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- Hazlitt, English Essayist (1778-1830)

mainstream media

Exactly 40 years from when the senate hearings brought the Watergate scandal to the forefront of the national consciousness, Barack Obama finds his administration now being exposed for the widespread abuses they’ve engaged in over their own four-and-a-half years in power.

The similarities between the two administrations are striking. Consider this quote from the Watergate tapes where Nixon discusses the kind of IRS commissioner was looking for:

Nixon Used His IRS Commissioner to Attack His Enemies, Too

I want to be sure that he is a ruthless son of a bitch, that he will do what he is told, that every income tax return I want to see, I see.

source: Politico

Now that we know the IRS engaged in a widespread campaign of targeting innocent Americans for their political beliefs, now that we know this president, in just one term, met with his IRS commissioner more than every other president combined, you’d have to be straight-up plum crazy to imagine that Obama wasn’t the orchestrator of the IRS gestapo techniques.

Well guess what? Those plum-crazy obama lovers really do exist! While 76% of Americans want a special investigator to look into the IRS abuse of power and 7% of Americans are so clueless they can’t even give a response other than “I don’t know”, fully 17% of Americans are so far gone with their Obama as Messiah worship, they don’t think a special investigator is needed and they’re honestly are trying very hard to spin those 157 visits:

it’s important to know why Shulman was at the WH. My guess is it had a lot to do withthe implementation of Obamacare, and nothing whatsoever to do with the Obama-hating right’s delusional fantasy of a “IT’S WORSE THAN WATERGATE!!!!!!!!!” conspiracy.

source: some Obamabot named mishajohn1 commenting at politico

First, that’s a frightening thought to imagine that the enforcement and punishment of Americans who dare not purchase government mandated health insurance is going to take 157 visits to sort out, but sorry, without having HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius in attendance, these discussions were not about the implementation of Obamacare. Nice try, but Sebelius was there at the White House less than 50 times.

Other Obamabots might suggest it was about routine revenue issues, perhaps he was there to talk about Treasury issues and deficit reduction . . . Sorry, but those are meetings that would surely require Geithner to be involved in as well and the tax cheat that runs the Treasury visited even less than Sebelius.

There is only one logical conclusion that can be drawn from an unprecedented 157 visits and all the evil and abusive tactics the IRS used to trample dissent in America – Barack Obama was both the architect and orchestrator of this assault on the core of American democracy.

Barack Obama’s agents in the media will do everything they can to ignore the evidence and bury their master’s role in the IRS abuses. It’s up to you and me then to ride these lame mules of the mainstream media and beat them into moving forward with the story. Stop playing the role of Obama State Media and do the job you’re supposed to do as investigative journalists and give these scandals the very same coverage they deserved when Nixon was president.

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Alex from A Clockwork Orange

This is the only way you could get me to watch the four-hour long Hollywood circle jerk otherwise known as the Oscars.

I had the great fortune of not tuning into the Oscars last night, so today, I don’t have to blog about the four hours of my life I’d like to have back if somehow I’d been given the Clockwork Orange treatment and been forced to endure watching that awards show, but in reading through a pretty funny bit of “live snarking” by Nikki Finke I learned from the comments that good old Hanoi Jane was honored by Hollywood with a role as presenter of some award or another.

Does Hollywood really think America has forgotten Jane Fonda, hanging out with the NVA and posing for pictures on an anti-aircraft gun that killed Americans and condemned others to some of the most brutal POW camps in recorded history?

Does Hollywood really think America has forgotten Jane Fonda, hanging out with the NVA and posing for pictures on an anti-aircraft gun that killed Americans and condemned others to some of the most brutal POW camps in recorded history?

So it got me to thinking about Hollywood and its long and storied love affair with Communism, which got me to wondering what the world would look like if the preponderance of Commies in Hollywood had seen their hearts’ desires come true and it was actually the Communists who won the Cold War.

First off, voting would be a whole lot easier . . .

Voting would be so much easier if there were only one choice on the ballot.

Voting would be so much easier if there were only one choice on the ballot.

No longer would the masses have to trouble their heads with the issues, the choice would be as easy as showing up to the voting booth and marking the one box available. Just as surely as Hollywood respects a guy like Woody Allen, who has the courage to say what most of the rest of them are thinking in saying that Obama should be granted dictatorial powers, having one man on the ballot and one man in control of everything would make life in America so much more efficient and simple, and what could possibly say “national unity” so loud and clear as a nation where our Dear Leader gets 100% of the vote each and every election until his death?

Speaking of unity, if the Commies had won the Cold War, imagine the joys of those Soviet-era bread lines for all the citizens of the world to take part in. Nothing says getting to know your fellow comrade like standing in line for hours to receive your fair share of the delicious loaves churned out by our state-run bakeries.

Soviet Era Bread Lines

If the Commies had won the Cold War, there’d no longer be any desire to “keep up with your neighbors” when it comes to the kind of car you drive because there’d only be two types of cars, cars with the kind of quality and craftsmanship we saw in the Yugo for the proles, and of course, a luxury vehicle for every member of the Politburo, who should never have to suffer the indignity of driving the same types of vehicles as the working class.


Best thing is, it would only take about a dozen years of diligent savings for every prole to have their very own death bucket – er, I mean, fine automobile.

Of course, there would also be Obama phones! Obama phones – free to each and every member of our great society! Just imagine the glorious type of technology that would be free to all comrades, as shown in this depiction of what this year’s latest Obama phone would look like had the Commies won the Cold War.

Communist Cell Phone, circa 2013

Communist Cell Phone, circa 2013

Finally, we could ban Fox News and all the other news channels would no longer have to waste any effort in trying to have some superficial semblance of objectivity to their reporting. It would be all good news, all the time, a non-stop celebration of our socialist utopia, in this, the best of all possible worlds.

The Cheerleaders of the Obama State Media

If the Commies had won the Cold War, we could ban Fox News and the rest of the news channels would no longer have to waste any effort trying to appear impartial.

Ahhh yes, it brings back fond nostalgia of the New York Times celebrating the great progress and prosperity of the Soviets under Joseph Stalin while tens of millions were purposefully allowed to starve during his great reign.

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As exposed on Brietbart, the death of journalism at CBS became official on Friday when the political director of CBS News, John Dickerson, posted the following militant political diatribe on Slate. (Mind you, this is not an article written by some one who gets paid to express their political views, this is from a man at the highest level of CBS News, their very own political director . . . )

Go for the Throat

DECLARE WAR! GO FOR THE THROAT! Right from the headline, we see we’re going to be treated to some serious bomb throwing here, which is pretty ironic when you consider the fact that it comes from one of the highest-ranked members of the very same media establishment which made such hysterical pleas on a daily basis over the need to tone down the rhetoric in the wake of the Giffords shooting in Arizona just barely over two years ago.

But the headline on this tirade is just a prelude to the red meat John Dickerson tosses to his liberal readers at Slate as this devout Obama worshiper implores his beloved president to take down that pesky opposing party by any means necessary and deliver our nation to the Utopian one-party rule most lefties dream of in their little tyrannical heart of hearts:

The president who came into office speaking in lofty terms about bipartisanship and cooperation can only cement his legacy if he destroys the GOP. If he wants to transform American politics, he must go for the throat.


How many times on how many issues could the president who sold himself as a moderate have found some common ground with Republicans in his first four years? Instead, on those rare occasions where he was not on vacation and away from the golf course, the president spent nearly all his efforts ramming through a nearly trillion-dollar stimulus package too large for anybody to read and a mandatory health care system the vast majority of Americans didn’t want in the first place. Never mind the fact that Obama sold us a false bill of goods and never even made any honest attempts at bipartisanship, what we ended up with was a president who told voters we must “punish their enemies” when it came to Republicans.

Obama’s only remaining option is to pulverize. Whether he succeeds in passing legislation or not, given his ambitions, his goal should be to delegitimize his opponents.


There is a lot of shrewd political analysis from Dickerson in the ways Obama can declare war, go for the throat, pulverize and destroy the GOP, but this just isn’t a case of offering objective advice to the president. You can read between every line Dickerson writes that his heartfelt dream is for Obama to his impose his far-left agenda on America by steamrolling any and all opposition.

So how did Dickerson respond to the firestorm over him, as the political director of CBS News, writing such a blatantly Obama-loving, GOP-bashing op-ed piece? He answered the uproar with a self-serving sob piece entitled “They hate me, they really hate me“, which is, of course, a play on Sally Field’s Oscar acceptance speech (though it’s really a play on the oft-repeated misquote of her line.)

The photo from his article which attempts to recast his love letter imploring Obama to become our American dictator tells us a lot:

John Dickerson, Obama-Loving Propagandist and Political Director for CBS News

John Dickerson Wringing His EyesHe’s been caught as the partisan hack he is. Look at those red-ringed eyes. Looks like he’s been up all night, wringing his fists in his eyes like the child crying over having had his hand caught in the cookie jar.

In full damage control, yesterday’s CBS Morning News brought Dickerson out to defend himself. Here’s the damning part from the standpoint of CBS News and their credibility. As this partisan hack gets his thirty seconds to try recasting his article as being merely objective analysis, the graphic beneath lists Davidson as “Slate’s chief political correspondent and author of On Her Trail.” He’s on CBS and the directors choose to avoid any mention the fact that he’s one of their very own? They choose to call him a writer for slate and fail to mention the fact that he’s their very own political director? What an embarrassment.

If you took away Fox News, the American News media would be as state-controlled as the media from the days of the old Soviet Union. We are living in the era of American Pravda, although that’s a little unfair to the current Pravda, which manages some tough questions and objectivity despite Putin’s best efforts. No my friends, the propaganda we’re being spoonfed by the Obama State Media is truly as bad as the old Soviet Pravda and even worse than the current.

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No one can take away from Barack Obama the fact that his accomplishments as president are unprecedented. Even Obama’s self-aggrandizing use of the word “unprecedented” is unprecedented. After calling the Bush deficits “irresponsible” and “unpatriotic” on the campaign trail, it took Obama only three years and two months to increase the national debt more than Bush did in his entire eight-year presidency, but perhaps even more impressive than that feat was Obama matching GWB’s full two-term presidency in rounds of golf over his first nine months!

Of course, George W. Bush had the disadvantage of having a conscience and feeling it would not be right for the president to be seen golfing while soldiers were dying on the battlefield. Quoting the former president:

I don’t want some mom whose son may have recently died to see the commander in chief playing golf. I feel I owe it to the families to be in solidarity as best as I can with them. And I think playing golf during a war just sends the wrong signal.

Source: Politico

Thankfully for Barack Obama, he has absolutely no qualms about being seen playing golf while our soldiers die. For the man who was handed a Nobel Prize before having accomplished anything as president, who then promptly expanded the War in Afghanistan to the body count of more than twice as many soldiers dead under his presidency than under Bush’s, Obama’s ability to focus on his golf game without distraction must be seen as all the more impressive. Barack Obama now stands just one round away from the milestone of one-hundred rounds of golf played. It’s tough being king, but someone’s got to do it.

So while we applaud Obama for achieving yet another remarkable presidential milestone, we must also marvel at the fact that it’s just one of the many achievements for which history will remember this president. As devoted as he’s been to his presidential golf game, Obama has still found a way to squeeze in an unprecedented amount of lavish vacations and more fundraisers than the last five presidents combined. Is it any wonder the man is portrayed on mainstream media magazine covers wearing Superman suits and sporting airbrushed halos over his head?

Obama: Golfing, Fundraising, Vacationing

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Media Guide for the Journalistically Challenged

Back in May of 2010, the mainstream media embarrassed themselves in a monumental way when they began leaping eagerly at Mayor Bloomberg’s claim that the Times Square bomber was a Tea Partier. They were gleefully reporting that one until reality showed the failed attempt was just another garden variety America-hating jihadist in the form of Faisal Shahzad. Once the truth came out, you could feel most of the media’s excitement for the story quickly drain away.

Well, the MSM has yet again tried to piss away what little drop of credibility that might still have had with the tea party hatin’, Sarah Palin blamin’ hysteria they worked themselves into over the AZ shooting.

Seriously? Sarah Palin talking about “targeting” candidates in the election? You would have us believe that somehow incited someone to action? She said if we failed to shoot down that health care bill the first time, we have to RELOAD? You would have us believe a simple two-syllable word like RELOAD pushed this guy over the edge?

But once again, reality comes crashing down on the media. From Jared’s close friend, Zach Osler:

He did not watch TV. He disliked the news. He didn’t listen to political radio. He didn’t take sides. He wasn’t on the left. He wasn’t on the right.

source: Good Morning America via mediabistro.com

AW, SNAP! And you had been so eager to push that whole “influenced by extreme right-wing rhetoric” angle, hadn’t you?

ONCE AGAIN, their desperate efforts to hold responsible the tea party, Sarah Palin and anyone else who would dare question their beloved president have come back to make the whole lot of the mainstream media look ridiculous.

Seriously, is this what the majority of you were hoping for when you decided for a career in “journalism”, to act as propagandists parading as reporters? Abandoning all the things they taught you in journalism school to play the activist? Trying to turn a tragedy into a political opportunity to slander those with whom you disagree?

The shooting was as horrible of a tragedy as one can imagine for the dozen or so families directly impacted, it’s a tragedy for everyone who believes in democracy to see one of our representatives shot like this, but for the nation as a whole, the greatest tragedy of all here was the media’s complete and total failure to do their job and REPORT THE NEWS.

You are not there to jump to conclusions, you are not there to force a narrative into the story and you are not there to slander entire groups of people with whom you disagree. You are there to REPORT THE NEWS.

As disgusting as the reporting on the AZ shooting was, the one silver lining is that the media’s attempts to politicize this tragedy only makes them even less credible and even more irrelevant with the non-partisan middle third of America who actually decide the elections.

It really is so sad though to see just how low the entire field of journalism has allowed itself to sink.

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