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It was just yesterday as I was driving to work that I heard an ad on the radio touting how 5-Hour Energy had sold one-and-a-half billion bottles of their energy shots. Today, after 1.5 billion bottles sold, someone finally released a study on the energy drink.

Despite the “special blend” of ingredients, energy drinks work no better than ordinary caffeine at helping us pay attention, a new study suggests. “A lot of people take the energy drinks because they think they have that extra boost over caffeine,” said study researcher Chelsea Benham, a student at Centre College in Danville, Ky. But the study shows “there’s really no difference,” Benham said.

source: Live Science

I tend to go for the big cans of energy drink and I always wondered if the taurine and the ginseng and all the other exotic sounding ingredients listed on the cans actually did anything . . . this study suggests they don’t.

The article goes on to say that the 215 milligrams are equal to the amount of caffeine in two cups of coffee, the only difference being that with 5-Hour Energy, the caffeine gets into your system quicker as you down it in a single shot.

Turns out that little box of NoDoz at the 99-cent store has just about 56 bottles of 5-Hour Energy in it.


Here’s an interesting read about “the mysterious monk”, Manoj Shargava, the billionaire behind those little $3 bottles of caffeine. I like the part where he keeps a “graveyard” of bottles of all the competitors he’s knocked off the market.

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