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- Longfellow, American Poet (1807-1882)

Casey Anthony Got Away with It

Casey Anthony Got Away with It

Can someone explain to me why it is whenever we get one of these once-in-a-decade cases that grabs the national attention, where the defendant or defendants are obviously as guilty as sin, the jury gets together and completely fails to deliver the justice demanded by the victims and an entire nation?

OJ Simpson had his DNA all over the freakin’ place. The only way there could have been more conclusive physical evidence in that case is if there was an actual video of the murder, and the jury lets him walk?

You actually did have a video of those cops beating Rodney King, and still three of the cops got off and the jury hung on the fourth!

And now you have Casey Anthony. Has common sense completely been removed from the collective brains of these juries?

To the questioning grandparents of the child, the mother tells them day after day, for 31 days, that her daughter is right there with her when in reality, mom’s out partying with her little two-year-old nowhere around . . . and you would try to imagine that an innocent mother would do anything but contact authorities the very first day her daughter went missing???

How could it be any more obvious that Casey felt her two-year-old daughter was cramping her style when the day Caylee goes missing, mom goes out partying, celebrating, entering hot body contests and getting a tattoo that translates into “the good life”?

Casey Anthony Bella Vita

Your daughter just went missing and you’re getting a tattoo about the good life?

Once Casey’s lies about Caylee being with her for those 31 days were exposed, Casey immediately shifts to inventing some phantom kidnapper named “Zanny”, and when that’s thoroughly debunked, we’re still supposed to believe anyone on this earth other than Casey is responsible for her daughter ending up in a garbage bag in the swamp 15 doors down from her house?

We’re supposed to dismiss her own mother and the 9 police officers and the forensic evidence that all attested to the unmistakable smell of human decomposition in the trunk of Casey’s car?

It seems as if these days you put together twelve jurors and their IQ diminishes by a factor of about twelve.

Say what you will about vigilante justice and lynch mobs, but honest to God, there was more justice back in the Old West than there is here in America today.

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6 Responses to She Got Away with It

  • It’s better that a few guilty go free, than an innocent be locked away or executed. People who ‘get away’ with crimes don’t usually stay out of trouble for long. OJ Simpson is a case in point. Either way, someday she will face an omniscient judge who will mete out justice or mercy according to her relationship with his Son.

  • I think the prosecution did not have hard evidence. I think if something like materials for making cloraform would have been found then the case would have been a slam dunk. And George Anthony being combative diminished his credibility according to one alternate jurors comments. I think she knows exactly what happened in the 31 days. I don’t know if the police tried to track her wearabouts in those 31 days. She seems like a crazy chick who hangs around tools and shady people. But her family seems like it would keep a secret like that. There is some deep hatred between her and her father. And I could see him snapping and doing something irrational.

    • Even if the grandfather had some involvement in Caylee’s death, the fact that Casey covered it up and lied about Caylee being with her makes her an accessory to the murder. However you try to slice it, Casey was involved in her daughter’s murder. And I will never discount the number of people who testified to the smell of decomposition in the trunk in Casey’s car, including the grandmother, who stood nothing to gain by mentioning the smell of death from Casey’s car in that heart-wrenching 911 call.

  • Our system is not perfect but it’s the best in the world.

    We have this system where you are innocent until proven guilty.

    My guess is the prosecution didn’t do their job.

    Regardless of how it appears, the jury has to deal with cold hard facts and not emotions.

    If the facts show any possibility of doubt it’s the prosecutors job to eliminate this.

    You would think that the Police and prosecutors would have closed all the holes but they didn’t .

    As somebody mentioned earlier people like that will eventually do something else.

    In the end she will get what is deserved.


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