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Anger begins with folly, and ends with repentance.
- Pythagoras, Greek Philosopher and Mathematician (B.C. 582-507)

Ah what a spectacle it was . . . the commercials, the halftime show . . . oh yeah, I heard they even played a football game.

I was looking forward to Matthew Broderick reprising the Ferris Bueller role. He looks pretty good 36 years gone by, he may end up one of those guys like Regis Philbin or Dick Clark that just never get old and you have to wonder if they sold their souls or just have access to a better plastic surgeon than the rest of us.

A little disappointed to see no other cameos from fellow Ferris alumni, I can understand kiddie porn lover and photographer Jeffrey Jones not getting the call to reprise the roll of Principal Rooney, but Jennifer Grey (Ferris’ sister) Alan Ruck (his best friend, Cameron) or Ben Stein doing the “Bueller . . . Buller” from the original “Fry” line would have made for a much better commercial.

At the very least, they could have gotten this out of work actor to reprise his role as the drug addled bad boy in the police station and it wouldn’t even have involved any acting on his part.

Charlie Sheen Didn't Have to Act in Ferris Bueller

Then there was some chick named MIA on the halftime show. When the rapping starts, I usually make my way towards the refrigerator or the bathroom, so I missed it, but apparently, she flipped the bird to the viewing audience in America and the world at large.

You were MIA to me before the Super Bowl and hopefully you’ll be MIA to the rest of the world after the Super Bowl.

MIA Should Go Back to Being Missing

MIA Should Go Back to Being Missing

The highlight of all the festivities? Definitely had to be Will Ferrell showing off his secret talent as a tightrope acrobat.

Will Ferrell's Halftime Tightrope Acrobatic Act at the Super Bowl

Who would have thunk a guy with so many multi-million dollar movies under his belt could have joined the circus at a young age and spent his life delighting circus goers in relative anonymity.

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