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As the blessings of health and fortune have a beginning, so they must also find an end. Everything rises but to fall, and increases but to decay.
- Sallust, Roman Historian (B.C. 86-34)

Joe Biden's Debate Performance - Straight out of Proverbs 29:9

Joe Biden's Debate Performance - Straight out of Proverbs 29:9

In Proverbs 29:9, The Bible serves as a perfect analysis of last night’s debate.

Source: Marilyn M. at Gather.

Marilyn’s article has another good Biden image, some astute analysis and the top three lines from Paul Ryan. It’s well worth the click.

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5 Responses to Proverbs 29:9

  • Very good, Mike! Buffoon Biden looked such a fool. His experience of debating is obviously as a shouting, bully-boy in bars. He seems to be under the impression that he who shouts loudest wins.

    What a rude boor! This is the first time I have seen him in action, and I thoroughly dislike him. He is the kind of man that very few women like.

  • 10 year old girl – the daughter of a friend of mine during the debate said to her dad, “I like this guy here. He’s smart and answers the questions good. The other guy is just mean and rude.”

  • How’s all this idiotic posturing working out for all of you? Not so good huh?

    • Posturing? What a strange choice of words. There is no posturing when you call out Biden’s buffoonish debate performance for what it was.

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