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Honor is like an island, rugged and without shores; we can never re-enter it once we are on the outside.
- Nicholas Boileau, French Literary Poet and Critic (1636-1711)

death to capitalism

The Occupy Movement is finally showing it’s true colors, advocating “Death to Capitalism” in this photo from the Oakland riots.

Occupy Movement's Message to America: Death to Capitalism

Note the thousands that must have walked under that banner, without a single person challenging the “Death to Capitalism” rallying cry of the Anarcho-socialists.

Now here’s the irony of it all: yesterday, there was some very revolutionary news coming out of Cuba:

Cuba allows sale of private property for the first time since the Communist revolution.

And while Cuba is crawling out from the rock of the stone age Communist economy it’s held itself under since the 50s, oh the irony of the Occupy Movement here in the U.S. being taken over by Anarchists and Socialists so completely ignorant of history that they still believe, no matter how many times it’s failed and condemned millions to misery, destitution and starvation, that something such as a Marxist worker’s paradise can actually exist on this Earth.

Fly the American Flag Upside-down, Let Che Guevara Fly Proudly High

The funny thing about these people flying their American flags upside-down and proudly holding up the red flag sporting the Commie pop icon Che Guevara – Cuba already knows it’s system has failed and they’re making the changes to leave the third world poverty of collectivism and join the first world prosperity which Capitalism brings, and yet even as reality is dawning on the new Castro in Cuba, at the very same time, up rise the Occupiers in America, wanting to bring that same brand of Cuban “eqaulity” right here, an equality where everyone is equal in misery and poverty.

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