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Think when you are enraged at any one, what would probably become your sentiments should he die during the dispute.
- William Shenstone, English Poet and Landscape Gardener (1714-1763)

first amendment


When you are on the field, you are at your job and you are earning your salary.

While most of us who are fans of the NFL are not as privileged as you are to be making millions of dollars doing what we do, most of us do understand the basic fact that when we arrive at our workplaces, we are there to perform a job. Regardless of race, color or creed, most working Americans understand and abide by the simple rule that when we go to work, we leave our politics at home.

You, Mr. NFL Player, are getting paid millions of dollars to play a game. The people of America pay good money to see you play that game, so when you get to the stadium, act like a professional, play the friggen' game and then just as soon as you leave your workplace, you are as free as anyone else to exercise your First Amendment rights.


The Working Americans Who Make Your Salaries Possible

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Here’s the latest from the loony bin over at The Daily Beast:

Militant exponents of the Second Amendment have put 80,000 signatures on a petition to deport CNN host Piers Morgan because they disapprove of the way he makes use of his rights under the First. The irony is almost too obvious to ridicule. Yet these are dark and daunting times. All of us can use any laugh we can get. So let’s ridicule away.

Source: The Daily Beast

Piers Morgan Tells Americans To Give Up Their GunsTo a gun grabber like David Frum, who sees a laugh riot of hypocrisy in the 83,000 who signed the White House petition to deport Piers Morgan, he’s obviously incapable of considering the fact that there could be two sides to every hypocritical coin.

Forget the fact that the rights in The Constitution are addressed to “We the People of the United States,” how dare we question a foreigner’s First Amendment rights to use CNN as a soapbox to deride and assault the Second Amendment? Invoke the rights of one Amendment to drum up an insurrection to defeat the other – no hypocrisy there, right?

My favorite part of the story though, is the part where the Brits responded to the White House petition with a petition of their own, saying they don’t want Piers back.

Piers Morgan should shut his British piehole and realize the American people already fought twice to win and maintain our independence from his country and that those two wars are just two of the many reasons why it’s just as vital to preserve the Second Amendment as it is to preserve the First.

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