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No man can be brave who thinks pain the greatest evil; nor temperate, who considers pleasure the highest good"Cicero, Great Roman Orator, Politician, and Philosopher (B.C. 106-43)

Here’s the person who took offense to my tweeting a link to my last post mentioning . . . CONDOMS! *gasp*

And here’s the screenshot of the browser window I opened just before making that tweet as I carefully checked to make sure my tweets were only going out to followers, proving that @PutPetsWithVets was indeed following me when I made the tweet:

Blocked and Suspended by a Twitter Follower

(click above to enlarge, showing full browser page . . . )


Here’s my email to Twitter contesting the suspension:

I was suspended right after a FOLLOWER named @PutPetsWithVets tweeted this:

and then blocked me.

Attached is a screen shot of a browser screen I had opened (just to make sure I was tweeting only followers) proving @PutPetsWithVets was indeed a follower before I tweeted them.

So now I’m on such thin ice that ONE TWEET to one of my 2,300 FOLLOWERS can get me banned if it upsets their prudish sensibilities.

This will make for good stuff at my blog, but it is so unfair that I am on such a super-sensitive, one-step-from-suspension status with Twitter.

Meanwhile, my wife tweets how I was suspended for tweeting a FOLLOWER and by mentioning the word “follower” she receives over a dozen unsolicited tweets from people with links to sites claiming they can get you 5,000 followers in a day.

It’s totally unfair. I’m getting suspended for a tweet one follower finds offensive while spammers are running wild.

How do I get out of this terrible situation where I’m always one tweet away from suspension, even if it’s a block from a follower who didn’t like what I had to say?

yours truly,

M i k e   C o r n e l i s o n

Almost as bad as the fact that I’m now getting suspended for tweeting a follower who was offended by my “vulgar” tweet, is the fact that this @PutPetsWithVets person describes themselves like this on their Twitter bio:

Luv Military-WORRY bout Veterans problems.Luv animals & HATE neglect/abuse.Will combine Vets & Pets.Vets help 2 rescue/heal pets & in process will heal selves.

Thank you for the work you do @PutPetsWithVets and so sorry for tweeting YOU, who had followed ME, something YOU considered “vulgar.”

You tweet about saving dogs “on Death Row” and I can appreciate that because my wife and I have rescued two dogs from euthanasia at the pound, but when you also say you “Luv Military” and worry about the vets, you may want to consider the fact that you are showing total contempt for the concept of FREE SPEECH, perhaps the most important freedom those vets have fought for and died for.

For the love of all that is good, stop following people and then blocking and complaining and getting them suspended the moment they post something you consider “vulgar.” Be an American, respect free speech and if you don’t like what you’re reading, change the fucking channel!

Here’s the post which @PutPetsWithVets delicate sensibilities to the point of getting me suspended.

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11 Responses to Suspended by Twitter for a FOLLOWER Crying Over “Vulgar” Tweet

  • Leave twitter like I did. It’s a facist organization that hates conservatives. Don’t support it.

    • Thanks, TX. It’s hard to turn my back when I have 2,300 followers. 2,300 followers is a humble following, but a lot of those people appreciate my tweets, and those people mean a lot to me.

      • Yes we do appreciate your tweets so keep fighting and don’t let the Fascists stop you Mike… BTW, I’m with your Rehana… I get unsolicited tweets all the time promising me 100s of followers but Twitter does nothing to stop the actual SPAMMERS

  • Can you post a screen shot of your tweet? As I wasnt attached to the condoms tweet… damn you! lol

    Annnnd time for you to get a backup acct. Mine is @TPBGirl2

    Anywho.. I just wanted to see the tweet myself before I cuss the bastard out. I have tweeted much worse but I only get suspended for telling ABC to stop humping the Mohamed camel, cussing out Jay Carney, and replying to people BEFORE & AFTER doing 300 FFs.

    Just went to my email, was the condom tweet about the article “The Annals of Online Dating”?

    I have noticed that very few people have a sense of humor anymore on twitter.

    • They suspended me before I could tweet you. It was simple as “Annals of Online Dating” with the link to the post, what got @PutPetsWithVets crying was the actual post itself, but I’ve been seeing your tweets even though I can’t log in and laughing my head off, with tears of pride welling up! Good stuff, thanks for having my back!

  • To late, already gave em hell. 😛

    • I saw it, both barrels blazing, that was awesome. Worst of it is, they got back to me about three hours ago and said I would be unsuspended, but it would take “an hour or so” so now they’re just completely messing with me.

  • I can’t find you in Twitter. did you just block me? huhu hmmm

  • My problem with twitter is someone says a statement like
    “what about teach a WOMAN to fish? jesus” then you reply about how gender roles worked two thousand years ago and they tell you. “omg kids these days dont get humour”

    Well sorry for trying to having a discussion like adults , instead you have to continue your neo-feminist bleating.

    This was her reply before she reported me for “reply abuse”.

    “just another woman hating man”.

    So she can slander me then suspend my ability to defend myself.
    Twitter is the social networking equivalent of care2, full of egotistical neo-liberal yuppy scum.

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