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A good indignation brings out all one's powers.
- Emerson, American Poet and Essayist (1803-1882)

hillary clinton


Do you want to know what covfefe is? I can tell you exactly what covfefe is. To the casual observer “covfefe” was a late night typo tweeted by President Trump, a typo that the Trump-Hating Media went wall-to-wall in covering – “Oh look, the president tweeted a typo! The president tweeted a typo!”

media obsession with covfefe

Now do you want to know what covfefe really is?

Covfefe is a delivery system for a subliminal message tweeted straight from the president’s thumbs into your subconscious brain.

Ask yourself, how many hundreds of times was President Trump able to get the media to flash this tweet in front of the eyeballs of millions of Americans? Now ask yourself this – how much of eveyone’s attention was focused directly on the one unknown word at the end, with little to no attention paid to the five words leading up to it?

While your mind was focused directly on figuring out what the heck a “covfefe” is, the other five words bypassed all your conscious defenses completely and lodged themselves into the deepest part of your brain. Donald Trump used a nonsense word to deliver a subliminal message to all of America, and even the blindest of the blind Trump haters had no defense against it because the message slipped through, hardly even noticed. Ignored by the conscious brain, the words “Despite the constant negative press” were delivered to the deepest parts of America’s subconscious brains, over and over, and all thanks to the Trump-Hating Media.

Once again, Donald Trump is making the Trump-Hating Media dance like the unwitting little puppets they are.

Meanwhile, Hillary Clinton may have lost the election, but she does win the award for the most sore loser ever in a presidential election . . .

Hillary wins the award for the most sore loser ever in a presidential election.

Hey Hillary, America hates a sore loser. For those of us who refused to vote for either one of you, all you’re doing is making us more and more glad it was Trump who won and not your bitter ass.

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When it comes to making your New Year’s resolutions, why set yourself up to fail with unrealistic epectations and unobtainable goals?

Far better to aim for success with these Can’t Fail New Year’s Resolutions:

10. I will eat what tastes good and not trouble myself with worries over whether it’s good for me.

9. I promise also to eat more pork and eat more meat in general as a way of saying thank you to God for not making me a Muslim or a vegetarian.

8. In the coming year, I will be more honest with people, no matter how much it might hurt their feelings. After all, honesty is the best policy. Always remember that people need to hear the truth because the truth shall set them free.

7. Should I decide to take up smoking again, I will abandon selfish thoughts about my own health and instead think about the well-being of the nearly 1/4 million Americans directly employed by the tobacco industry.

6. All year long, I will do my best to encourage Democrats to vote for Hillary Clinton on November 9th and I will make sure to cast my vote when Election Day arrives on November 8th.

5. I’m going to stop concerning myself about the plight of the poor people around the world. There are plenty of people struggling right here at home, and when I say home, I mean right here at my house.

4. If I spend a little time watching Internet porn in the coming year, I will not burden myself with feelings of guilt. I will also do my share to help support single mothers by making more trips to the local strip club.

3. I will devote even more time in the coming year to listening to audiobooks, because the more well-read I am, the more interesting and intelligent your friends and acquaintances are.

Someone Is Wrong on the Internet

2. This year, I will take all the time necessary to help people understand why they’re wrong when they post their muddle-headed opinions on the Internet.

1. Last but not least, I promise not to gloat when February rolls around and I’m the only one whose New Year’s resolutions are still intact.

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Jeb Bush will never get electedI know there are people who get so sucked up into politics, they completely lose their minds, but can you imagine anything more delusional than a Republican thinking that Jeb Bush could beat Hillary Clinton?

How intoxicated with politics do you have to be to imagine that Jeb Bush could beat Hillary Clinton in a presidential election?

Woo hoo! Nominate Jeb Bush! If you nominate Jeb Bush, he will to lose to Hillary Clinton and there’s nothing you can do about it.

Do you really have no idea that in the real electorate, outside of party circles, there is only, maybe, a 30- or 40-percent that would chose a Bush over a Clinton? Because that’s how much thought most people put into it, they see two names, they see a Bush and they see a Clinton and if it’s a choice between Bush or Clinton, Bush is going to lose.

Hey Jeb, your whole career as a politician benefited from being the son of a president, and whoop de woo, you became the governor of Florida, so proud of you. But where being the son of George H. W. Bush was your career maker, being the brother of the other President Bush is now your career breaker.

It’s your last name, it’s totally unfair, and I don’t even care. The Republican establishment may cheer you on, but can you really be so out of touch that you have no idea how much the Bush name is now tarnished in the minds of most Americans?

There is absolutely no way a Bush beats a Clinton in 2016. That’s reality. I don’t even care where you stand on what policy. If you get nominated, you will lose the election, so please just go away.

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James Hetfield Goes Hunting, Liberals Go Full Fascist in Response

James Hetfield Goes Hunting.
Liberals Go Full Fascist in Response

Have you heard about the latest outbreak of outrage and intolerance from the left?

18,000 sign a petition trying to get Metallica booted from the Glastonbury Music Festival because . . . James Hetfield dares to enjoy the outdoors and *gasp* hunting!!!

I wonder how many of those 18,000 little wannabe dictators ate a hamburger in the last month? 16,000 of them? Maybe 17,000?

You think Woody Allen was alone on the left when he said he thought Obama should be granted dictatorial powers? You think Harry Belafonte was alone in saying Obama should act like a third world dictator and throw all his opponents in jail? Nah, they were just saying what most liberals only think to themselves.

Here’s my top ten recent examples of how the true home of Fascism is over on the left:

  1. For no sin other than living and breathing in America, liberals have given government the power to force each and every citizen to purchase health insurance or face punishment. What’s next, the government mandating all citizens purchase a monthly quota of Brawndo? Obamacare also forces employers to comply with government-mandated birth control coverage over their own religious convictions. That’s classic fascism right there to put the State above people’s religions.

  3. Health nazi Michael Bloomberg decrees that entrepreneurs in New York City cannot sell whatever size of soda they want to sell in their own establishments. Thankfully, (as the Daily Beast put it) Mayor Bloomberg’s crackdown on large sodas made him a walking advertisement for libertarianism. Sanity prevailed and the measure was struck down.
  4. Chick-fil-A CEO Dan T. Cathy dares to speak of his faith-based view on gay marriage. The Gay Gestapo demands a boycott. It backfired big-time and Chick-fil-A saw their sales rise in response to the fascist attack against them.
  5. Militant gays and their leftist cohorts demand A&E remove the highest rated show on cable television because Duck Dynasty patriarch Phil Robertson dared to express his views on homosexuality outside the show. This attempt to stamp out opposing views failed even more miserably than the Chick-fil-A fiasco.
  6. Paula Deen is publically shamed and humiliated for admitting to using the n-word 26 years ago to describe a bank robber who pointed a gun in her face. Meanwhile, the robber himself feels bad about the public flogging Deen received and rapper Lil’ Wayne just released an album where he says the word 182 times.
  7. Earth Day continues to be celebrated on the birthday of Communist party creator Vladimir Lenin. From the cap and traders here at home to the global taxers at the UN, radical left-wing environmentalism always remains nothing more than an excuse to control people and force them into collectivist subjugation.
  8. The FCC recently proposed a program to place government monitors in the newsrooms of TV networks and news and talk-radio stations. Fortunately, the idea of having government agents peering over the shoulders of editors, producers and reporters met with such outrage that the proposal was ultimately shelved (presumably for a later date.)
  9. Lefties celebrate access to cheap and easy abortions, a eugenics program which thins the herd of minorities and the poor at a level that would make a fascist like Margaret Sanger proud. Liberals still hail this eugenicist as a hero and in March of this year, Democrat Nancy Pelosi proudly accepted an honor from Planned Parenthood in Margaret Sanger’s name.
  10. Liberal hero Margaret Sanger tells members of Democrat terrorist group, the Ku Klux Klan how abortions will thin the ranks of the "undesirables".

    Liberal hero Margaret Sanger tells members of Democrat terrorist group, the Ku Klux Klan how abortions will thin the ranks of the “undesirables”.

  11. In fascist regimes, parents are viewed as nothing more than genetic donors to the children of the State. Today in America, Democrat presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, tells us “It Takes a Village” to raise a child. All you are is just another brick in the wall . . .
  12. A lynch mob suceeds in forcing Mozilla make CEO Brendan Eich step down over the unpardonable sin of having donated $1,000 to California’s Proposition 8. The majority of Californians who voted for Prop. 8 are now left to wonder when the Gay McCarthys might come to their place of work and ask, “Are you or have you ever been a supporter of traditional marriage?”

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Obama Surrounded by Armed Guards of the Secret Service

Despite launching a gun control agenda that threatens to disarm the American people, on January 10, 2013, President Obama signed a bill that would afford him armed Secret Service protection for life.

“The legislation, crafted by Republican Rep. Trey Gowdy of South Carolina, rolls back a mid-1990s law that imposed a 10-year limit on Secret Service protection for former presidents. Bush would have been the first former commander in chief affected,” reports Yahoo News.

The new bill, which will cost American taxpayers millions of dollars, is a reinstatement of a 1965 law which will see presidents protected for life as well as their children up to age 16.

The irony of Obama seeking to surround himself with armed men for the rest of his life while simultaneously working to disarm the American people via a gun control agenda that is likely to be enforced via executive decree represents the height of hypocrisy.

It’s not the first time that Obama has lauded the notion of responsible Americans using firearms to protect himself and his family while concurrently eviscerating that very same right for the American people. During an ABC Nightline interview broadcast on December 26 yet recorded before the Sandy Hook shooting, Obama said one of the benefits of his re-election was the ability “to have men with guns around at all times,” in order to protect his daughters.

In addition, the school attended by Obama’s daughters in Washington D.C. has no less than 11 armed security guards on duty at all times, yet the idea of arming teachers and school officials to prevent school massacres has been dismissed by gun control advocates who want school campuses to remain “gun free zones” where victims are disarmed and shooters are free to carry out their rampage unimpeded.

The hypocrisy of gun control advocates who feverishly work to create victim disarmament yet surround themselves with armed men is rampant among the political class.

source: infowars.com

There’s one set of rules for Obama and the ruling elite, now let’s contrast that with Obama’s set of rules for the rest of us.

Hale DeMar, a 52-year-old Wilmette resident, was arrested and charged with misdemeanor violations for shooting, in the shoulder and leg, a burglar who broke into his home not once, but twice. Cook County prosecutors dropped all charges against DeMar.

In March 2004, the Illinois Senate passed Senate Bill 2165, a law introduced in response to DeMar’s case, with provisions designed to assert a right of citizens to protect themselves against home invasions, such that self-defense requirements would be viewed to take precedence over local ordinances against handgun possession. The measure passed the Illinois Senate by a vote of 38-20. Barack Obama was one of the 20 state senators voting against the measure.

Governor Rod Blagojevich vetoed the bill. On Nov. 9, 2004, the Illinois Senate voted 40-18 to override Blagojevich’s veto. Again, Obama acted against the bill.

On Nov. 17, the Illinois House voted overwhelmingly, 85-30, to override the governor’s veto and Senate Bill 2165 became law.

source: book review of The Obama Nation at ontheissues.org

Talk about being out there on the radical fringe of gun control, in a state where Democrats have a lock on both houses of the legislature, Obama was one of only 48 members who voted against the 125 who overrode Blagojevich’s veto and passed the bill.

Obama actually voted twice against the right of homeowner to shoot in self-defense during a home invasion. Unbelievable.

At a fundraiser with millionaire donors in San Francsico, we got a glimpse of the real Obama, away from the teleprompter and speaking off the cuff, totally unaware that a hidden tape recorder was rolling as Obama said, “You go into some of these small towns in the Midwest, the jobs have been gone now for 25 years and nothing’s replaced them, Each successive administration has said that somehow these communities are going to regenerate and they have not. So it’s not surprising then that they get bitter, they cling to guns or religion or antipathy to people who aren’t like them or anti-immigrant sentiment or antitrade sentiment as a way to explain their frustrations.”

source: ontheissues.org

Gotta love the attitude of the Condescender-in-Chief here. Remember, Obama isn’t speaking about the “enemy” Republicans here, he’s belittling his own fellow Democrats who dared to support Hillary in the primaries. Obama’s describing his own fellow Democrats as a bunch of dimwitted, knee-jerk reactionaries for daring to disagree with him on policies that are well worthy of an honest debate. Far be it for Obama to imagine there could be legitimate philosophical convictions held by thoughtful people who consider the Second Amendment as an unassailable pillar of freedom in America.

“I believe that the Constitution confers an individual right to bear arms. But just because you have an individual right does not mean that the state or local government can’t constrain the exercise of that right, in the same way that we have a right to private property but local governments can establish zoning ordinances that determine how you can use it.” – Barack Obama, 2008 Philadelphia primary debate.

source: ontheissues.org

Wow, for a man who has gone on to spend his whole presidential career handing down executive orders from his ivory tower and pushing for grand, sweeping federal laws and regulations, quite the surprise that in this case, Obama suddenly has a moment of respect for adhering to the Tenth Amendment. The only other time I can remember Obama playing the states’ rights card was when he came out in support of gay marriage, which was laughable because gay marriage has always been played out by the states and The District ever since D.C. recognized domestic partnerships twenty years ago in in 1992.

Obama lied when he said that it wasn’t his handwriting on a 1996 document where he endorsed a state ban on the sale and possession of handguns in Illinois. Years later when he was asked about it, Obama responded, “No, my writing wasn’t on that particular questionnaire. As I said, I have never favored an all-out ban on handguns.”

Actually, Obama’s writing was on the document, which was filed when Obama was running for the Illinois state Senate. A Chicago nonprofit, Independent Voters of Illinois, had this question, and Obama took hard line:

35. Do you support state legislation to:
a. ban the manufacture, sale and possession of handguns? Yes.
b. ban assault weapons? Yes.
c. mandatory waiting periods and background checks? Yes.

Obama denied it was his handwriting on the questionnaire saying he supported a ban on possessing a handgun, and he said he has never taken that position. Actually, his writing does appear on one of two versions of the questionnaire.

source: factcheck.org

From a 2008 Politico interview:

Q: You said recently, “I have no intention of taking away folks’ guns.” But you support the D.C. handgun ban, and you’ve said that it’s constitutional. How do you reconcile those two positions?

A: Because I think we have two conflicting traditions in this country. I think it’s important for us to recognize that we’ve got a tradition of handgun ownership and gun ownership generally. And a lot of law-abiding citizens use it for hunting, for sportsmanship, and for protecting their families. We also have a violence on the streets that is the result of illegal handgun usage. And so I think there is nothing wrong with a community saying we are going to take those illegal handguns off the streets.


A revealing slip of the tongue there as Obama states quite clearly the most important fact here: the violence on the streets is “the result of illegal handgun usage.” If the vast majority of these shootings are already the result of criminals using illegal handguns, what the hell are more gun control laws going to do to solve the problem? The only thing more gun control laws will do is prevent law abiding citizens from defending themselves against criminals and their illegal handguns.

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