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It is in men as in soils where sometimes there is a vein of gold which the owner knows not of.
- Swift, English Author (1667-1745)

Political Rehab, Day 7: Reporting here on my seventh day in Political Rehab, I made a challenge to myself, I was shooting for 30 non-political posts in 30 days, but days 2 through 6, family issues had my head spinning and I just couldn’t bring myself to post on anything, so I’m behind the pace of 30 in 30, but back today with another non-political post. Regarding this post, it’s true that Sheriff Joe is known as a national political figure as much as he is known as a law enforcement officer, but I would still say this story is more in the realm of sociology experiment than straight politics.

You may have heard of Sheriff Joe Arpaio, the Maricopa County Sheriff who seems to believe wholeheartedly in shaming offenders into never coming back with such humiliations (and cost saving measures) as having all the inmates quartered in tents out in the middle of the desert, issuing nothing but pink underwear and feeding the inmates green bologna? Wearing pink underwear in a tent out in the middle of the desert with green bologna for lunch and dinner? Now there’s a version of “three hots and a cot” I think even the hardest criminals would want to avoid.

So Sheriff Joe is at it again with his latest spin on crime deterrence through humiliation. This time it’s with his “Mugshot of the Day” program at the website and you too can vote on the wackiest outlaw (er, alleged outlaw) in Maricopa County.

Sheriff Joe's Mugshot of the Day

Check out the second mugshot from the left, how the heck did Nick Nolte get booked under the alias Barbara Cyran?

Source: Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office

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One Response to Sheriff Joe and Crime Deterrence through Humiliation

  • Hmmm…I can’t think of the name but that dude….first from the Right…looks like this famous guitarist that used to play a red/white/black stripped guitar and did some very cool 2 handed tapping riffs…

    Have some fun go to jailbase.com and can see what they did.

    While there, look up your buddies, neighborhoods, parents…etc

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