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Beauty, like ice, our footing does betray; Who can tread sure on the smooth, slippery way: Pleased with the surface, we glide swiftly on, And see the dangers that we cannot shun.
- Dryden, English Poet, Dramatist, and Critic (1631-1700)

Ask Mexico if It Thinks No Human Being Is Illegal

These people should ask Mexico if Mexico thinks no human being is illegal.

There are an estimated 11 million illegal immigrants in America today. Where most families in America immigrated here playing by the rules, these people broke the rules and cut to the front of the line.

Even worse, you’ll see some of these illegal immigrants at rallies demanding rights, talking about racism in America and waving stupid signs reading, “No Human Being is Illegal”, supposedly ignorant of the fact that every nation on Earth has immigration laws and back in the home country for most, the Mexican government is ten times as harsh when it comes to their immigration laws, especially on the enforcement and punishment side of it.

I can never get over the mentality of the La Raza types who claim there’s no such thing as illegal immigration and fantasize about a “Reconquista” of the land that was STOLEN in the Mexican-American War. Get a clue. What kind of claim did Mexico have on this land? Some scattered missions across vast, empty stretches of land?

What, you want to protest the reality of history? You want to be in denial over the fact that every war has its winners and losers and that to the winners go the spoils?

You think that’s unfair? Maybe we should ask Spain if it thinks it’s unfair they lost their colony in the Mexican War of Independence.

Sorry, There Is No Aztlan

I laugh every time I hear the whole idiotic idea of there being some sort of “Aztlan”. You know what you would have if you could wave a magic fairy wand and undo the results of the Mexican-American War? You’d have about 1 million more square miles of the Third World here in North America, that’s what you’d have. If Mexico had won that war, there would be no promised land in this region and no one would even want to immigrate here in the first place.

Finally, look at your own national language, Mexico. Where does that language come from again? That’s right, it comes from Europe, Spain to be specific, and you’ve got a little too much of the blood of the Conquistadors in your veins to be crying about any stolen land, Mexico.

That’s the part that really gets me is sometimes you’ll talk to people who are here illegally and it’s clear some think America owes them something, like they were robbed or something. Listen, America doesn’t owe you anything any more than if I was to immigrate down to Mexico under the delusion that Mexico owed me something.

So I get the anger from those who are dead set against amnesty for some who ignorantly believe we owe it to them anyway, I get the anger of the average taxpayer who knows that amnesty in the short term means more in benefits paid out than taxes paid in and I get the anger from many American citizens who view amnesty as meaning twice as many legal applicants for jobs in an already dismal job market. I get all of that, but the anger will get us nowhere. For Republicans especially, the anger will only make it easy for others to cast our party as the party of the angry racists, no matter how far that may be from the truth.

We need to remind ourselves of something though, the vast majority of illegals are here to work hard and prosper. It’s not like you can be angry at the illegal immigrants themselves for coming here. Just put yourself in their shoes. If you wanted a better life for yourself and you wanted a better life for your family, are you really telling me you’d put those hopes and dreams aside to respect the laws of a United States which only enforces it’s immigration laws halfheartedly at best?

Republicans like Sen. David Vitter, Rich Lowry and Ann Coulter need to stop sniping and ditch the anger and deal with the reality: there are 11 million illegals in America and those people are already here. To invoke the fairy wand again, there’s no magic fairy wand you can wave to make them go away.

The solution will not come in the form of a police state running some massive deportation program. Amnesty is going to happen. It’s a reality just as sure as amnesty was granted for a previous generation under Ronald Reagan. Republicans can either drop their “just build fences and deport everyone” thinking and put forth pragmatic solutions like McCain did in 2005 and like Rubio has done now, or they can continue to rail against reality, sound even more like the angry party no one wants to associate with and ultimately, end up being alienated (no pun intended) with the fastest growing demographic in the nation.

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4 Responses to Republicans Need to Stop Hyperventilating Over Amnesty

  • This is an excellent common sense article about amnesty and the question of Mexican immigration. He’s right, our contention with illegal immigration is not about race, but about the fact that our tax dollars only go so far. Mexico is a country in serious trouble. I can understand wanting to leave to pursue better living conditions and wages. But the burden put on America is not being absorbed like it could be years ago. Our country is also broke now, the people have an enormous burden, and they may find that they left one third world nation for another.

    I attempted to tweet you, Mike, only to find your account had been suspended. Just email me back, ok?

    • ~~ This is an excellent common sense article about amnesty and the question of Mexican immigration. ~~

      I appreciate that.

      ~~ I can understand wanting to leave to pursue better living conditions and wages. But the burden put on America is not being absorbed like it could be years ago. Our country is also broke now, the people have an enormous burden, and they may find that they left one third world nation for another. ~~

      There would be some supreme irony, eh? As a matter of fact, the bad economy’s been the one thing that actually has managed to reverse the flow of illegal immigrants, with the number having gone down from 12 million in 2007 to 11 million today.

      On Twitter, yeah, the jack-booted thugs put me in the Gulag again. Oh well, I’ll send you an email right now. 😉

  • They did more than cut in the front of the line. They spit in our faces and continue to do so as they rape and pillage our benefit coffers. Their sign that no human is illegal is directly out of the liberal handbook meant to stifle proper debate and shoot down dissenters before the argument begins. Their actions are illegal which is what would be prosecuted. Their sign is virtually meaningless in a rational argument. Sacrificing our rule of law won’t end up well for us, conservatives, or anyone else for that matter. Nobody respects lack of character and principles. What you are saying in your summary to concede is that we accept this tenet if liberalism. Well, if we do, then how are we different from the liberals? Are we then going to concede continued free things for everyone? Where does it end? Anger is okay. It is a sign that something is not right just like pain is a warning for your body. If that anger is channeled properly, the rule of law must be upheld.

    Your assumption that republicans may garner more Hispanic votes is baseless. If a majority adhere to the liberal ideals, then republicans would never be their party of choice anyway and exhibiting weakness won’t make them like conservatives or republicans any better. A great many Hispanics are die hard La Raza followers which is a communist organization. If we don’t stand firm, in 40 years you will want to emigrate to Mexico as you will no longer recognize your own country because you gave it away to those who never loved it in the first place. You can’t equate love with criminal acts. Why could we expect any other laws to be followed?

    When did we stop setting boundaries with people and allowing them to treat us any way they wish? Would you let your children do this? Then why allow others?

    We seem to have forgotten that America is advanced citizenship and is not meant for everyone nor do we owe it to everyone. We have the right to monitor immigration as we see fit. It’s time for a “facelift” in this country.

    Lastly, in the past few weeks, I read an article that included a quote from a La Raza representative and I can’t remember the quote verbatim so I’ll paraphrase: In 40 years we’ll have the majority in America then it’s time for revenge. I seem to remember that he alluded to the revenge against the white man but can’t remember with certainty. Now does that sound like someone who loves America?

    • First, let me say that I appreciate your reply and look very much to hearing more of your comments at this blog in the future.

      Allow me to reply to a question you ask:

      ~~~ When did we stop setting boundaries with people and allowing them to treat us any way they wish? ~~~

      We’ve stopped setting boundaries and only halfheartedly tried enforcing our own immigration laws going back farther than anyone could set a date on. That’s 100% on the United States Government for it’s miserable failure to protect our borders and enforce our immigration laws. Do you really expect people to take our immigration laws seriously when our own government and the vast majority of our politicians have very little respect for those laws themselves? If you were in the shoes of a Mexican living in dirt poverty and seeing America as the promised land and saw how lax we are in enforcing our immigration laws, do you honestly think you’d have any second thoughts about crossing that border and making a better life for yourself and your family?

      Mexico does a better job at enforcing its own immigration laws and Mexico deals out far stiffer punishments for illegal immigration than the US ever has. Why on earth would anyone looking to make for a better life give a damn about our immigration laws when it’s clear we as a nation don’t give a damn about them either.

      In a tweet, you mentioned you live in a border state with the same influx of illegals as I witness here in So. Cal. My experience from all the illegals I’ve met, I have yet to meet any of them that are anything less than hard working and proud to think of raising their children as Americans. I’m not saying there aren’t those who come here to game the system or imagine they can pull off some sort of “Reconquista” of America, those folks exist and I know they do because I’ve seen their presence in some of the far corners of the Internet, but from the actual illegals I’ve met, they are some of the hardest working people you’ll ever come across, and down to a one, they are proud and thankful to be here (even if they also happen to send a lot of their money to families back home. Interesting fact, money sent home from the US is the #2 source of income to Mexico behind only oil exports, but I digress.)

      Those people are already here. There is absolutely no way you’ll get a majority of Americans to approve of some police state, send ’em all back home scenario. Amnesty is going to happen, just the same as it happened under Reagan, only this time, I have a good feeling that Rubio will see to it that it all hinges on finally locking down the borders once and for all.

      And don’t be so sure that if Rubio pulls off amnesty (making sure it comes with a healthy enough dose of enforcement to appease the GOP base) that Rubio’s solution will make a very large number of that fastest growing demographic in the US look at the GOP in an entirely new way. Remember also that most Latinos are heavily rooted in traditional families and are very much in sync with the GOP on social issues. Anyone who thinks the Latino vote is a lost cause for the GOP is flat out wrong.

      We can absorb their numbers, they said the same thing about the massive influx of just about every other wave of immigrants in America. They’re here, there’s no magic wand you can wave to make them go away, and might as well just pat them on the back and congratulate them for sneaking in before we really cracked down on the immigration laws and then sit back in amazement, because for every La Raza type you might find, there will be about 100 of them waving American flags and proud to finally be citizens.

      You want to meet the most patriotic people in America? It’s the first generation immigrants, hands down.

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