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As the shadow waiteth on the substance, even so true honour attendeth upon goodness.
- Akhenaton?, Egyptian King and Monotheist (c. B.C. 1375)


When it comes to making your New Year’s resolutions, why set yourself up to fail with unrealistic epectations and unobtainable goals?

Far better to aim for success with these Can’t Fail New Year’s Resolutions:

10. I will eat what tastes good and not trouble myself with worries over whether it’s good for me.

9. I promise also to eat more pork and eat more meat in general as a way of saying thank you to God for not making me a Muslim or a vegetarian.

8. In the coming year, I will be more honest with people, no matter how much it might hurt their feelings. After all, honesty is the best policy. Always remember that people need to hear the truth because the truth shall set them free.

7. Should I decide to take up smoking again, I will abandon selfish thoughts about my own health and instead think about the well-being of the nearly 1/4 million Americans directly employed by the tobacco industry.

6. All year long, I will do my best to encourage Democrats to vote for Hillary Clinton on November 9th and I will make sure to cast my vote when Election Day arrives on November 8th.

5. I’m going to stop concerning myself about the plight of the poor people around the world. There are plenty of people struggling right here at home, and when I say home, I mean right here at my house.

4. If I spend a little time watching Internet porn in the coming year, I will not burden myself with feelings of guilt. I will also do my share to help support single mothers by making more trips to the local strip club.

3. I will devote even more time in the coming year to listening to audiobooks, because the more well-read I am, the more interesting and intelligent your friends and acquaintances are.

Someone Is Wrong on the Internet

2. This year, I will take all the time necessary to help people understand why they’re wrong when they post their muddle-headed opinions on the Internet.

1. Last but not least, I promise not to gloat when February rolls around and I’m the only one whose New Year’s resolutions are still intact.

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100 years ago today, began the slaughter of the Armenians from the hands of the Turkish Muslims. The death toll is said to be at 1.5 million. To put that in raw numbers, that would be 1,500,000 people slaughtered for no other reason than their ethnicity. 1.5 million people is a hard number for anyone to wrap their head around. Let’s try to really, honestly comprehend what a slaughter of 1.5 million people looks like.

Have you every been to Dodger Stadium with a pretty full house? It looks like this:


That’s a whole heck of a lot of people. 50,000 people is a number you can comprehend as you sit there in the stands and look around you and see 50,000 people of all shapes and sizes and creeds and colors and types. 50,000 people is a number you can comprehend as the game comes to an end and you see 50,000 trying to make it to the exits. I can comprehend 50,000 people.

Now try to imagine a million people. Joseph Stalin once said this:

The death of one man is a tragedy. The death of millions is a statistic.

Yes, it’s very hard to imagine what a million dead people look like. It’s almost impossible for the human brain to imagine one million people, so I go back to my analogy of Dodger Stadium.

Picture the horror of a packed house at Dodger Stadium and every single member in attendance slaughtered by whatever means imaginable – machine gun fire, a bomb, a gas cloud of chemical weapons that detonated and left all the people in attendance slumped over from their chairs and laying as corpses in the aisles.

That’s the one and only way I can try to wrap my head around 50,000 dead, which would be approximately sixteen times the death toll of 9/11.

Now here were are on the 100th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide by the Muslim Turks. When the news reports tell you about the genocide of 1.5 million people, there’s just no way we can wrap our heads around that number. How can our brains truly grasp the slaughter of 1.5 million people? So I take it back to Dodger Stadium, because I can visualize the massive amount of humanity in Dodger Stadium when we’re 50,000 strong. Just try to visualize this with me, if you really want to know what the horror of 1.5 Armenians killed by Muslim Turks was, just imagine an entire Dodger stadium worth of people, and then beside it, another Dodger Stadium worth of corpses, and then a third, and a fourth, and a fifth, a sixth, a seventh, an eighth, a ninth, and a tenth and that would make for half-a-million corpses. Now imagine three times that, thirty full houses at Dodger Stadium, thirty packed houses worth of dead people, and that might give you a vidual of what 1.5 million dead people looks like.

If I recite to you the dry fact that the Muslim Turks slaughtered 1.5 million Armenians 100 years ago, you can’t be blamed if it doesn’t register in your head, because it’s beyond my comprehension as well, but if I told you they took 30 Dodger Stadiums full of people and slaughtered everyone in those 30 stadiums, maybe that might help bring home the slaughter that it really was.

And oh by the way, a big fuck you to Barack Obama to NOT CALL IT A GENOCIDE. Once again, the president will do anything he can to minimize and understate the horrors of history perpetrated by his Muslim brothers.

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Here is an actual quote from this . . . oh I am so trying to avoid that c-word, but this Jamilah Lemieux woman who somehow landed a talking head job on MSNBC:

Nothing says let's kill Muslims like country music.

Nothing says let’s go kill some Muslims like country music.” – Jamilah Lemieux

I don’t remember hearing about any country music concerts or song lyrics where country music stars urged people to go out and kill some Muslims, and you can bet for damn sure, if that had happened, we’d have heard about it.

All the recent headlines I heard about rowdiness at country music concerts involved country music stars who looked into the audience and saw some guy getting a little rough with his date and stopped the concert and humiliated these clowns out for not properly treating a lady like a lady. Tim McGrawJake Owen and Chris Young are three stories of country music gentlemen that spring to mind.

To be honest, I don’t listen to a lot of country music, but I can tell you for damn sure there’s no country music song out there calling for Muslims to get killed or even speaking bad about the religion or you know it would be all over the news. As a woman, shouldn’t Jamilah be much more concerned about the rap music which regularly spews rhymes about how “bitches ain’t shit but hoes and tricks“?

If this redneck-hating bigot Jamilah Lemieux is so concerned about Muslims being threatened by country music fans, it seems she’s completely forgotten that more than half the Muslims in this world are women. Maybe she should worry about all of those Muslims and they’re being treated in their own countries first and foremost.

While Jamilah Lemieux focuses her bigotry against rednecks, Muslim countries across the world believe in “honor killings” where Muslim women are stoned to death for being victims of rape.

If you’re worried about Muslims, how about turning your focus to the majority of Muslims who happen to be female? I think Jamilah would be well served to check out the worst of the worst on the list of countries and women’s rights:

100. El Salvador
Overall score (out of 100): 64.0
Justice: 73.8
Health: 63.2
Education: 82.3
Economics: 70.6
Politics: 47.4
101. Kuwait
Overall score: 62.9 / 100
Justice: 64.6
Health: 80.7
Education: 93.7
Economics: 65.8
Politics: 19.9
102. Bahrain
Overall score: 62.2 / 100
Justice: 48.0
Health: 86.8
Education: 87.5
Economics: 71.2
Politics: 33.9
103. Ecuador
Overall score: 61.8 / 100
Justice: 67.9
Health: 64.3
Education: 87.6
Economics: 63.8
Politics: 54.7
104. Bolivia
Overall score: 61.2 / 100
Justice: 76.2
Health: 53.2
Education: 86.5
Economics: 62.9
Politics: 57.9
105. Gabon
Overall score: 61.1 / 100
Justice: 36.1
Health: 44.0
Education: 87.6
Economics: 93.3
Politics: 39.5
106. Bhutan
Overall score: 60.2 / 100
Justice: 69.8
Health: 60.9
Education: 77.2
Economics: 75.8
Politics: 26.7
107. Zimbabwe
Overall score: 60.1 / 100
Justice: 58.1
Health: 38.5
Education: 89.6
Economics: 80.7
Politics: 38.6
108. Gambia
Overall score: 59.8 / 100
Justice: 43.9
Health: 45.1
Education: 66.3
Economics: 100.0
Politics: 38.6
109. United Arab Emirates
Overall score: 59.6 / 100
Justice: 46.2
Health: 73.5
Education: 93.6
Economics: 68.0
Politics: 39.0
110. Jordan
Overall score: 59.3 / 100
Justice: 66.0
Health: 79.4
Education: 92.4
Economics: 60.3
Politics: 19.2
111. Madagascar
Overall score: 58.0 / 100
Justice: 64.5
Health: 38.5
Education: 62.3
Economics: 89.4
Politics: 44.7
112. Hungary
Overall score: 58.0 / 100
Justice: 19.3
Health: 91.9
Education: 96.9
Economics: 70.2
Politics: 36.0
113. People’s Democratic Republic of Lao
Overall score: 57.4 / 100
Justice: 56.9
Health: 30.0
Education: 62.6
Economics: 94.7
Politics: 48.9
114. Turkey
Overall score: 56.2 / 100
Justice: 64.4
Health: 87.8
Education: 84.8
Economics: 54.2
Politics: 28.0
115. Algeria
Overall score: 55.5 / 100
Justice: 62.9
Health: 76.8
Education: 72.2
Economics: 71.1
Politics: 12.0
116. Kenya
Overall score: 53.6 / 100
Justice: 50.2
Health: 44.6
Education: 85.7
Economics: 75.2
Politics: 30.1
117. Liberia
Overall score: 52.8 / 100
Justice: 42.4
Health: 34.5
Education: 57.9
Economics: 90.2
Politics: 68.1
118. Malawi
Overall score: 51.9 / 100
Justice: 49.9
Health: 26.1
Education: 61.6
Economics: 93.3
Politics: 40.7
119. United Republic of Tanzania
Overall score: 51.9 / 100
Justice: 44.6
Health: 17.1
Education: 69.9
Economics: 90.7
Politics: 55.6
120. Egypt
Overall score: 51.9 / 100
Justice: 67.2
Health: 69.6
Education: 67.7
Economics: 63.6
Politics: 29.3
121. Lebanon
Overall score: 50.7 / 100
Justice: 43.7
Health: 73.9
Education: 91.1
Economics: 56.2
Politics: 32.9
122. Uganda
Overall score: 50.7 / 100
Justice: 32.2
Health: 22.4
Education: 61.4
Economics: 95.8
Politics: 65.0
123. Oman
Overall score: 50.6 / 100
Justice: 48.5
Health: 71.2
Education: 86.1
Economics: 61.4
Politics: 20.1
124. Morocco
Overall score: 50.4 / 100
Justice: 81.2
Health: 72.2
Education: 57.9
Economics: 61.6
Politics: 17.8
125. Iran
Overall score: 50.1 / 100
Justice: 54.9
Health: 77.9
Education: 76.8
Economics: 62.2
Politics: 12.1
126. Suriname
Overall score: 48.4 / 100
Justice: 46.2
Health: 55.1
Education: 87.0
Economics: 61.5
Politics: 33.8
127. Zambia
Overall score: 47.5 / 100
Justice: 40.1
Health: 29.7
Education: 67.4
Economics: 85.7
Politics: 38.9
128. Mozambique
Overall score: 47.3 / 100
Justice: 42.5
Health: 32.8
Education: 41.4
Economics: 92.6
Politics: 64.4
129. Swaziland
Overall score: 46.0 / 100
Justice: 49.8
Health: 30.5
Education: 78.1
Economics: 66.8
Politics: 51.7
130. Syrian Arab Republic
Overall score: 45.8 / 100
Justice: 45.6
Health: 67.7
Education: 83.1
Economics: 56.0
Politics: 26.4
131. Eritrea
Overall score: 44.5 / 100
Justice: 43.6
Health: 39.2
Education: 52.9
Economics: 86.1
Politics: 29.4
132. Libyan Arab Jamahiriya
Overall score: 44.3 / 100
Justice: 55.9
Health: 72.3
Education: 86.5
Economics: 47.1
Politics: 12.6
133. Nepal
Overall score: 43.5 / 100
Justice: 44.3
Health: 48.7
Education: 68.4
Economics: 67.2
Politics: 37.8
134. Burkina Faso
Overall score: 43.4 / 100
Justice: 47.0
Health: 33.0
Education: 44.5
Economics: 90.7
Politics: 28.3
135. Senegal
Overall score: 43.2 / 100
Justice: 60.5
Health: 36.4
Education: 43.3
Economics: 76.8
Politics: 47.8
136. Guatemala
Overall score: 43.0 / 100
Justice: 61.6
Health: 42.0
Education: 65.2
Economics: 63.0
Politics: 33.6
137. Togo
Overall score: 42.7 / 100
Justice: 37.6
Health: 41.8
Education: 46.7
Economics: 87.5
Politics: 34.7
138. Equatorial Guinea
Overall score: 42.6 / 100
Justice: 45.9
Health: 36.8
Education: 87.8
Economics: 62.5
Politics: 19.8
139. Bangladesh
Overall score: 42.1 / 100
Justice: 35.5
Health: 45.7
Education: 69.2
Economics: 75.1
Politics: 20.4
140. Papua New Guinea
Overall score: 42.0 / 100
Justice: 57.6
Health: 56.7
Education: 47.4
Economics: 75.5
Politics: 7.7
141. India
Overall score: 41.9 / 100
Justice: 54.0
Health: 64.1
Education: 64.9
Economics: 60.7
Politics: 14.8
142. Angola
Overall score: 41.1 / 100
Justice: 41.2
Health: 20.0
Education: 42.8
Economics: 87.4
Politics: 61.1
143. Congo
Overall score: 40.5 / 100
Justice: 18.2
Health: 34.7
Education: 63.7
Economics: 86.1
Politics: 35.4
144. Djibouti
Overall score: 40.4 / 100
Justice: 19.3
Health: 37.2
Education: 63.2
Economics: 85.1
Politics: 33.0
145. Serbia
Overall score: 38.4 / 100
Justice: 82.8
Health: 86.7
Education: 96.4
Economics: 56.2
Politics: 44.2
146. Mauritania
Overall score: 38.0 / 100
Justice: 43.3
Health: 39.0
Education: 71.5
Economics: 61.4
Politics: 32.8
147. Saudi Arabia
Overall score: 35.5 / 100
Justice: 40.6
Health: 68.1
Education: 79.6
Economics: 47.8
Politics: 5.0
148. Central African Republic
Overall score: 34.3 / 100
Justice: 46.7
Health: 16.6
Education: 20.7
Economics: 95.3
Politics: 34.0
149. Cameroon
Overall score: 33.1 / 100
Justice: 34.4
Health: 31.7
Education: 57.8
Economics: 72.6
Politics: 21.8
150. Côte d’Ivoire
Overall score: 30.9 / 100
Justice: 50.6
Health: 30.4
Education: 33.1
Economics: 68.2
Politics: 50.5
151. Benin
Overall score: 30.0 / 100
Justice: 43.6
Health: 43.6
Education: 21.0
Economics: 74.7
Politics: 42.3
152. Guinea-Bissau
Overall score: 29.9 / 100
Justice: 26.1
Health: 31.0
Education: 34.6
Economics: 83.0
Politics: 34.3
153. Nigeria
Overall score: 29.3 / 100
Justice: 54.8
Health: 37.2
Education: 35.9
Economics: 66.2
Politics: 21.1
154. Sierra Leone
Overall score: 29.0 / 100
Justice: 22.2
Health: 38.0
Education: 30.9
Economics: 88.2
Politics: 14.9
155. Guinea
Overall score: 28.5 / 100
Justice: 25.7
Health: 40.7
Education: 29.7
Economics: 79.1
Politics: 35.6
156. Sudan
Overall score: 26.1 / 100
Justice: 21.1
Health: 29.4
Education: 70.6
Economics: 54.5
Politics: 40.8
157. Ethiopia
Overall score: 23.7 / 100
Justice: 18.6
Health: 27.2
Education: 29.9
Economics: 79.7
Politics: 37.4
158. Pakistan
Overall score: 21.4 / 100
Justice: 49.7
Health: 49.6
Education: 34.0
Economics: 50.7
Politics: 19.3
159. Niger
Overall score: 21.2 / 100
Justice: 26.5
Health: 32.9
Education: 47.5
Economics: 58.6
Politics: 31.3
160. Solomon Islands
Overall score: 20.8 / 100
Justice: 0.0
Health: 53.6
Education: 86.5
Economics: 46.0
Politics: 1.9
161. Mali
Overall score: 17.6 / 100
Justice: 22.7
Health: 29.9
Education: 25.8
Economics: 64.3
Politics: 49.8
162. Democratic Republic of the Congo
Overall score: 13.6 / 100
Justice: 6.5
Health: 11.4
Education: 45.1
Economics: 67.8
Politics: 27.2
163. Yemen
Overall score: 12.1 / 100
Justice: 36.2
Health: 44.4
Education: 34.1
Economics: 48.8
Politics: 0.0
164. Afghanistan
Overall score: 2.0 / 100
Justice: 8.4
Health: 2.0
Education: 41.1
Economics: 55.3
Politics: 16.6
165. Chad
Overall score: 0.0 / 100
Justice: 20.7
Health: 0.0
Education: 0.0
Economics: 70.9
Politics: 22.2

Sources: The Daily Beast & Newsweek

I see a couple Central American Hispanic countries, but the farther you get down the list, the darker and more Muslim it gets.

Because nothing says female genital mutilation like African and Muslim countries. Last time I checked, there were no country music stars calling for innocent little baby girls to have clitorectomies performed on them.

Stop hating white people, Jamilah, and stop imagining that it’s white people listening to country music who are trading Muslim women from father to husband like property with a deed of ownership.

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So the local and national news reports were all gushing with glee over their hero Obama having secured the release of American POW, Bowe Berghdal.

Obama worked hard to release the American traitor, Bergdahl.

The reality, however, is that Bergdahl doesn’t deserve to be called a prisoner of war because he walked away from his post to join the enemy.

Predictably, the left’s response was to scoff at reports of Bergdahl’s desertion and dismiss the news as a bunch of “Fox Noise” from the right-wing.

The truth, however, is that two years ago, Bergdahl was already labeled unequivocally as a deserter in that most leftist of left-wing rags . . .

Rolling Stone reported two years ago that Bowe Bergdahl was a deserter.

Three years ago, a 23-year-old soldier walked off his base in Afghanistan and into the hands of the Taliban.

original article from 2012: Rolling Stone

First hand accounts of Bergdahl’s treason continue to come from all corners, like today’s account from CNN’s Jake Tapper:

According to first-hand accounts from soldiers in his platoon, Bergdahl, while on guard duty, shed his weapons and walked off the observation post with nothing more than a compass, a knife, water, a digital camera, and a diary. At least six soldiers were killed in subsequent searches for Bergdahl, and many soldiers in his platoon said attacks seemed to increase against the United States in Paktika Province in the days and weeks following his disappearance. Many of Bergdahl’s fellow troops — from the seven or so who knew him best in his squad, to the larger group that comprised the 1st Battalion, 501st Infantry Regiment, 4th Brigade Combat Team, 25th Infantry Division — told CNN that they signed nondisclosure agreements agreeing to never share any information about Bergdahl’s disappearance and the efforts to recapture him. Some were willing to dismiss that document in hopes that the truth would come out about a soldier who they now fear is being hailed as a hero, while the men who lost their lives looking for him are ignored.

Finally . . .

These are the six brave soldiers who died searching for the deserter:

Six Soldiers Who Died for a Deserter

These are the five terrorists the Obama administration secured the release of:

Obama releases five terrorists for a traitor

So what do you make of the release of five America-hating terrorists in exchange for the release of an American traitor?

That’s what you call a win-win in Obama’s book.

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Happy Pig Says, "Hi!"“In Shaanxi Province, Chinese police have discovered 22 tons of pork that was sold as certified halal (Islam-approved) beef. Muslims are forbidden from eating pork. This case, once again, demonstrates the lack of seriousness of the halal industry in Asia.”

source: Bare Naked Islam

I’ll admit that my first instinct was to laugh and that I actually did just that. I would also bet money that this was not some sort of mistake or careless oversight and that somewhere, some Chinese bureaucrat is getting a good laugh himself off the prank he pulled.

I’ll share a story though I’m slightly embarrassed to admit it – I don’t know how it was that I could have been thirty years old and not know the recipe off-hand and failed to scrutinize the box a little better, but I remember vividly how I once unsuspectingly fed my Muslim wife a Marie Callender’s chicken carbonara dinner and saw first-hand how, after a few bites, she realized that the little bits along with the chicken and pasta were bacon and how she then proceeded to get sick from it. I felt horrible.

Those were just a couple bits of bacon, but 22 tons of mislabeled pig meat sold as halal???

Imagining all that pork being eaten by Muslims calls to mind an old joke:

Q: What’s a Jewish dillema?

A: Free ham.

If you find the story funny then laugh just as I did, but I would also hope that after laughing, we might ask ourselves if our prejudices might lead us to believe it would have been a little less funny had the pork been labeled Kosher and sold to a bunch of Jews in Brooklyn.

Unfortunately, we live in a little sliver of history where it’s the Muslims infected with the crazy virus and all the headlines in the news speak of Muslims blowing up bombs and trying to maim and kill as many innocents as they can, but as Christians, we should remind ourselves that after the first four centuries of enduring persecution and Constantine’s subsequent conversion, for most of the fifteen hundred years that followed, it was the Christians who were slaughtering the natives, burning the witches and starting the wars.

It’s a little hard for Christians to get high and mighty about Muslim terrorists when you look at the big picture of all the history that preceeded the times we live in.

So hey, if it’s funny, laugh, but I also think it is our duty as Christians to have respect for people of other faiths. I have the unique perspective of being married to a Muslim, and through our relationship and knowing quite a few Muslims personally, it’s given me a far better perspective on the typical Muslim in America than all those headlines of terror attacks might lead you to imagine.

I have a Muslim sister-in-law who is so gentle and peace-loving that she’s more like the way I envision Jesus than any Christian I’ve ever met.

I know a wonderful guy we call Easy Azizi and having a conversation with him is as interesting as any philosopher I’ve ever read.

The next time you look at a hijab-wearing woman as someone akin to an alien from another planet, allow me to introduce my mother-in-law who raised a son who served in the U.S. Army as mediator between our forces and the Afghan tribes.

Not only are Muslims as a whole not our enemy, but even if you were led to believe that they are, didn’t Jesus teach us to love our enemies?

Muslim people as a whole are not our enemies, and while it disgusts me that many in the media and the Obama administration try to sanitize the news and refuse to call Muslim terror for what it is, even if we are sane enough to call it for what it is, it still doesn’t change the fact that there are so many more examples of Muslims that we can be proud to call our fellow Americans.

Aren’t we, as Christians, supposed to believe that it’s not for us to judge? Aren’t we supposed to be aware that we are all sinners and that the only one who is worthy of judging anyone is God Himself?

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