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Good character is not formed in a week or a month. It is created little by little, day by day. Protracted and patient effort is needed to develop good character.
- Sivananda, Indian Physician and Sage (1887-1963)


What’s beautiful about it is that I used to get a little weepy with that song and commercial, and now in the hands of a genius, that very same song and I was crying tears of laughter.

I just hope I’m not around some people when the original comes on again and I think of #PrayForBo and I start laughing. What the hell is wrong with you? Have you no heart???

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12 Responses to Pray for Bo

  • Obama ate dog… Dick Cheney ate Cuban orphans at the direction of the Dark Lord….
    You’ve finally convinced me Mike, Obama’s real name is Damian and his mother was a jackal!!!!

  • Beyond just the brilliance of the parody, my favorite part of it all? All these liberals like the NYT and Gail Collins bringing up Romney with a dog in a crate strapped to the top of the car (she’s brought it up 57 times on a Lexis-Nexus search) and now, after all they’ve invested in trying to make Crate-Gate some kind of issue, we find out OBAMA ATE DOG.

    Play the dog card one more time why don’t you, Gail? OBAMA ATE DOG!

    Now what are you going to talk about, Gail? OBAMA ATE DOG.

  • Oh this is a reblog must

  • There’s no way to defend Obama’s culinary appetite for dogs without saying that Obama ate dogs. I think the right has become much more aggressive in getting it’s message out. The question now is not whether Romney is a bad guy or not for the crate incident. With the Obama eats dogs meme, the question now is: “Which is more despicable, the crate or the plate?”
    The President and his sycophantic press, as with the “War on Women” chant that turned into a “War on Moms” , want this whole issue to go away.

    • The crate or the plate! That’s some good stuff. The Obama lovers can play the dog card all they want, I hope they do, I can’t imagine anyone outside their circle thinking the crate is bad as the plate.

  • I’m still grieving Bo..so glad to know I’m not alone. We’ll never forget!

    Obama is the Curse of the Curs

    The Molestor of Mallumutts

    The Desolation of Dachshunds

  • People were all like “Oh, poor poor doggy” for Seamus Viceroy Romney III

    But, Seamus was like, “Peasant, pleeze”

    he owns that caddy-suv. It’s his open air mobile doggy penthouse..

    he, .. he I say, can afford it.

  • His Fate Was the Plate..

    The Ballad of Bo

  • Obama is The Persecutor of Pomeranians!

    peace out

    Seamus wears very expensive shades while motoring

  • You’re on a role, Mr. Boone!

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