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Selfishness is the greatest sin. It constrains the heart. It separates man from man. It makes him greedy. It is the root of all evils and sufferings. Destroy selfishness through selfless service, charity, generosity and love.
- Sivananda, Indian Physician and Sage (1887-1963)


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What magic wand do you have?

Obama mocking candidate Trump’s promise to bring manufacturing jobs back to America:

“Well, how exactly are you going to do that? What exactly are you going to do? There’s no answer to it. He just says, ‘Well, I’m going to negotiate a better deal.’ Well, what, how exactly are you going to negotiate that? What magic wand do you have?

Maybe it was his failed presidency that led Obama to be such a pessimist when it comes to the future of America, but let’s check the numbers after Trump’s first year in office.

SCOREBOARD: Manufacturing Accelerates to Best Year Since 2004


Damn! That magic wand Obama was making fun of? It’s working quite well for President Trump, isn’t it?

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James Hetfield Goes Hunting, Liberals Go Full Fascist in Response

James Hetfield Goes Hunting.
Liberals Go Full Fascist in Response

Have you heard about the latest outbreak of outrage and intolerance from the left?

18,000 sign a petition trying to get Metallica booted from the Glastonbury Music Festival because . . . James Hetfield dares to enjoy the outdoors and *gasp* hunting!!!

I wonder how many of those 18,000 little wannabe dictators ate a hamburger in the last month? 16,000 of them? Maybe 17,000?

You think Woody Allen was alone on the left when he said he thought Obama should be granted dictatorial powers? You think Harry Belafonte was alone in saying Obama should act like a third world dictator and throw all his opponents in jail? Nah, they were just saying what most liberals only think to themselves.

Here’s my top ten recent examples of how the true home of Fascism is over on the left:

  1. For no sin other than living and breathing in America, liberals have given government the power to force each and every citizen to purchase health insurance or face punishment. What’s next, the government mandating all citizens purchase a monthly quota of Brawndo? Obamacare also forces employers to comply with government-mandated birth control coverage over their own religious convictions. That’s classic fascism right there to put the State above people’s religions.

  3. Health nazi Michael Bloomberg decrees that entrepreneurs in New York City cannot sell whatever size of soda they want to sell in their own establishments. Thankfully, (as the Daily Beast put it) Mayor Bloomberg’s crackdown on large sodas made him a walking advertisement for libertarianism. Sanity prevailed and the measure was struck down.
  4. Chick-fil-A CEO Dan T. Cathy dares to speak of his faith-based view on gay marriage. The Gay Gestapo demands a boycott. It backfired big-time and Chick-fil-A saw their sales rise in response to the fascist attack against them.
  5. Militant gays and their leftist cohorts demand A&E remove the highest rated show on cable television because Duck Dynasty patriarch Phil Robertson dared to express his views on homosexuality outside the show. This attempt to stamp out opposing views failed even more miserably than the Chick-fil-A fiasco.
  6. Paula Deen is publically shamed and humiliated for admitting to using the n-word 26 years ago to describe a bank robber who pointed a gun in her face. Meanwhile, the robber himself feels bad about the public flogging Deen received and rapper Lil’ Wayne just released an album where he says the word 182 times.
  7. Earth Day continues to be celebrated on the birthday of Communist party creator Vladimir Lenin. From the cap and traders here at home to the global taxers at the UN, radical left-wing environmentalism always remains nothing more than an excuse to control people and force them into collectivist subjugation.
  8. The FCC recently proposed a program to place government monitors in the newsrooms of TV networks and news and talk-radio stations. Fortunately, the idea of having government agents peering over the shoulders of editors, producers and reporters met with such outrage that the proposal was ultimately shelved (presumably for a later date.)
  9. Lefties celebrate access to cheap and easy abortions, a eugenics program which thins the herd of minorities and the poor at a level that would make a fascist like Margaret Sanger proud. Liberals still hail this eugenicist as a hero and in March of this year, Democrat Nancy Pelosi proudly accepted an honor from Planned Parenthood in Margaret Sanger’s name.
  10. Liberal hero Margaret Sanger tells members of Democrat terrorist group, the Ku Klux Klan how abortions will thin the ranks of the "undesirables".

    Liberal hero Margaret Sanger tells members of Democrat terrorist group, the Ku Klux Klan how abortions will thin the ranks of the “undesirables”.

  11. In fascist regimes, parents are viewed as nothing more than genetic donors to the children of the State. Today in America, Democrat presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, tells us “It Takes a Village” to raise a child. All you are is just another brick in the wall . . .
  12. A lynch mob suceeds in forcing Mozilla make CEO Brendan Eich step down over the unpardonable sin of having donated $1,000 to California’s Proposition 8. The majority of Californians who voted for Prop. 8 are now left to wonder when the Gay McCarthys might come to their place of work and ask, “Are you or have you ever been a supporter of traditional marriage?”

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“More Americans, 42%, say they are financially worse off now than they were a year ago, reversing the lower levels found over the past two years,” Gallup announced Wednesday.

“Just more than a third of Americans [35 percent] say their financial situation has improved from a year ago,” Gallup reported.

The Gallup report helps explain the recent sharp drop in Obama’s polls, and adds to other evidence suggesting that public is shrugging off Obama’s persistent claims that President George W. Bush’s policies are still dominating the economy.

“It’s been more than five years since a devastating recession cost this country millions of jobs, and it hurt North Carolina pretty tough,” Obama said during a Thursday speech in North Carolina.

“I say this can be a breakthrough year for America, the pieces are all there to start bringing back more of the jobs that we’ve lost over the past decade,” he insisted.

Source: Daily Caller

When Obama talks about “bringing back more of the jobs that we’ve lost over the past decade,” does he honestly have no clue who it is who’s been in charge for the majority of that decade? It’s almost as if the man is so consumed with all his endless vacationing and campaigning and fund raising that he’s completely oblivious to his role in the job he was elected to do as chief executive.

It’s now your sixth year on the job, Mr. President. Will there ever be a point where you stop whinging about the job you applied for and finally take ownership of your presidency?

The Mess Obama Inherited

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In response to the news today that the Commerce Department projects GDP shrank by 0.1 percent in the fourth quarter of 2012, here’s the White House response:

White House press secretary Jay Carney laid the blame for a surprise economic contraction squarely at the feet of congressional Republicans Wednesday, saying economic threats during the “fiscal cliff” negotiations had prevented important defense spending.

Our economy is facing a major headwinds, and that’s Republicans in Congress,” Carney said.

source: The Hill

I’m not making this up, that’s the White House response! After four years of a flaccid recovery under Obama, now we see that we might be on the verge of a double-dip recession and what’s the Obama administration’s response?

It's All Republican's Fault

Obama had carte blanche in Congress his first two years, he passed a government takeover of 1/6 of the nation’s economy in Obamacare, he was able to wrack up more new government spending in his first nine months than Bill Clinton did in all his eight years as president and Democrats have had control of the Senate since Mr. Obama went to Washington in 2006, and still this administration reflexively points fingers? The Democrat-controlled Senate hasn’t passed a new budget in nearly 1,400 days and we’re supposed to blame the economic contraction on House Republicans?

You can only imagine what Obama would do if Republicans didn’t have their modest 32 seat majority in the House to blame everything bad on in his second term . . . perhaps he’d shift to blaming Romney and the GOP for daring to challenge his presidency in the first place, distracting Our Dear Leader from his ability to focus his full concentration on his most impeccable stewardship of the economy, or maybe Obama would simply blame the more than 60 million Americans who dared to vote against him, saying they only pretend to care about providing for their families when in reality, they’re secretly working to sabotage Our Dear Leader’s otherwise unassailable record.

We have to pray this is just an anomaly here, but I’ve got a very bad feeling this is some kind of a second Obama term that could be more grim than even a lot of pessimists might have imagined.

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