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The greatest harm that you can do unto the envious, is to do well.
- John Lyly, English Dramatist and Prose Writer (1554-1606)

dear leader

An action comedy about two guys going to China to assassinate North Korea’s Kim Jong-un? And they call him by name and portray him as the real deal, Dear Leader Kim Jong-un? That’s pretty ballsy.

In our house, we’re content to wait out most movies until they hit Netflix or Redbox, but from the first time I saw the trailer for The Interview, this was a movie I wanted to see as soon as it hits the theaters. The movie is set to open on Christmas Day, although as you may have heard, some interesting developments have happened since the trailers were released.

On November 24, 2014, Sony Pictures was hacked, big time.

The work day ended early for Sony Pictures employees. Most of them, anyway. The IT crew will be logging overtime as they deal with a massive breach perpetrated by a group of hackers calling themselves #GOP. The letters stand for Guardians of Peace… While their motives are unclear at this point, what is clear is that this was an attack of cinematic proportions.
Reportedly the original attack breached a single server; from there, it spread like wildfire across Sony’s network. The image [below] popped up on “every computer all over Sony Pictures nationwide,” according to a Reddit poster with inside connections. Other sources have confirmed the ominous image, which looks like something straight out of a 90s hacking flick.

source: geek.com

Message left by hackers on Sony Computers NationwideHackers are usually either motivated by greed in stealing identities or by a desire to simply vandalize networks and computers just for the hell of it. Add the movie studio quotient, and with this attack, there was also the possibility that these hackers were of the pirate variety, motivated by a penchant for spreading “free movies” around the Internet.

While four unreleased have been uploaded to file-sharing sites, when you check out the “Engrish” from the image that popped up on all those Sony Pictures computers across the nation, it’s obvious that the main motivation for these hackers is something quite different – these guys are holding Sony’s data hostage “until our request be met.”

We’re talking Social Security numbers for 47,000 celebrities, freelancers, and current and former Sony employees, 33,000 documents including personal information, salaries and home addresses along with an unknown number of unreleased scripts and movies.

I’m sure you can guess who topped the list of suspects on the rumor mill, and it wasn’t long before North Korea came out and addressed the rumors, denying that they were behind it, but saying that it was “a righteous deed” and while they claimed they “do not know where in America the Sony Pictures is situated and for what wrongdoings it became the target of the attack”, they also said it is possible the attack might have been carried out by supporters of Kim Jong-un.

Oh man, I hope this is a great movie, because the way it’s now spilling out into the real world is enough to make a great movie even greater.

Check out the North Korean Government stating flatly that “wrongdoings” by Sony that must have inspired the hacking and then the obfuscation in saying “we do not know where in America the Sony Pictures is situated,” as if anyone with a brain doesn’t know the data was hacked across that whole global network thingy they call “The Internet”. That is just so bizarre for a government to behave like that – they’re not even trying to be serious, they’re taunting us on a level that’s absolutely juvenile.

Then there’s the DPRK line where they say, it wasn’t us but it’s quite possible the hackers were North Korean citizens acting on their own. Yeah right! In a nation where millions have starved in the last few decades, all you have to do is look at a nighttime satellite image of North Korea and South Korea to see that the citizens of the North are living in the Stone Age. The only North Koreans getting on the Internet are the people working for the government.

North Koreans live in the Stone Age

All I know is, if Sony doesn’t give into the hostage takers and their “request”, my family will be there to see The Interview on Christmas Day.

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It was now twenty years passed since the Obama Ascendancy had ushered in the beginning of the Reign of Enlightenment. Twenty full years since the ability of the Republicants to challenge our Glorious Democratic Party had begun dwindling with each successive election.

As the power of our Glorious Dems grew, there had been calls from many to have the Republicants outlawed completely, one channel in particular – MSNBC – devoted most hours of the day to pushing for a ban on the Republicants, but as voter ID laws were struck down across the nation and then Affirmative Action was applied to allow the most disenfranchised citizens to vote multiple times according to their ethnic suffrage or their position on the poverty scale, wiser heads prevailed and it was decided there would really be no need to outlaw the Republicants after all. The “t” in Republicant was officially added to the party’s name and the party was allowed to continue it’s existence, if nothing more than to mainly serve as fodder for the punchlines to every political joke on American television.

Could it really have been just twelve years since Hillary Clinton’s historic win, with the Glorious Democratic Party retaining the White House and finally regaining full control of both Houses of Congress? How awesome it had been to witness our GDP united in passing the Fairness Doctrine, the sweeping legislation regulating all aspects of media reporting which ultimately wiped out the scourge of Faux News from the television landscape and silenced all the evils of right-wing hate being spread on talk radio.

Now, all the contentiousness and unpleasantness of the political debate was gone. Instead of having to hear the Republicants with their divisive questions and their complete ingratitude for all the great progress made since the election of Our Dear Leader Obama, how pleasant it was now to tune into political themed programs where the object of the debate was always to see who could speak of our supreme and benevolent leaders in the most devotional and inspiring terms.

Even while all these great changes were happening, however, still there were still some who plotted to return this country to the Dark Days of the Unenlightened, the days where the government wasn’t there to play the central role in all the people’s lives, the days where no one was there to monitor our every phone call and communication to make sure that we did not stray from the Enlightened Path. These were the agitators who ranted about “freedoms” or “the rights of the individual”, cowards hiding behind proxies on the Internet, people who didn’t have the common decency to speak of their anti-societal views out in the open where a coworker, friend or family member could report their verbal treason to the proper agencies and have them assigned to a fine re-education school where they could get the help they need.

These teabagger rabble-rousers and former viewers of Faux News, they had all coalesced into a single group known simply as “Anonymous”, a group sworn to turn back all the progressive accomplishments that had been made during the Reign of Enlightenment. The Mandatory Morning Message delivered to all the workers in America warned daily of these evil insurrectionists, but for the most part they remained shrouded and unknown, militant in their anonymity, to the point where it was said that even many cohabitant couples would hold their secrecy to the point of both being ignorant of the other’s involvement.

So the members of Anonymous plotted together, never knowing the faces of their co-conspirators, split into thousands of small little cells so that should a couple dozen be compromised, there would always be plenty more cells to take their place and contribute their own share to the mayhem. These enemies of the people, these lunatics who would not give up their talk of the founding fathers and that outdated and superseded document they continued to insist upon calling “The Constitution”, these delusional misfits and miscreants were plotting something on a scale that had never been seen and though our own government was well aware that something was planned for that Fourth of July in the year 20 After Obama, they had no idea how great the scope and fury was of what was about to rain down upon them.

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IRS Gestapo


From the very beginning we’ve known that, in true Nixonian fashion, the Obama administration has kept an enemies list and has actively maintained and expanded that enemies list.

Early on, we saw examples of the Obama administration using agencies such as the EPA to target its enemies, as in the case of Gibson guitars and the Obama EPA has continued to persecute its list of enemies, but for the commoners, for all you lowly everyday Americans, you can rest assured that it’s the IRS who you should fear above all else if you dare whisper aloud against the Almighty State.

With the IRS now poised to expand its jurisdiction into the realm of personal health records and act as the enforcer for the purchase of mandatory health insurance, woe to all of you who dare still question our most benevolent leaders in Washington, D.C.


Allow me now to take the time to say that I have seen the error of my ways and the wrongness of my thinking as evidenced throughout the posts on this blog.


On these pages, I have dared to question the wisdom of installing the Almighty Government at the center of the national economy and the guiding force in our personal lives. I now believe wholeheartedly in the words of Our Dear Leader Obama as he spoke recently to graduates of Ohio State University:

“Unfortunately, you’ve grown up hearing voices that incessantly warn of government as nothing more than some separate, sinister entity that’s at the root of all our problems. They’ll warn that tyranny is always lurking just around the corner. You should reject these voices.”

source: Real Clear Politics

I have seen the error of my ways and I now reject all voices who dare to question our government and its supreme leaders. Our great and omniscient leaders know what’s best for us better than we do! For every problem, we should look to the government for the solutions.

Tyranny is not just around the corner, nor will it ever be. We should lay down our guns like meek little lambs, for history does not repeat itself.

We must embrace the teachings of our nation’s greatest thinkers, those great philosophers who have spent their whole lives in the hallowed halls of academia. Above all else, we should value the wisdom of our book-learned professors and teachers who have never been tainted by profiting in the private sector.

We should disparage the evil of business people everywhere and we should envy their riches, for Obama tells us they are not paying their fair share.

We must reject the evils of Capitalism, we should abandon that greedy system which made America the most prosperous nation on Earth. We should hate and demonize the rich until we ourselves are no longer rich as a nation. The true path lies in following the examples of third world Marxist tyrants so we too can join the proles in their workers’ paradise.

War is peace. Freedom is slavery. Ignorance is strength. Whatever you built as an individual, you didn’t build that. All that is good comes forth from government.

I say these words in the name of Our Dear Leader Obama, amen.

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What won’t get you suspended on Twitter:


Nope, that kind of hateful pig vomit didn’t get Merisa Maljevac suspended.

*** UPDATE: Like a true coward, Maljevac deleted her tweet after I outed her on this post, but you can’t simply “unsay” something that disgusting, especially when fellow anti-Semites are there to retweet you in agreement.

Here are some other fine examples of hate tweets that didn’t get their tweeters suspended:


(At least this lady doesn’t think all Jews deserved the gas chambers . . . )

What will get you suspended on Twitter

Speaking the truth about the Obama administration’s betrayal of Israel:

Israel Stabbed in the Back by Obama

Without warning, Twitter suspended a series of three accounts owned by an Orthodox Jew from New York City Wednesday and Thursday, after one of them tweeted a cartoon depicting the Obama administration stabbing Israel in the back. The social media company refused to tell The Daily Caller if the cartoon was the reason it shut the accounts down.

Twitter also wouldn’t say why it hasn’t taken similar action against the terror group Hamas and its supporters for tweeting “Death to the Jews” and other threats of violence.

source: The Daily Caller

Just like the Obama Nazis at Facebook who censored a post by Special Operations Speaks (Obama called the SEALs, and THEY got bin Laden. When the SEALs called Obama, THEY GOT DENIED.) we see yet another example of left-wing, censorship-loving tyranny at another social media forum.

It seems you can wish hatred and death on almost anyone on Twitter, just as long as you never speak ill of our Dear Leader Obama.

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Pablo "Eagle Feather" Sancho

One of the most spiritual people I’ve befriended on Twitter is a man named Pablo “Eagle Feather” Sancho.

Pablo’s a good fellow to follow, the vast majority of his tweets offering the words “I bless you,” as he confers his blessings on his followers (and I suspect he considers his “followers” not in the regular Twitter sense, but more in the cult leader sense of the word.)

He may have a bit of a messiah complex, or perhaps just he went online and got ordained by the Universal Life Church and now he takes his title of “reverend” a bit too seriously, but Pablo’s stream of blessings and invocations are uplifting to tap into regardless.

So imagine my shock and dismay when in reply to a single tweet, Eagle Feather fired off these half-dozen replies in rapid succession. (Read chronologically from the bottom up . . . )

Pablo Sancho

So what did I do to incur this bombastic barrage from the bestower of blessings?

All six of those tweets came in reply to a single share of my “Obama Likes Being President” post in which I calmly, without any malice, made the case that Barack Obama likes all the things that come along with being president, but through his actions and his words, he shows quite clearly that he doesn’t care too much for the actual job of being president.

For daring to express my opinion on the president, Pablo tells me he “feels so sorry for my soul” and that my “eternal soul” is in need of being “saved.” He tells me I am “trapped in endless darkness” and that my “darkness is great.”

And I so say to you – please let the light of Democracy and free speech into your heart, Pablo.

You seem as if you would prefer to be trapped in the endless darkness of a totalitarian regime where you either agree with the party in charge or you disappear. Forever.

Pablo, look up and see the brightness of a society where an open debate and a free exchange of ideas conquers those who would subjugate us all underneath an all-powerful government.

Your intolerance is great and I feel so sorry that this is your response to those who dare question a president in a free society.

(Seriously, I post an article critical of the president and this guy is asking me to “repent” and let “Massiah” (sic) save my soul?)

You’d probably be much happier in a place like North Korea, where all are united in their unquestioning praise of Dear Leader and any who dare speak otherwise are made to “repent” in the concentration camps.

“Repent n let Yahoshua, the Massiah (sic), save ur eternal soul,” he tweets me.

Repent for daring to question the most beneficent reign of our Dear Leader Obama!

Seriously, Pablo? Seriously?

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