Love over Saving Private Ryan, but that’s for a different rant.)

Obama’s loyal henchmen and women in the Mainstream Media wasted no time blasting away at Romney’s pick of Representative Ryan – CNN’s Candy Crowley, who in her awesome impartiality, described the pick the day it was announced as a “ticket death wish.” If you were a real journalist, you could accurately describe picking a convicted child molester as a “ticket death wish.” Calling a Romney-Ryan ticket that by any objective prognosis will get between 47 and 53 percent of the vote as a “ticket death wish” exposes you as the partisan hack you are. And this partisan shrill actually got a gig as the moderator to one of the three presidential debates!

CNN’s Gloria Borger painted Paul Ryan as someone who “hasn’t always been popular among Republicans” and yet in the very same breath also got in another dig in describing him as “a polarizing figure.” So let me get this straight – he’s upset some of his own party by being flexible enough to vote across party lines, yet he’s been intractable enough to alienate the other side. Got it.

George Stephanopoulos on GMA intoduced him as as a “Former Prom King That Once Drove the Weinermobile.” That’s what ABC and their national morning news program considers an introduction worthy of the Republican nominee for vice president. If only I could find the clip where GMA introduced Obama as a former member of the Choom Gang who only lasted two weeks in the real world working for Baskin Robins, I’d silence my complaints.

It’s plain to anyone but the blindest of partisans that the members of the Obama State Media turned in their careers as journalists to work as political operatives. I wonder, are they as aware of this fact as the rest of us are?

Regarding what Ryan brings to the ticket, it’s true that Ryan made many votes that could be described as the antithesis of the Tea Party philosophy (the Medicare Prescription Drug Benefit, TARP, the auto bailout) but his embrace of some of the Bush-era big-government conservatism hasn’t made him a Tea Party target, far from it, he may have energized the Tea Party base more than any remaining viable candidate could have. Perhaps it’s the way he is a policy wonk who knows the budget numbers better than most anyone in D.C. and can articulate better than anyone just how crippling these runaway deficits will be on future generations.

But more than anything, the Ryan pick will shift focus of much of the debate to Medicare and what to do to keep it afloat. Ryan has offered a plan. Obama has only offered attacks against the Ryan plan.

There is not a member of Congress who isn’t full aware that Medicare is just a few years away from reaching the “iceberg dead ahead” stage. Every two years that Congress fails to act and passes the problem off to the next Congress, the iceberg looms larger and the impending doom more difficult to steer clear of.

Every year that the vast majority of elected politicians play it safe by putting their own re-election prospects above the needs of the country in refusing to propose or endorse any tough solutions, they prove themselves to be cowards, more concerned with their political careers than the future health of the nation. This is a perfect description of the man who cast “present” votes over “aye” or “nay” nearly 130 times in seven years in the Illinois State Senate and went on to be come the perpetual campaigner for president.

Paul Ryan will be demonized by Democrats as the candidate who wants to throw granny off the cliff by daring to address a problem that only gets worse the longer it remains unaddressed but with Romney knowing full well the furious medi-scare campaign the Democrats are going to be waging, it brings a new level of seriousness and focus on the issues to the campaign. The third rail of fixing the insolvency of senior entitlements will finally be addressed.

Barack Obama offers no plan, is unwilling to make any tough choices in addressing the senior entitlement plans heading for disaster.

Paul Ryan has offered a solution that strikes a balance between those who have already paid in and are collecting now and those who are still contributing and will never collect anything if some tough choices aren’t made.

What a stark difference now in the choice between the two tickets.

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2 Responses to Picking Private Ryan

  • It certainly won’t harm the GOP ticket that both Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan are handsome men, and smart too. Women are already going crazy over them as they are such GORGEOUS HUNKS! The Democrats are governed by their emotions, so they won’t be able to help themselves. They will be voting for these two beautiful men too.

    • I guess I’m too straight to know that, but totally stoked to hear my men are GORGEOUS HUNKS! Hey, Barack Obama was pretty much elected prom king of America, if that’s what it takes to help get Romney and Ryan elected, oh hell yeah! Those two guys are some gorgeous hunks! (You’re pretty hot yourself, Alainnah, don’t you ever forget it!)

      ROMNEY-RYAN 2012!

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