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Everything changes, nothing remains without change.
- Buddha, Indian, Founder of Buddhism (B.C. 568-488)


So another terror attack in London and Trump goes to Twitter . . .

Trump Tweet on London Attack

And anyone who’s been paying attention for the first eight months of Trump’s presidency knows exactly where the Trump-hating Media is going to go with this. “Oh my gosh,” the Trump-hating Media will shreik! “There he goes again, he’s insulting our allies!”

As the media launches its next coordinated attack against Trump, let’s make something very clear – Trump is not insulting “our allies”, he’s insulting the politicians who put political correctness above the saftey of their own citizens. Offending the politicians who are derelict in duty is nothing the same as insulting our allies.

If you really want to know what our allies have to say, look no further than the highest-rated comments on that Daily Mail article . . .

If You Really Want to Know What Our Allies Think

The support for Trump’s comments are running 15 to 1 over the people taking offense, so as the media takes Trump’s tweet and works themselves into a full-blown frenzy of outrage telling you that Trump has insulted our allies, just remember this article from the Daily Mail and the British people’s overwhelming response, because *that* is what our allies really think.

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You ever wish you could blast out a tweet with mentions to everyone who follows you on Twitter? Well now you can with Tweet Your Peeps, my newest app for Windows. Not only does Tweet Your Peeps turn a single tweet into a batch of tweets mentioning all your followers, but through the magic of AutoHotkeys, you can automate the sending of the entire batch through TweetDeck!

Tweet Your Peeps

As I was testing this program out last night, tweeting to all my followers, “Testing app 2 auto-tweet ALL your followers. Details tomorrow.” I found in the replies an equal share of people curious and thinking it would be something they could make use of and an equal share of people who felt that anything that automated the process of tweeting was some form of sacrilege. (My favorite response from the latter group was mommy blogger Jessica Gotlieb tweeting, “noooooooooo”.)

When you send out a tweet, most of your followers are following enough people that their stream of tweets moves fast and if they don’t catch it within minutes of you tweeting it, your tweet is water under their bridge, out of sight before they ever had a chance to read it. The way I see it, if it’s a tweet you think your followers wouldn’t want to miss, it’s a good idea to mention them in your tweets so they’re much more likely to catch it. Everyone likes hearing their name mentioned, right? I think of it as a courtesy to make mention of your followers, and if a few of them get bent out of shape over it, ah . . . no big loss.

As far as the program itself goes, I designed it so that you’ll never have to crack open a help file (I hate help files!) and it should be self-explanatory right on the face of it when you first run the program, five steps spelled out right on the interface. If I did my job right, that interface should be all the explanation you need. (And please do let me know if I’m missing something that I need to further clarify.)

Give the program a try, Internet Explorer flags it because it’s brand new to the Internet, but it’s totally clean (I’m not going to send something bad out to the world with my name on it, scan it for viruses if you must) it’s very lightweight and it’s kind of fun to just kick back and watch the script you generate allow AutoHotkey to do it’s thing with TweetDeck.


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Bill Maher is an ugly, disgusting and vile human being. How else can you describe a man who spews this kind of venomous hatred against Tim Tebow on a Christmas Eve tweet?

It must have been driving the Christian haters of America nuts, watching Tim Tebow come in and win seven of his first eight starts, taking a lowly Bronco team that was 1-4 and bringing them to the top of the AFC West at 8-5. It must have drove them up the wall to see Tebow praying to his Lord and Savior in the end zone and on the sidelines on the winning scores over an NFL record six 4th quarter and overtime comebacks in his first eleven starts.

So when Tebow and the Broncos fall to the Patriots and Bills in successive weeks, for Maher, it must have been like the rapture – atheist style – to see that Tebow magic finally hit a two-game skid. What a sad and pathetic thing to see a petty man’s heart like Maher’s so filled with joy over Tebow losing a couple games.

This is what bigotry looks like, folks – ugly, hateful, unadulterated bigotry. Next time you hear the lie about liberals being oh so tolerant, just think of Bill Maher and his hateful tweet, hating on a man like Tim Tebow for nothing other than his Christian faith, and realize that the left is the home of the most intolerant bigots in America.

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