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Beauty is nature's brag, and must be shown in courts, at feasts, and high solemnities, where most may wonder at the workmanship.
- Milton, English Poet (1608-1674)

Rot in Hell, Hugo Chavez

An infernal machine that produces every minute an impressive amount of poor, this is the road to hell. – Hugo Chavez

source: Brainy Quote

That’s an amazingly prescient quote from Hugo Chavez, don’t you think?

At least he won’t be alone down there as he joins his all his socialist heroes who subjected their own people to all the slavery, misery and death that comes with the infernal machine of Socialism.

Athiest / Communist Mass Murderers

On a personal note, I must say I found it quite interesting that Chavez would finally die just one day after I posted some thoughts on Obama’s jealousy at not having Chavez’ dictatorial powers.

It’s almost as if posting a picture of Obama embracing Chavez was the final kiss of death.

Obama and Chavez Kiss

Hey Hugo, as you burn in eternal torment, cursing the teachings of the fellow socialists whose false visions of Utopia helped led you to damnation, you’ll have more than enough time down there to ask yourself, how is it that you never learned from the lessons of history?

The evidence in the pages of history was as undeniable as the most rigid scientific experiment – take two people, exact same ethnicity, exact same culture, exact same starting point. Take those people and divide them in half. Give one half Socialism, one half Capitalism.

Were you really that stupid as to not ask yourself why they had to build a wall to keep the people of East Germany from fleeing the misery of Socialism to the prosperity of the Capitalist West?

The Socialists of East Germany had to build a wall to keep its citizens from fleeing to the prosperity of the Capitalist West.

Things were so bad in East Germany that even after they built the wall, you still saw thousands willing to risk their very lives to flee from the horrors of Socialism.

As you burn in hell, Hugo, ask yourself, how were you blind to the fact that the while the people of South Korea flourished in the prosperity of Capitalism, the people of North Korea had to be kept in forced imprisonment, starving in the dark of a stone age world as evidenced by this satellite photo?

Stone Age North Korea, Prosperous South Korea

No, you were a student of history and you were not stupid or blind, Hugo Chavez. I think you knew exactly the road to hell you were leading your nation on and you didn’t care, because you were guided by one force and one force alone – your lust for power and money.

Enjoy that $2 billion you stole from your people, Hugo – oh wait, you can’t spend that money where you are now.

Burn in hell, Hugo Chavez.

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14 Responses to Burn in Hell, Hugo Chavez

  • Did you ever notice that when a good man or woman dies, people may or may not remember everything they did that was good, but they always remember that they ‘were’ good? But when a man or woman who caused misery and pain dies, people remember every single thing they did that inflicted that torture on others?

    Evil never really dies, it lives in the memory of it’s victims.

    • Very well said. For the good people, we remember the way they made us feel more than anything.

      And as you said, for the evil, reminds me of an Iron Maiden song . . .

      “The evil that men do lives on and on.”

    • Mike you did a great job on writing this post. Wonder what obama end will be! I bet Chavez is waiting on obama. A great piece of work.

  • You forgot to include a photo of Teddy Kennedy . . .

  • Human existence has and always will be plagued by those drunk on power and greed. As your article indicates, history is replete with myriad examples. However, despite these evil reigns, still the question remains, why do the people either vote in or tolerate these despotic regimes?

    • Yes, that is the big question. Why do voters as well as the Media ignore the obvious lies and incompetence of those who are promising everything and then once they are elected they create nothing but confusion keep borrowing and spending, increase the budget deficit and do nothing. These phonies, both Democrat and Republican, when they ignore their job responsibility, should be no better than anyone in the private sector. We should stop their pay and benefits! Take the keys to Airforce One and send their hemmhoroid asses on the way. The only way to get rid of them is to stop paying them for doing nothing!Start holding them accountable for their actions!

  • Loved the article and totally agree–BURN BABY BURN !!!

  • As usual good article Mike. Did not realize you were visiting our resident GuLag. Glad you are back, stay free and safe.

    • It’s great to be free again, I miss you and my other friends so much when the Twitternazis put me in the Gulag. And it probably won’t be the last time they ship me off to the Gulag. Please do hit that subscribe link and the Gulag be damned!

  • Light or darkness, we must choose.

  • This article is moronic to say the least.

    Firstly, Hitler was a Rightwing conservative and is burning in hell next to Reagan.

    Secondly, South Korea had a planed economy for 50 years and West Germany had a “social market economy” which requires a massive welfare state(SOCIALIST)

    Chavez cut poverty by 50%…according to the christian bible that would be a oneway ticket into heaven. Hell Bound Reagan,however, would be burning in hell next to his hero hitler.

    2 billion? stop making things up!

    • Hitler was a socialist. It was called the “National Socialist German Workers Party”. Now how many Tea Partiers do you know that would identify themselves as Socialist.

      Regardless of the false lexicon you’ve been taught, Hitler and his Socialist Party were lefties. Don’t be confused by the fact that he hated the Commies in Germany, that was pure and simple rivalry. The fact is the Socialists and the Commies were two sides of the same left-wing coin.

      Hey, maybe you would have chosen to live in the misery of East Germany vs. West and the destitution of North Korea vs. South, because you know those were the model states that led Hugo to chose Cuba and Iran as his two closest allies.

      And no, I’m not making things up that Hugo bilked his people of $2 billion. I gave you a link, if you had any desire to educate yourself, you could have clicked that link and seen it’s a widely known fact.



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