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Are you angry that others disappoint you? Remember you cannot depend on yourself.
- Franklin, American Statesman, Printer, Scientist, and Writer (1706-1790)

Let’s review a little history of government shutdowns, because none of this was mentioned anywhere across the Obama State Media:

  • During the Ford presidency, a Democrat-controlled Congress started the history of government shutdowns with a 10 day shutdown from Sept. 30 to Oct. 11, 1976
  • The Democrat-controlled Congress shutdown the government during the Carter presidency FIVE TIMES.
  • Congress shutdown the government EIGHT TIMES under President Reagan, the first six under split houses, the last two with . . . you guessed it, a Democrat-controlled Congress.
  • Democrats shut down the government once again during George H.W. Bush’s presidency.
  • Then came the two previously most recent shutdowns in Clinton vs. Gingrich I and II.
source: WaPo

For those of you not keeping count, that’s seventeen government shutdowns since 1976.

But then something interesting happened on the eighteenth government shutdown . . .

It happened during Obama’s presidency and suddenly, for the first time in 18 shutdowns, we were told OH MY GOD, IT’S RACISM!

Obama zombies like Robert Redford speaking on CNN, Chris Noth appearing on MSNBC, Joyce Jones of BET, Roger Simon of Politico, Zack Beauchamp of Think Progress and Salon’s Joan Walsh (just to name a few) these people can’t resist pulling the race card any more than the lab rat can resist a cocaine pill:

17 previous shutdowns in 37 years, but this time it’s RAAAAAACIST!

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8 Responses to Tea Party Racism and the Government Shutdown

  • Pulling of the race card this time is Obama
    And the democrats are paying the no info
    Voters witch are mostly black .
    They make a good living. of off government handouts
    why we are now 17 trillion in debt .
    The dems know all hell is going to break loose when
    they do run out of money and it starts the next civil war .

  • Obama has used RACE from the very beginning of his political life. In Chicago, race would not work, so he just had to be a THUG. That always works well in Illinois. Race works very well for him when dealing with the whole country. Our Progressive educated whites better wake up and smell the roses.

  • Because a Democrat cop hit John Lewis with a nightstick 60 years ago in Alabama, the Tea Party is racist.

    That’s the general Rule of Thumb.

  • Yep.

  • I am furious with comments calling the Tea Party racist, hateful, stupid, redneck, etc. I was in at the very beginning and never saw anything except a group of Americans wanting to stop an out off control Gov’t. Most of the comments are made by brain washed Lib’s and moderate/establishment GOP who have never even been to a “Tea Party”. I saw some signs that went too far, heard some speeches that I could not fully agree with, but overall, I saw people who loved this country and feared its loss to Socialism/Communism. My own family bought into the B.S. about Tea Party folks. The hate I heard from the Left about Sarah Palin and now Ted Cruz, makes me just want to fight harder.

  • The Race Card is like the dollar. The more you print, the less it’s worth. The Race Card isn’t worth the hate that it’s printed on.

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