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Tate is the Rubber Man

Last night, tens of thousands of hearts were broken all across the American Horror Story viewing world as we found out Tate is The Rubber Man. You could almost hear the collective “NOOOOO!” from all the lovestruck teens and Tate-smitten women.

I personally never had a crush on Tate, but I can see why so many were taken with him – Evan Peters has oodles of charisma, but as far as the character, as soon as the dead breakfast club made it pretty clear in Halloween, pt. 2 that Tate had gone Columbine on his classmates and then especially in the next episode when we actually see it (mainly hear it) no way could I feel the same about Tate any more. For those whose hearts were broken last night, I ask – you can forgive the guy for shooting a bunch of innocent classmates, but he slips into a suit and has sex with Vivien and now it’s unforgiveable?

I mean, I get it, when girls dream of Prince Charming fairy tales and the perfect love, the prince is faithful to his princesses in every degree, but still seems a bit incongrous to me.


You know the last time I’ve been this hooked on a show was the re-airing of Twin Peaks on Bravo? (We’re talking the pre-Internet era here!) What’s made it so much more fun to be hooked on a show this time around is the Internet and the ability to seek out a community of fans who are just as obsessed as you are.

So I’m checking out the reaction to Tate revealed as Rubber Man, and it’s interesting to see the different reactions.

People aren’t watching AHS anymore because Tate is Rubberman? Good. GTFO. You aren’t wanted in this fandom anyway. Because news flash, This isn’t the American Tate Show. There is more to it then just Tate. And if he was the only reason you watched it, I don’t want you clogging up my tags with your stupid fangirling anyway. This is the reason why I hate when Tumblr gets ahold of something and blows it up. Because you get fake ass fans that whine and bitch when something happens to the hot guy.

Source: ahs-obsessed on tumblr

I didn’t want to rip off the gifs, but it’s pretty funny if you click the link above and check the original.

Now here’s the interesting part, not only are fans split on either loving it or hating it, we see fans who are themselves torn in two with the exact same ahs-obsessed fan posting this hours later:

dear ryan murphy,

stop writing episodes for american horror story. you just fuck shit up. do you realize what the episode rubber man did? it fucked up everything…everything. i don’t even want to know what was going on in that brain of yours when you wrote that shit, so leave the writing to the others. thanks

– ahs fandom

p.s. stop leaking spoilers

Source: ahs-obsessed on tumblr

When I asked which of the two mindsets they were of, ahs-obsessed explained these two seemingly divergent thoughts thus:

My Mindset is that I hate people that are only watching the show for one reason- Because Tate is hot. It aggravates me to no end and they really need to GTFO, but the reason I did not enjoy this episode was because Ryan Murphy really messed it up in many many ways. I do not agree with what he did with Tate’s character. I think It was very lazy for Ryan to make Tate the Rubber Man. I feel like he thought “Hey, This kid is already messed up, let’s screw him up a little more.” Personally, I think Tate’s character already had a lot going on ,so why not give it to another character that is not getting any attention at all? Maybe even bring in more characters. That way more could have been done with Rubber Man.

Does Tate being revealed as the Rubber Man make you more or less into following the show?

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15 Responses to Rubber Man Tate

  • I already knew Tate was screwed up,this doesn’t matter one way or another.It just shows how evil this guy really is,and that he’ll stoop to anything to get what he wants.

    • Did you see the look on Tate’s face when Viv and Vi were about to pull away in the car – anger, maybe some pain mixed in, too but there was some real anger and hate in his eyes.

      That’s not exactly the same teary eyed Tate who said, “I’ll leave you alone from now on if that’s what you want. Is that what you want? You know why I’d leave you alone? Because I care about your own feelings more than mine.” I think some of the scenes that had the girls at home crying and seemed so heart-felt may now be exposed as him being a bit of a manipulator, too.

      • The women on facebook were bummed when they found out Tate was the rubberman,and they all said” No,we don’t want it to be him” because they do/did have a crush on him because he was this cute,tender tortured soul,so now I’m curious to see how they’ll react now since they’ve had a day or two to think about it.I bet they still have a crush on him,even though he is a ruthless killer.You know girls love a bad boy.

        • Yep, for those who aren’t too devastated to tune in next week, he’ll have another weepy kissy scene with Violet and all will be forgiven.

        • Ever seen Mad Men? Don Draper is a piece of shit, yet lots of girls I know still have a thing for him. It’s that whole bad boy thing. The show Don doing something awful, then next episode, he does something redeeming. Now granted, he’s never stomped a basket of kittens to death or, oh…. say… raped his girlfriend’s mother.

          However, if the writers are good enough, then Tate is not beyond redemption. A good enough writer can turn it around and have them eating from Tate’s latex-clad hand again. Not saying it WILL be done, just saying they can if they want to.

          • I think for some girls, it’s just too much for them to overcome, they’re picturing how gross it would be to imagine being with a guy that had sex with their mom (even if it was before they fell for each other) and it would be like a major EWWWWW!

            Probably most the fangirls will either forgive or think he looks hot in leather. The old James Dean / Marlon Brando thing. (They predate my time, but those guys were the original two bad boys the girls loved to love.)

  • I was definitely annoyed when Tate turned out to be the Rubber Man. Just the idea the creepiest character in the show turned out to be an Alex DeLarge wannabe. I’d hoped that they wouldn’t give him an identity at all, since he’d be more frightening that way. Without the identity the Rubberman was more of a symbol of sex and violence that occurred in and around the house. I’d hoped that maybe he was the physical form of the evil in the house or maybe even a manifestation of the house itself, but no psychotic, brooding teenager it is.

    • I would have been totally okay with Rubber Man as a physical manifestation of the house itself. That would have been much more satisfying than a clockwork Tate. Unfortunately, spoilers slipped out that he was a character we knew and it would be revealed and resolved before the opening credits, so when the show aired, we could rule that theory out. (Damn spoilers.)

      My theory was it was Satan, the ultrasound fainting, the lady goes so far as to quit her career and become a nun, speaking of hooves, then the conversation between Leah and Violet about do you believe in the devil? I’ve seen his face . . . all of it 100% leading to a devil baby, and where do you get a devil baby from than the Devil himself?

      Oh well, when we see The Pope is making an appearance in the next episode, there’s no doubt there’s got to at least be one Antichrist in the womb. Could be Tate is the Devil, after all, he was the most beautiful angel before being cast out of heaven.

  • As a horror writer myself, I’m thinking “It’s a suit. Duh!” It has already been proven that more than one person can wear it. Sure, Tate may have done some dirty work while wearing it, but that doesn’t mean he’s the only one who does/will.

    Me? If I was writing this, I’d say let Tate wear the suit when he wants. Lay the blame on Tate for as many horrible things as the Rubber Man can do. Then It’ll be all the more fun when he’s with Violet and the Rubber Man does something to Vivian in the other room.

    It’ll make the show kinda like Satan’s soap opera. We’ll have fun hating Tate up until we have to start guessing which awful things were done by him and which were done by someone else… hopefully someone we will NEVER know.

    Human fear boils down to two things: we fear that which we cannot control, and we fear that which we do not understand. Once we assign an identity to something, it’s less frightening. It is the NAMELESS evil that holds the most power over us.

    Hopefully, the writers have just put Tate in the suit to throw us off. If not, they had better have another ace up their sleeve, because otherwise, they’ve ruined half the fun for me.

    However, I’m not tuning out just yet. Even if Tate is the ONLY Rubber Man, we still don’t know why the haunting started. Sure. The abortion doc did some pretty evil stuff, but who says the house didn’t push him to it? I’m hoping for the whole “bad ground” thing. The land itself went mad long before people built there. That sort of thing.

    Eh, I’m a hack. What do I know.

    • Nailed it on what makes for fear in the horror story – Rubber Man was scarier before we knew it was Tate (although Tate may be a bit scarier now that we know he’s the Rubber Man.)

      I like the Rubber Man Tag Team theory. I think maybe my greatest disappointment in Tate as Rubber Man was that his body was not as tall or buff when he wore the suit trying to scare Violet on Halloween and last night compared to every other time we’ve seen the Rubber Man. If multiple characters / ghosts are donning the suit, that removes the body sizes as an annoying issue.

      —- Hopefully, the writers have just put Tate in the suit to throw us off. If not, they had better have another ace up their sleeve, because otherwise, they’ve ruined half the fun for me. —-

      I agree and like you say, still a lot of stuff to keep me tuning back in. If you check out http://www.youregoingtodieinthere.com we’ve got teasers for families / couples from the 40s, 50s, 70s, 80s and 2000s, all of which look like very intriguing flashbacks.

  • I for one was glad when it was revealed that the Rubber Man was Tate. It adds more complexity to the character. I have been wanting Tate to be more than this love sick angst ridden teenager. Tate is much more interesting to me now or maybe it’s just the whole “bad boy” thing!

    • I’m guessing it’s more the bad boy part than anything. 😉

      He was already pretty complicated, now he’s like off the charts complicated. Tate’s got that duality going, too – a little angel, a little devil . . . Imagine this, a lot of people are saying one twin could be Ben’s one could be Tate’s, but what if they’re both his and it turns out one angel baby and one devil child???

      • LOL Yes, you’re probably right. Us Women are always looking for men that we can “fix”. That’s an interesting theory about the twins. I’ve also seen alot of speculation that Tate has an evil twin but I don’t believe that to be the case. I just think he has a good side and an evil side. Maybe suffered some kind of sexual abuse at the hands of his father or one of Constance’s boy toys?!

        • Women are the glue that holds society together, if it weren’t for women feeling monogamous in their hearts, left up to men and their genetic predispositions to “plant the seed”, this world would be a free for all of casual and anonymous sex. Thank God for women trying to fix men, if it weren’t for women trying to fix men, we men would have no reason not to give in to our inner base desires.

          Re: Tate having an evil twin, it’s all based on one half-second shot of a Tate lookalike standing behind Mr. Harmon at the same time that Tate was on the couch in the therapy session in the pilot. Amazing that just half-a-second of this show can spread a theory like wildfire. It’s not enough for me, but then, anything could happen on this show.

          Yes, I too am waiting for the revelation of why Tate hates his mom so much. Why, Tate? Why do you have such mommy issues?

          • The twin theory is alot of fangirl’s wishful hoping. Although I’m not sure I see the logic in it being ok to shoot a bunch of innocent people columbine style but rape and sodomy crosses a line…;) btw, great casting for that part..the dimples and curly blonde hair scream “angelic” . How interesting that the “perfect package” has the devil inside! Can’t wait for Wednesday’s episode, the show def has me hooked!!

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