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All human actions have one or more of these seven causes: chance, nature, compulsions, habit, reason, passion, desire.
- Aristotle, Greek Philosopher (B.C. 384-322)

I’m not sure many Americans have a complete grasp on just how evil the authoritarian Taliban regime was for the 35 million people who suffered underneath their iron grip in Afghanistan.

Under the rule of the Taliban, women were treated as nothing more than property, sold like cattle by their fathers to be purchased by husbands who then treated the brides they bought as purchased possessions. In a country that banned every girl and woman from learning to read and write, there was no possibility for the entire female population in Afghanistan to dream of pursuing a career and having a vocation in life. Illiterate and only allowed to venture from the home with the permission of their masters wearing a full-body covering burka, the one and only destiny for these girls and women was to be completely subservient and dependent on the families to which they were beholden.

There were gatherings at soccer stadiums where Afghanis (either by force or out of morbid curiosity) came together to witness the brutal horrors of public executions of women whose only crime was to have been the victims of rape. For the homosexuals in the country, they had to live their lives under the ever present threat of death for their “crime” of being homosexuals. As evil as all of that was, the laws of the Taliban even expanded to the limits of the ludicrous, with every citizen living under the imminent threat of death to perceived “insults” to Islam, which could range from men who dared not grow their mandatory beards to a nationwide ban on all forms of music anywhere and everywhere . . .

The Fruits of Operation Enduring Freedom

Back home, you’ll constantly hear the Bush haters try to blame a small percentage of our national debt on “two unfunded wars” which Bush launched in an attempt to liberate the 60 million people of the Middle East living in Iraq and Afghanistan, but lets save the Iraq war for another debate. When the Bush haters constantly talk about those two wars, let’s look at one of those wars, the liberation of Afghanistan, which the Bush haters own beloved Barack Obama not only supported from the outset, but who also escalated upon becoming president.

The sacrifices of the coalition forces who triumphed against all the naysayers who pointed to Afghanistan as being the “graveyard of empires” spanning 2,300 years of history. The coalition forces overturned that history, bringing elections and self-determination for a people who had known more war, warlords and oppressive regimes in those two millennium than perhaps any other people in world history.

Here’s where we celebrate the fruits of the sacrifices of our coalition forces. Let’s look at one of these fruits of liberation, just one of the many fruits of Operation Enduring Freedom in bringing liberation to the people of Afghanistan.

This is a quote from eighteen-year-old Milad Yousufi who remembers the days when music was outlawed by the Taliban and where now, the people of Afghanistan live in a country where women are free to learn to read and write and study music and where music students like Milad is able to pursue his dreams of a music career.

“I was drawing piano on the paper, and then I was playing it. If they knew that you were listening to the music, probably they would kill you, because they did not like music,” Milad says.

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3 Responses to Some of the Fruits of Operation Enduring Freedom

  • Great article and how so very true it is…

  • One of thegreat frustrations of a biased media is the neglecting of such an important article. This is one of the most amazing developments in our relationship with Afghanistan and the investment of the lives of thousands of our military fighting for the freedom of the Afghanis. Thanks Mike for this terrific article.

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