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Take away ambitions and vanity, and where will be your heroes and patriots?" Seneca, Roman Philosopher, Dramatist, and Statesman (B.C. 3-65 A.D.)


A study from the Journal of Clinical Psychology tells us that only 8% of New Year’s Resolutions are successfully achieved, so before giving my own 2015 resolution mention here, I waited to see if I could make it through the first week. Good news – one week down, fifty-one to go. But before we get to my resolution, let’s take a look at what that study lists as the top ten resolutions from last year:

  • Lose Weight
  • Getting Organized
  • Spend Less, Save More
  • Enjoy Life to the Fullest
  • Staying Fit and Healthy
  • Learn Something Exciting
  • Quit Smoking
  • Help Others in Their Dreams
  • Fall in Love
  • Spend More Time with Family

Just watching the barrage of exercise machine, fitness club and diet plan commercials that air around the beginning of every year, you know “losing weight” and “staying fit” would be at or near the top of the list. I’m a little surprised to see that a lot of people make a new year’s resolution to fall in love, but now that I see it on the list, it does seem like around the beginning of the year, there’s also a surge in online dating commercials and spam in my inbox as well.

One positive sign of the times, you’d have to imagine that in years past, quitting smoking had to be right up there at the top with losing weight. The fact quitting smoking is now down at number seven shows just how much smoking is losing its grip on America. Another positive sign is the fact that so many people are thinking of helping others when they make their own resolutions.

Thumbs UpSo now to my resolution – it certainly won’t make any popularity lists, it’s presumptuous, it’s audacious and it’s so general it’s almost ridiculous, but my resolution for 2015 is to be positive in everything I do.

Especially for me, a guy who seems to feed and thrive on sarcasm and negativity, it almost sounds too lofty a resolution for an entire day let alone an entire year, but I decided to be positive about my chances as well! It all starts with the thought process, and those thoughts are then manifest in the things you write and say.

As far as the thoughts go, I had to make a distinction between allowing the occasional healthy thoughts of self-preservation (this person seems shady or that sounds like a bad idea) which may sound negative on the surface but can keep you out of harm’s way and avoiding the kind of negativity which is just negative for the sake of being negative and serves no useful purpose. This is the most difficult part of the process as even the most disciplined of Tibetan monks would have a hard time controlling every thought of every waking moment, so I’m going to cut myself slack when useless negative thoughts creep in and just be resolved to stifle it when it happens.

As far as the things I write and say, this is something far more easily controlled by the conscious mind and so far, I must admit, I am totally nailing it. It’s amazing how much lighter my spirits feel after one week of having no negativity pass through my lips or my keyboard.

So if you wonder why you haven’t been seeing my incisive wit and my scathing critiques on politics, now you know why. Of course, that won’t keep me from liking your political posts on Facebook, after all, just like a pat on the back, a like on Facebook is a positive thing, right?

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My conversion to Islam and my choice to share it with the world started with a post on Facebook. I’m including that post here now, as I think it will make a compelling series here to take account of my first baby steps following in the path of Allah:

I have some glorious and wonderful news I would like to share with all of the people I know on Facebook. This very evening, I was down on my knees with my head to the ground, with an open heart and in complete humility and submission.

The truth spoke to me loudly and clearly. I was struck with a revelation, it was like a bolt of lightning that electrified me to my very soul and suddenly, I had a deep and spiritual connection with the one true God, and his name is Allah.

There is one true God. His name is Allah and his messenger is Mohammed, PBUH.

Praying to Allah

Praying to Allah

Note: while I did get an app that has helped me point myself in the direction of Mecca, I still need to get myself a prayer rug, so for now, this photo of a fellow Muslim in prayer.

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What won’t get you suspended on Twitter:


Nope, that kind of hateful pig vomit didn’t get Merisa Maljevac suspended.

*** UPDATE: Like a true coward, Maljevac deleted her tweet after I outed her on this post, but you can’t simply “unsay” something that disgusting, especially when fellow anti-Semites are there to retweet you in agreement.

Here are some other fine examples of hate tweets that didn’t get their tweeters suspended:


(At least this lady doesn’t think all Jews deserved the gas chambers . . . )

What will get you suspended on Twitter

Speaking the truth about the Obama administration’s betrayal of Israel:

Israel Stabbed in the Back by Obama

Without warning, Twitter suspended a series of three accounts owned by an Orthodox Jew from New York City Wednesday and Thursday, after one of them tweeted a cartoon depicting the Obama administration stabbing Israel in the back. The social media company refused to tell The Daily Caller if the cartoon was the reason it shut the accounts down.

Twitter also wouldn’t say why it hasn’t taken similar action against the terror group Hamas and its supporters for tweeting “Death to the Jews” and other threats of violence.

source: The Daily Caller

Just like the Obama Nazis at Facebook who censored a post by Special Operations Speaks (Obama called the SEALs, and THEY got bin Laden. When the SEALs called Obama, THEY GOT DENIED.) we see yet another example of left-wing, censorship-loving tyranny at another social media forum.

It seems you can wish hatred and death on almost anyone on Twitter, just as long as you never speak ill of our Dear Leader Obama.

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Special Operations Speaks, Facebook Censors

From Breitbart:

Over the weekend, Facebook took down a message by the Special Operations Speaks PAC (SOS) which highlighted the fact that Obama denied backup to the forces being overrun in Benghazi.

The message was contained in a meme which demonstrated how Obama had relied on the SEALS when he was ready to let them get Osama bin Laden, and how he had turned around and denied them when they called for backup on Sept 11.

I spoke with Larry Ward, president of Political Media, Inc — the media company that handles SOS postings and media production. Ward was the one who personally put the Navy SEAL meme up, and the one who received the warning from Facebook and an eventual 24 hour suspension from Facebook because Ward put the meme back up after Facebook told him to take it down.

Mark Zuckerberg may have more money than God, but it still doesn’t change the fact that the Facebook of today is tomorrow’s MySpace – the way the Internet evolves, even though it really wasn’t all that long ago, you almost have to think back hard to remember when MySpace was cool. It will be the same thing with Facebook, a place in the social media world that was, back in the day, a cool place to hang out at – a billion accounts that will become used less and less and ultimately the whole Facebook phenomenon will be just a be a period of time that will be remembered with a quaint nostalgia, a trend that came and went on the Internet.

Facebook’s flash in the pan may last a little longer than MySpace, but that’s exactly where they’re headed and that’s a good thing because their whole existence is based on selling out you and all your personal data and not just the data they’ve accumulated from the time you’ve spent on Facebook, but from data they compile on you from all corners of the Internet.

Max Schrems, 24, the Austrian law student who sued Facebook for its complete record of his personal data was recently astounded to receive 1,222 pages of information. As Steve Klingaman says, “Some of it made sense – old Wall postings and photos – but some of it was material he had never even entered into Facebook. His action spurred more than 40,000 requests for Facebook data in Europe.”

It’s not as harmless as just watching your habits and then offering you up relevant pay-per-click ads the way Amazon does, it goes way beyond that. Facebook’s revenue from pay-per-clicks is miniscule compared to what they get selling you and your 1,222 pages of info to third party aggregators who then sell you and your 1,222 pages to lenders, credit agencies, insurers, prospective employers, the IRS, you name it.

The one thing you can say about Facebook is they timed their IPO perfectly when they were at the height of their hype, but when you consider that whoring out your personal data is their only real profit model and when you consider that there should have been some lessons learned from the dot com bust, I feel no pity for people who bought into Facebook’s IPO at $38 and now see their shares at $21. The company that has lost about $50 billion from its original value of $100 billion at its IPO is never going to see that money rematerialize.

Apple is the richest company on the planet because they sell tangible things that consumers crave. Same with Cisco and Amazon who both survived the dot com bubble, losing about 90% of their value only to reclaim it and then some in the decade that’s followed, but Facebook has all the same characteristics of every other company people lost their asses on during the dot com bust – Facebook is all sizzle, no steak.

As a person who has laid myself bare to the world on the posts all over this blog, the privacy issues are obviously not the main source of my disdain for Facebook as it is for many, and for most people, Facebook will fall out of relevance for the simple fact that it’s already peaked and there will be new places to move on to. For me though, it’s incidents like this – Special Operations Speaks, Facebook Censors – that will make me enjoy every moment of their slide into lesser relevance on the Internet.

UPDATE: Facebook reversed itself, but they still suck.

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We’re three days in on the new year, but nothing much of note has really happened so far, so still not too late to unload my psychic powers on the world . . .

Spun Honey’s Predictions for 2012

2012 Football Predictions1. Coming off the 9-6 LSU victory in the regular season, in the LSU – Alabama rematch for the BCS Championship, someone finally manages to score a touchdown. The way those defenses are playing, forget picking a winner, that’s a bold enough prediction right there.

2. Drew Brees manages to outgun Aaron Rodgers at Lambeau Field in the NFC Championship, taking his Saints to the Super Bowl. The Ravens, who had a regular season record of 6-0 against playoff teams, beat both the Bengals and Patriots, but end up losing in the big one. They never need an excuse to party down on Bourbon Street, but it’s Super Bowl number two for the Saints and the people of New Orleans.

3. The day before the vote on the Stop Online Piracy Act, Google, Wikipedia, Twitter and Facebook launch a black page protest, shutting down service and asking their loyal users to tell Congress to get their cotton-pickin’ hands off the Internet. Congressional phone lines are flooded beyond anything the Capitol has ever seen, and in a stunning reversal, SOPA bites the dust.

2012 Video Game Sales4. Hollywood will earn $500 billion less in domestic box-office sales from the previous year, just as they did in 2011, and the movie studios still remain completely in denial, crying about piracy when the real problems Hollywood faces are a dearth of new ideas (nothing but remakes, sequels and comic book adaptations) a public that prefers their own home theater experience to over-priced movie tickets and the fact that video games are drawing more and more people’s disposable income.

5. Video game sales will break records again, hitting $20 billion and doubling Hollywood’s take for the first time ever. While video games are just as easy to pirate as movies, you hear very few calls from the video game industry for the government to have an Internet kill switch.

6. London Olympics are smashing, baby! Security is tight, no terrorist attacks, and the only incident is when a bunch of hooligans get out of hand with the celebrations as Great Britain pulls off the upset Gold Medal in football.

7. The Israelis will not and cannot allow the Mullah Hitlers to have nukes in Iran and the much anticipated airstrike is launched. Thankfully, predictions of oil at $250 a barrel are exaggerated, with oil maxing out at $198 a barrel. Gasoline rises to an earth-loving $8 a gallon, and the Obama administration couldn’t be happier.

 Punxsutawney Phil8. Documents come to light proving what everyone already knew, that Attorney General Eric Holder was guilty of perjury when he denied having knowledge of Operation Fast and Furious. Fortunately for the Obama administration, all the news channels outside of FNC decide the story is not as newsworthy as the reports on Katy Perry’s second divorce and whether Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow, so the story is never even mentioned.

9. On a personal note, I’m able to stay on the straight and narrow with no cigarettes and I get back down to my target weight of 200 pounds this year, but it doesn’t matter because . . .

10. December 21, 2012 lands most conveniently on a Friday, and Mayan apocalypse parties are going off all across America. When everyone else wakes up hungover on December 22, they realize there is no Mayan apocalypse, we survived to suffer a fate far worse, because just a month previous, Barack Obama was given another four years.

December 21, 2012

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