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Refrain from covetousness, and thy estate shall prosper.
- Plato, Greek Philosopher (B.C. 427?-347?)

I recorded this video for a guy named Dan Lefler (Dan Mans Music) in the days before almost anyone had even heard of the Internet. He tracked me down at the music store where I was teaching and asked if I was interested in recording some videos of me teaching some lessons and I said, “Sure, why not?”

What a visionary Dan was. At the time, there were maybe a few scattered households with AOL or Compuserve and here Dan was, recording videos for music lessons that he envisioned people would be able to subscribe to and access from their home computers, visualizing all of this at a time when 99.9% of the rest of the world has no idea what an “Internet” even was.

So I recorded a few sessions and then I had completely forgotten even making that video when my buddy Ken emailed me a link quite a few years later when YouTube was already widely becoming a household word, and I clicked that link and saw there I was, up on YouTube at over 100,000 views! I literally had to stop and rack my brain for a minute to figure out where and when the heck that video had even been shot! So someone must have subscribed to Dan Man’s lessons, grabbed the video with one of those little programs that can do that, and posted the video to YouTube and sorry to say it, Dan, but God bless the guy who did it, because I’m quite sure that video going viral has done wonders for my book sales.

If you combine all the different versions floating around YouTube together, one at over 200,000, another at over 180,000, the video itself now has well over half a million views. So here it is, my first 15 minutes of fame on YouTube . . .

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