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The measure of a man's real character is what he would do if he knew he would never be found out.
- Macaulay, English Historian and Author (1800-1859)


So yesterday, Jim Carrey released his unfunny and idiotic Cold Dead Hand song portraying NRA members as just a bunch of dumb rednecks, completely oblivious to the fact that 90% of gun crime is committed by criminals who don’t give a damn about gun control, and by any measure, that song was a bomb. That song bombed almost as bad as that Bob Wonderlick movie, or whatever the heck they called his latest movie about magicians that nobody went to see. All you had to do is watch the Twitter hashtag to know how badly that song bombed, there are people with 100 followers whose timelines were scrolling faster than #ColdDeadHand. That hashtag was lucky if it was getting a tweet every other minute.

So while watching his hashtag crawl, I noticed this tweet:


How could I not respond to this?


Those Who Do Not Remember the Past Are Condemned to Repeat ItFirst, it brings to mind a famous quote: “Those who do not remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”

That photo is especially relevant here, because if you look closely at the image, you can see the dead bodies stacked on top of each other beneath the sign.

How do you think Jim Jones got those 918 people in Jonestown to line up one by one and drink their little cups of kool-aid, knowing that there was a lethal dose up cyanide in every cup?

Contrary to the popular misconception, it wasn’t just the brainwashing that got the people to drink knowingly of their suicides, it also just as much the fact that they knew if they resisted, they would be shot down like animals, because the only people in Jonestown who were armed were Jim Jones himself and a handful of his most trusted guards. Jonestown is just one of many many examples throughout history of what happens when the people in power make sure all the guns are in their hands.

Let’s return now to our smug European friend who says, “Come on ‘merica, you don’t need guns, watch EU!”

I’m laughing as I type this, laughing at his condescension that this guy has toward America and our right to bear arms after the history of what happened in Europe in the previous century.

to-conquer-a-nation-first-disarm-its-citizensGo back and study your 20th century European history, go back and study that history and tell us how well it worked out for the Europeans when they laid down their guns like lambs. Can you imagine how awesome that must have been to witness nation after nation in Europe falling under the grip of totalitarian rule as small bands of armed revolutionaries took quick control over the masses of unarmed people?

Once the tyrannies took hold of their respective European nations, those unarmed masses had very little means of acquiring guns and and freeing themselves of their despotic rulers, so there was nothing to stop these dictatorial regimes as they the dragged the entire world into not just one world war, but two world wars resulting in a death count of nearly 100 million soldiers and innocent civilians across the globe.

When you contemplate all the horrors that were wrought on the world by Europe in the 20th century, you would think that just out of common decency, the Europeans would realize we’re still too close to all that misery, carnage and death for any of those Euros to be making righteous moral judgments on any nation. As the saying goes, “too soon”. Maybe give it another century before enough time has passed where you might be distant enough from the 20th century to attempt to stand on a moral ground and make condemnations of other nations, especially when it comes to condemning a United States which bailed you out of two world wars that were both started on European soil and especially after the U.S. was the one thing that stopped the Soviet Union from steamrolling your entire continent under the misery of the Soviet control.

Russian Poster: Hand Over Your WeaponsOf course, the lessons of what happens when the citizens of a nation have no means to defend themselves against relatively small groups of armed revolutionaries storming to power, these lessons extend beyond Europe to the Russian landmass spanning both Europe and Asia, where Stalin killed and starved 43,000,000 unarmed Russians, followed by another 18,000,000 killed by subsequent Soviet Leaders. The slaughter of unarmed citizens extended on into Asia, with Mao Zedong in China, who slaughtered 64,000,000 of his unarmed citizens, with Pol Pot in Cambodia, who slaughtered 2,000,000 of his unarmed people (an incredible 28.4% of the population) and with the “Dear Leaders” Kim of North Korea, who have starved and executed a combined 2.4 million of their unarmed people. It also extends to Africa, where Idi Amin killed as many as 300,000 of his unarmed Ugandans, and into the Caribbean, with Fidel Castro, who killed 150,000 of his unarmed Cubans and jailed maybe twice as many for “political crimes”. Sadam Hussein had disarmed his public, Iran has disarmed its public, and we could go on and on . . .

But I think George Mason said it best . . .

To disarm the people is the most effectual way to enslave them.

It seems many Europeans can’t even remember their own history of the century just passed, so it bears repeating again: those who do not remember the past are condemned to repeat it. Never imagine that it could never happen here, just because we’re Americans. Don’t fool yourself, every government ever created has an irresistible impulse to expand it’s control into every aspect of our lives. That governmental compulsion towards absolute control is inevitable, it’s in every government’s DNA, it is the very nature of any government.

The only way to keep a government in check is to make sure the government fears us, the people, and not the other way around.

Never ever submit to laying down your arms like good little lambs and never ever put all your faith in an almighty benevolent government to be your sole protector against the wolves, because if given the chance, government will always become the ultimate wolf.

Remember history and remember that every time in history, when the people in control of the government are the only people who are armed, it’s always going to end badly. Always.

Those Other 29 Bullets are for David Gregory and all the Power Hunger, Liberty-Trampling Assholes of America

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Here’s the person who took offense to my tweeting a link to my last post mentioning . . . CONDOMS! *gasp*

And here’s the screenshot of the browser window I opened just before making that tweet as I carefully checked to make sure my tweets were only going out to followers, proving that @PutPetsWithVets was indeed following me when I made the tweet:

Blocked and Suspended by a Twitter Follower

(click above to enlarge, showing full browser page . . . )


Here’s my email to Twitter contesting the suspension:

I was suspended right after a FOLLOWER named @PutPetsWithVets tweeted this:

and then blocked me.

Attached is a screen shot of a browser screen I had opened (just to make sure I was tweeting only followers) proving @PutPetsWithVets was indeed a follower before I tweeted them.

So now I’m on such thin ice that ONE TWEET to one of my 2,300 FOLLOWERS can get me banned if it upsets their prudish sensibilities.

This will make for good stuff at my blog, but it is so unfair that I am on such a super-sensitive, one-step-from-suspension status with Twitter.

Meanwhile, my wife tweets how I was suspended for tweeting a FOLLOWER and by mentioning the word “follower” she receives over a dozen unsolicited tweets from people with links to sites claiming they can get you 5,000 followers in a day.

It’s totally unfair. I’m getting suspended for a tweet one follower finds offensive while spammers are running wild.

How do I get out of this terrible situation where I’m always one tweet away from suspension, even if it’s a block from a follower who didn’t like what I had to say?

yours truly,

M i k e   C o r n e l i s o n

Almost as bad as the fact that I’m now getting suspended for tweeting a follower who was offended by my “vulgar” tweet, is the fact that this @PutPetsWithVets person describes themselves like this on their Twitter bio:

Luv Military-WORRY bout Veterans problems.Luv animals & HATE neglect/abuse.Will combine Vets & Pets.Vets help 2 rescue/heal pets & in process will heal selves.

Thank you for the work you do @PutPetsWithVets and so sorry for tweeting YOU, who had followed ME, something YOU considered “vulgar.”

You tweet about saving dogs “on Death Row” and I can appreciate that because my wife and I have rescued two dogs from euthanasia at the pound, but when you also say you “Luv Military” and worry about the vets, you may want to consider the fact that you are showing total contempt for the concept of FREE SPEECH, perhaps the most important freedom those vets have fought for and died for.

For the love of all that is good, stop following people and then blocking and complaining and getting them suspended the moment they post something you consider “vulgar.” Be an American, respect free speech and if you don’t like what you’re reading, change the fucking channel!

Here’s the post which @PutPetsWithVets delicate sensibilities to the point of getting me suspended.

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Well wouldn’t you know it? Just as soon as I finished creating a helpful public service announcement on what will and won’t get you suspended on Twitter, I end up getting suspended that very same day.

What was my offense? Well, there were six people whose tweets I featured in that post, so I sent off a single tweet to let them know about their being featured at my blog. It seemed only fair to inform them of their newfound fame, but somehow, there must have been enough crying and complaining between the six of them to where I was given a Twitter timeout.

Twitter is quite fair about it with your first suspension, all you have to do is read the relevant bit of their Terms of Service Agreement and sign off on your understanding of the rules and you’re automatically reinstated. In the process, however, you go from your Twitter starting point of being on probation to being on double-secret probation. Now you’re just one more suspension away from looking at some serious time in the TwitterGulag.

Considering how many millions of tweets are sent daily by people hoping to catch the eyes and maybe even a reply from a celebrity who certainly doesn’t follow them, unsolicited tweets abound all over Twitter, so it’s a pretty nebulous thing to try to define which should be punished, but I think there’s an even larger problem with Twitter’s report spam feature itself, which can be seen as a perfect example of a case where the cure is often worse than the disease itself.

The process of suspensions for spamming is automated and the algorithm does factor in the type of the account that’s being reported so the hammer will come down a lot quicker on a newly created account with no followers than it will come down on an account with a healthy ratios of followers, but the fact still remains that the process is automated, making it rife for abuse and it can only be appealed to a human being after the suspension goes into effect.

And just as surely as every dictator in the world is leftist, so are all the little despots on Twitter who band together to abuse the report spam feature to suspend and silence the voices of those with whom they disagree. The worst of it is, they don’t even feel the need to be clandestine about it, tweeting it out openly as they call on their minions to all pile on with a deluge of false spam reports. They collaborate on these campaigns right out in the open, as they did most famously against Chris Loesch, who was guilty of nothing more than defending his wife against some vile and disgusting comments.

The problem is widespread enough and has gone on for so long as to bring some conservatives to the point of debating whether they should “go nuclear” and use the same tactics of false spam reporting against liberals. Let’s hope conservatives never descend to that level, however. Free speech should reign and TwitterGulag is full enough as it is.

It’s annoying to see tweets on your timeline with links peddling herbal weight loss remedies or MLM / get rich quick schemes, and I think most people appreciate that Twitter has a mechanism for dealing with it, but in my book, a bunch of cybergeek thugs banding together to silence dissent is far more abhorrent than having to skip your eyes over the occasional spam. If there’s a hammer for the spammers, there should be a hammer for the false-flaggers as well.

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What won’t get you suspended on Twitter:


Nope, that kind of hateful pig vomit didn’t get Merisa Maljevac suspended.

*** UPDATE: Like a true coward, Maljevac deleted her tweet after I outed her on this post, but you can’t simply “unsay” something that disgusting, especially when fellow anti-Semites are there to retweet you in agreement.

Here are some other fine examples of hate tweets that didn’t get their tweeters suspended:


(At least this lady doesn’t think all Jews deserved the gas chambers . . . )

What will get you suspended on Twitter

Speaking the truth about the Obama administration’s betrayal of Israel:

Israel Stabbed in the Back by Obama

Without warning, Twitter suspended a series of three accounts owned by an Orthodox Jew from New York City Wednesday and Thursday, after one of them tweeted a cartoon depicting the Obama administration stabbing Israel in the back. The social media company refused to tell The Daily Caller if the cartoon was the reason it shut the accounts down.

Twitter also wouldn’t say why it hasn’t taken similar action against the terror group Hamas and its supporters for tweeting “Death to the Jews” and other threats of violence.

source: The Daily Caller

Just like the Obama Nazis at Facebook who censored a post by Special Operations Speaks (Obama called the SEALs, and THEY got bin Laden. When the SEALs called Obama, THEY GOT DENIED.) we see yet another example of left-wing, censorship-loving tyranny at another social media forum.

It seems you can wish hatred and death on almost anyone on Twitter, just as long as you never speak ill of our Dear Leader Obama.

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Pablo "Eagle Feather" Sancho

One of the most spiritual people I’ve befriended on Twitter is a man named Pablo “Eagle Feather” Sancho.

Pablo’s a good fellow to follow, the vast majority of his tweets offering the words “I bless you,” as he confers his blessings on his followers (and I suspect he considers his “followers” not in the regular Twitter sense, but more in the cult leader sense of the word.)

He may have a bit of a messiah complex, or perhaps just he went online and got ordained by the Universal Life Church and now he takes his title of “reverend” a bit too seriously, but Pablo’s stream of blessings and invocations are uplifting to tap into regardless.

So imagine my shock and dismay when in reply to a single tweet, Eagle Feather fired off these half-dozen replies in rapid succession. (Read chronologically from the bottom up . . . )

Pablo Sancho

So what did I do to incur this bombastic barrage from the bestower of blessings?

All six of those tweets came in reply to a single share of my “Obama Likes Being President” post in which I calmly, without any malice, made the case that Barack Obama likes all the things that come along with being president, but through his actions and his words, he shows quite clearly that he doesn’t care too much for the actual job of being president.

For daring to express my opinion on the president, Pablo tells me he “feels so sorry for my soul” and that my “eternal soul” is in need of being “saved.” He tells me I am “trapped in endless darkness” and that my “darkness is great.”

And I so say to you – please let the light of Democracy and free speech into your heart, Pablo.

You seem as if you would prefer to be trapped in the endless darkness of a totalitarian regime where you either agree with the party in charge or you disappear. Forever.

Pablo, look up and see the brightness of a society where an open debate and a free exchange of ideas conquers those who would subjugate us all underneath an all-powerful government.

Your intolerance is great and I feel so sorry that this is your response to those who dare question a president in a free society.

(Seriously, I post an article critical of the president and this guy is asking me to “repent” and let “Massiah” (sic) save my soul?)

You’d probably be much happier in a place like North Korea, where all are united in their unquestioning praise of Dear Leader and any who dare speak otherwise are made to “repent” in the concentration camps.

“Repent n let Yahoshua, the Massiah (sic), save ur eternal soul,” he tweets me.

Repent for daring to question the most beneficent reign of our Dear Leader Obama!

Seriously, Pablo? Seriously?

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