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Aspire rather to be a hero than merely appear one.
- Baltasar Gracian, Spanish Philosopher and Writer (1601-1658)

You’ve probably heard of postnatal depression, which can occur in women after child birth?

Well this is what postdebatal depression looks like, when your husband bombs in a debate:

Postdebatal Depression - When Your Husband Bombs in a Debate

Postdebatal Depression - When Your Husband Bombs in a Debate

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12 Responses to Postdebatal Depression

  • Just wanted to wish the Obamas Happy Aniversary. I hope they enjoyed last night as much as the rest of Humanity!

  • More zingers for Romney. More substance from Obama. There’s still 2 more to go an plenty of media cycles.

  • Welcome Back Mike. (ˆ◡ˆ)

    Laura Ingram nailed it.
    If you can’t win the election with this *horrid track record of this president, then shut down the party.

    • Hey thanks, it’s good to be back. I get what Laura Ingram is saying, although I’m glad the GOP didn’t shut it down after FDR winning four straight with his stagnant, government-centered recovery.

  • Great post Mike. Great debate last night! I’m seeing some crazy spins from the far left tonight and seeing some slight swings from the moderate left. There are a few commentators who are questioning the wild spins, which is refreshing as they have a history of just accepting anything put out to coddle the President. Last night was a perfect example of what you and others have been shouting for the past 3+ years. Obama is nothing more than a good reader getting his speeches from a teleprompter that is posting a speech written by someone else, an empty chair, more or less. When left to his own ability he fails, miserably. His attempt to relate to the people was basically “Hey, you like Bill Clinton. I can be like him, we’re BFFs.” Unfortunately he is more like Clinton than most realize. Clinton shamed our nation when he was the second president to ever be impeached. He was impeached for lying to Congress, not for his many affairs. Sounds like someone else we know, doesn’t it? ObamaScare (sic) is not a tax, the administration knows nothing about Fast & Furious, and the list goes on and on. Obama deserves to be impeached, perhaps even tried for treason.

    • Obama’s been getting lobbed so many softballs from an adoring media, he was wholly unprepared to have to actually answer some tough questions. It’s obvious Clinton doesn’t like him, when Bill was trying to get Ted Kennedy to endorse Hillary in the primaries, Bill told him (of Obama) “a few years ago, this guy would have been carrying our bags.” But Bill’s always the loyal Democrat, so if people don’t believe Obama feels their pain, at least Obama’s got Clinton to tell them, I feel your pain and I swear, so does he.

  • Uh oh. Job report came out. Spin that one!

    • Those definitely were some magical numbers released today. 114,000 new jobs and the unemployment rate magically dips below 8%. And here I’d always heard you need at least 125,000 just to keep up with population growth and new entrants into the job market. I think I’ll believe the 114,000 of the business payrolls over some October surprise in the BLS’ household survey. Business payrolls rise 114,000 but yet somehow they manage to find over 800,000 new jobs in some household survey? Bullshit.

      • What I like most about the conversation on jobs is the fact that it is blatantly dichotomous and unapologetically hypocritical. That’s always fun!

        In this election the candidates have been expected to play along with the notion that the government is the centerpiece – the key catalyst – to ensuring job creation and sustained job growth in the US jobs market (or to put it more succinctly, in the Global jobs market).

        I call bullshit!

        And I call bullshit not because I mean to suggest that the government, taxation and regulation, blah, blah, blah, etc. have nothing to do with the US jobs market or the jobs market on Earth, but because the way attitudes about jobs have taken on a very Jekyll and Hyde nature.. It’s laughable!

        For as long as I have been alive I have heard well-to-do people and others telling folks who have negative attitudes about their prospects in our society to get over it/get over themselves, grab their bootstraps and go out and be successful. People who say: “f*** the man” or “the white man keeps me down” or “______ people don’t want me to succeed,” are disgusting, loathsome and lazy. I was always told that I am the only means by which I can succeed or fail, there’s no blaming the government, “the man” or anyone else for that matter.

        Fast forward 15-20 years and here we are today. Today word on the street is, the president didn’t create jobs fast enough. The president didn’t get unemployment below 8% like he (by mistake) said he would. The government has not been effectively lead such that our society’s “job creators” are unleashed to invest in “creating jobs.” What!?!?! That even sounds stupid. Show me a job creator and I’ll show you a mermaid. In this capitalist society there are money makers and more money makers. There are no “job creators.” They want to make money, not f***ing jobs. C’mon, seriously! Stock market at a half a decade high? Check. Corporate profits (and that’s profits not revenue)? Check. Interest rates on loans lower than ever before in history? Check. Taxes unchanged in the last 12 years, with only an idea being floated to possibly increase the top rates by 1%? Check. None of these facts point to a situation where Americans can’t get jobs.

        What’s wrong with this country is not that the president did not create jobs fast enough. Or that his policies are taking too much from the top earners and redistributing them below. What’s wrong with us is we’re a legacy nation. My grandaddy pulled his bootstraps so by default I lay claim to the pulling of bootstraps as a trait my own. And no one cares that we don’t actually do more than replay histories hits out of our own mouths as if we wrote them. To be a bootstrapper you got to do more than say pull on your bootstraps.

        Frankly, we may have watched ourselves peak as a society right before our own eyes. Similar to the juxtaposition of jobs coming into the economy and population growth or wages and inflation, our ideologies – our societal, or collective consciousness – has not evolved at the rate of necessity for sustainability. I don’t care who you vote for or what you support. If you’re bitching about something that can stop you from being who you think you want to be, or if you’re convinced that one way leads to better prospects for you over another (meaning you concede to defeat unless you have your way, and regardless of whether or not you have made any plans or have any ideas to implement changes in your own life), then you’re no different than anything you’ve ever criticized.

  • See you did it! Well done!

  • Another great post, Mike!


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