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Our acts make or mar us, we are the children of our own deeds.
- Victor Hugo, French Poet, Dramatist, and Novelist (1802-1885)

Mike Cornelison and the Political Crack Pipe

When I started this blog, I tagged it with the line, “Literature, Lyrics & Lunacy” making a conscious decision to avoid any mention of “Politics” in the tag line.

Even with a political reading habit of 20 or 30 news stories a day, I wanted to avoid writing about politics on this blog at all costs.

Why? My thinking was, when you put out a blog with your name on it, unless politics is your profession, not much good can come of posting your political views for all the world to see. Sure, you may get a few, ‘atta boys and pats on the back from the like-minded, but most of the tangible payback will come from people who will either shun you for your views or, in the case of those sad folks (of which there are many) who think politics is worth hating people over, they’ll just lump you in with all the other people they hate.

So blogging under the name of mikecornelison.com, from the beginning, I sought to avoid any mention of politics whatsoever, but my friends, I just could not keep leave that political crack pipe alone for very long. It started with a hit off the pipe on a post over here, a couple more hits on a couple more posts over there until next thing I knew, my entire blog was enveloped in the smoke of my political rantings.

It’s because of this that I’ve decided to put myself into political rehab. I’ve challenged myself to quit the politics and make 30 posts in 30 days that will have nothing to do with anything politically related. This will take a Herculian effort of will power on my part, especially as some inevitably intriguing stories start coming down the line in the next 30 days. So I ask you, dear reader, do you think I can make it through the 30-day program?


Can the hardcore political junkie who is Mike Cornelison make 30 politically-free posts in 30 days?

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