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If you create an act, you create a habit. If you create a habit, you create a character. If you create a character, you create a destiny.
- Andre Maurois, French Writer (1885-1967)

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Left-Wing Owns the Media

Remember when the media went ballistic in 2009 over the idea of Americans actually taking to the streets, giving voice to their beliefs and protesting policies they didn’t like?

It was called the Tea Party movement, and these Tea Partiers (or “teabaggers” as many in the media liked to call them) were branded by the media as “hateful.”

Remember how the non-existent mayhem of those “angry” Tea Party protests (which had a grand total of zero arrests) was followed in 2011 by the Occupy Movement, which the media celebrated as “populist,” “inspiring” and “possibly the greatest movement of our times?”

And remember how foolish the media looked by the time the “peaceful protests” of the Occupy Movement had managed to rack up over 4,000 arrests, among them incidents of arson, rape and murder?

I was thinking back on those two movements tonight, and it reminded me of how Janeane Garofalo chose to describe those “hateful” teabaggers in daring to question her beloved president. It always strikes me as funny when the most hateful person in the room starts going on a rant about who the real haters are. Take it away, Janeane:

Let’s be very honest about what this is about – it’s not about bashing Democrats, it’s not about taxes, they have no idea what the Boston Tea Party was about, they don’t know their history at all, this is about hating a black man in the White House. This is racism, straight up. That is nothing but a bunch of tea-banging rednecks and there is no way around that. And you know, you can tell these type of right-wingers anything and they’ll believe it, except the truth. You tell them the truth and they become, it’s like showing Frankenstein’s monster fire. They become confused and angry and highly volitile.

Janeane Garofalo - Nazi Mind in a Commie ShirtNow this is where the ugly rant of Ms. Garofalo turns to a level of hate that would make even a Nazi proud, because she starts spewing ideas that come straight from the most evil movement and hateful theory of the 20th century, eugenics and anthropometry. The eugenics movement was at the very core of Nazism itself, a belief in improving the species by eliminating the “inferior” races (an idea you can still find sentiments of in the Huffington Post today.) The theory of anthropometry was an important part of eugenics, an idea that by measuring a person’s forehead, the slope of that forehead, the shape and size of the nose, etc., you could actually measure a person’s intelligence.

Click here to see what anthropometry looked like.

Now check out Garofalo as she lets her anthropometric bigotry rise to a level even Josef Mengele would appreciate:

Their limbic brain, we’ve discussed this before, the limbic brain inside a right-winger or Republican or conservative or your average white power activist, the limbic brain is much larger inside their headspace, than in a reasonable person, and it’s pushing against the frontal lobe, so their synapses are misfiring … it is a neurological problem we’re dealing with.

Yes, because right-wingers and Republicans and conservatives and white power activists are all one in the same and anyone who doesn’t think like you do is an evil, brain-damaged monster. (How’s that for tolerance, a love of Democracy and an honest debate?)

Ms. Garofalo’s hate speech can be seen in this video here. The person who uploaded that video, Urban Alchemist, summarized the response of Garofalo and the mindset of a whole legion of Obama supporters perfectly:

When you don’t have a rational response to a legitimate criticism about economic policy… call them a racist.

Obama lovers began throwing the racist term around at anyone who dare question their dear leader, and it’s continued to this day and it will continue up until the election.

Now we don’t ever want to sink all the way down to the level of a Janeane Garofalo in her ugliness, but it is vital that we at least level the playing field. Knowing there will be a million mindless charges of racism thrown at anyone who would like to see Obama go one and done, we must try to imagine a little bit of Janeane Garofalo as a closet Republican, finally coming out:

Someone doesn’t like Romney’s plans for an economic recovery?


Someone criticizes Romney’s calls for a return to self-reliance?


Someone thinks Romney is just the wrong choice for America?


Someone argues Romney’s wrong in saying there’s too much government?


Someone cracks a joke about how Romney cuts his hair?


See how easy that is? I know, I know, it definitely doesn’t raise the level of the debate, but it sure does feel good to take that same kind of shit they’ve been slinging at us for so many years and sling it right back at them.

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Occupy Movement Seeks to Shut Down All West Coast Ports December 12

Source: West Coast Port Shutdown on Facebook

Because nothing says supporting the 99% like keeping hard-working Americans from showing up and getting paid for an honest day’s work!




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Hey OWS, You're Targeting the Wrong 1%

Is it any wonder the MSM loves them so?

The Occupy Movement talks a lot about the 1% and the 99%, but the fact is, they’re targeting the wrong 1%.

Most of OWS puts the blame on Capitalism itself, the “banksters” and those greedy CEOs out to make ungodly amounts of money. You’ll find many Occupiers speaking about corporations putting “profits over people”, apparently oblivious to the fact that a large majority of the 99-percent are deeply invested in the stock market, either directly or through retirement accounts & mutual funds and the success of the investments of the 99% requires those greedy CEOs and board members to focus on company profits as their number one responsibility to the shareholders.

For all the Commies and Socialists coming out of the woodwork at these protests, blaming Capitalism is a joke. You want to talk income disparity, just look at the disparity between Capitalist countries and everything else that’s been tried on the face of the Earth. (Fun fact for the day: the poorest 5% of Americans are richer than nearly 70% of other people in the world.)

It also doesn’t make any sense to blame a banker or a business person for taking the bailouts or loopholes that were there for the taking any more than you would blame a regular tax payer of the 99% variety for trying to make use of all the tax breaks and deductions available to them.

We can’t even blame bankers or business people for lobbying the politicians, because you know that you and I both would do some lobbying in our own self-interests if we had the means to do it as well. (And ask yourself, did it ever stop a state union from lobbying hard for bigger pensions and better benefits every year even when it’s obvious that it’s more than the tax base can afford, that the pensions and benefits are bringing about levels of spending that are unsustainable and that they’re pushing the entire state into bankruptcy?)

There’s only one target OWS should be focusing their anger on and that’s the 1% in Congress and the White House, the 1% who make the rules, the 1% who dole out billions of dollars in stimulus funds to their biggest campaign donors, the 1% who have created an entire system where even an honest person could get elected, go to Washington and in only a of couple years probably find themselves corrupted to the point of selling out their ideals and whoring out their votes just like everyone else in D.C.

Businesses and business leaders making more money than you and I can possibly comprehend are not the problem, because no one from Apple is putting a gun to your head and forcing you to buy that latest version of the iPhone.

You want change? Stop wasting your time hating the rich and march against the government which makes the rules, or even better, stop justifying shantytown takeovers of public places by imagining you’re making a difference carrying signs around for an hour or two and instead, start talking about specific laws that need to be changed, ways in which the political system needs to be reformed and the kind of candidates we need to find to replace the current ruling elites in Congress and the White House.

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We Are the 99 Percent #1

Next time you see the Occupy Movement claim they are the 99%, consider this latest poll from WSJ/NBC:

Do you consider yourself a supporter of the Occupy Wall Street Movement?

28% Yes, 63% No, 2% Depends, 7% Not sure

source: WSJ/NBC Poll via The Washington Examiner

When 63% of America does not support you and only 28% does, you are NOT the 99%! You are the misguided people marching against business, industry and Capitalism in general when the real source of your grievances are all created by the 1% running the government and making the rules.

If you ever want to regain any credibility with the 99%, stop harassing the 99% just trying to make it to their jobs, stop making the 99% late to job interviews, stop making the commute home a nightmare for the 99% and start marching on the 1% in Congress and at the White House.

We Are the 99 Percent #2

We Are the 99 Percent #3

We Are the 99 Percent #4

We Are the 99 Percent #5

Cartoon courtesy of Nico at Endless Origami.

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Here are two facts that everyone who aligns themselves with the Occupy Movement should know before voting in the 2012 election.

1. While the 99-percent suffer under unprecedented economic hardship, Wall Street firms have earned more in 2.5 years under Obama than all 8 years of the Bush presidency. Think about that, more corporate earnings in Obama’s 2.5 years than Bush’s entire 8! (Over 85 billion dollars compared to 77 billion.)

2. Barack Obama has raised more corporate donations than any president in 20 years.

Barack Obama is the king of corporate cash. He had two years of Democrat control of Congress to do something and things only got worse – much, much worse. He may talk a good game, paying a lot of lip service to reigning in the excesses of Wall Street, but Barack Obama is the all-time, undisputed king of corporate cash, both in raking it in and in letting the fat cats make it.

That’s the reality of the HOPE that most of OWS voted for and nothing is going to CHANGE if we make the same choice in 2012.

Barack Obama is the undisputed king of corporate cash.

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