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The old believe everything; the middle-aged suspect everything; the young know everything.
- Oscar Wilde, British Author and Wit (1854-1900)

It’s ludicrous to try to pin a lunatic’s actions on the “overheated rhetoric” of today, as if the politics of today are any more devisive and vitriolic than any other time. The slander and mudslinging of the 1828 election, now that was some real personal hate in that election. In contrast, the debate I’ve witnessed over the last two years has been almost completely centered on ideas, mainly focusing on the size and shape of our ever-expanding government.

In trying to bolster their claim that the anger and division are unprecedented, the media would have you believe someone saying a bill should be “shot down” or a candidate “targeted” in the election is the first time ever politicians have spoken of shooting down a bill or targeting a candidate in the election.

The reason the media feeds people this lie is because outside of FoxNews, for the vast majority of the mainstream media, it’s THEIR GUY who holds the presidency and their party who until this month had complete control of Congress. Ironic that the same mainstream media whose hearts would be with rioters protesting Vietnam, Iraq or even the WTO would now describe a peaceful gathering of Tea Party protesters WITHOUT A SINGLE ARREST as an ANGRY MOB. LOL.

So for the liberals whose mindset could once have been summed up in a two-word bumper sticker like “Question Authority”, the liberal mantra now seems to be, “DO NOT QUESTION.” Do not question the size and shape of your almighty government or we will call you a RACIST, an EXTREMIST or a TERRORIST.

The mainstream media already had it’s collective mind made up that they would make the headlines about TEA PARTY RAGE and the initial reports took pains to underscore how Giffords had won a contentious election against a TEA PARTY candidate. Once details on the guy started coming in, like a monkey trying to pound a square peg into a round hole, the mainstream media kept trying to force the narrative to fit.

News reports picked up on a classmate’s twitter feed, quoting her as saying the shooter was “a pot smoker” and an army reject, LEAVING OUT THE FACT THAT SHE DESCRIBED HIM AS “VERY LIBERAL” AND “LEFT-WING”. They carefully skipped over that part of it. The Associated Press tried to leave the impression that he was a tea partier by saying he was “obsessed with the American flag” WHEN THE VIDEO SHOWED HIM BURNING AN AMERICAN FLAG. Oh yes, let’s leave out that critical bit of reporting, the fact that he was BURNING an American flag, because that doesn’t fit the tea party profile, so we’ll just say he was “obsessed” with the American flag.

Jared Loughner Booking Photo

Loner? Yes. Societal Reject? Yes. Batshit moonbeam crazy? Definitely. Product of an unprecedented level of discord in our politics? That's ludicrous.

So when it’s finally undeniable that a guy who lists the Communist Manifesto as one of his favorite books no longer fits the “crazy Glenn Beck follower” profile the mainstream media was so desperately hoping for, when it was clear he belonged not to the Tea Party, but the Bat Shit Crazy Party, the mainstream media was then forced to take a different approach. They tried to pin the blame on the Tea Party in a new way by forcing the narrative that it’s the “unprecedented level of discord” that’s to blame (how dare those tea partiers question our benevolent leaders!) as if there really could be something new under the sun, as if protesting the government NOW is somehow different than when they themselves were protesting the government in the past. The only difference between now and the past is, for the vast majority of the mainstream media, protesting the government now means protesting THEIR beloved president.

There is no unprecedented level of discord. It’s a media invented lie, and I think they know it’s a lie, because surely they teach history to journalism majors.

Fact is, it’s the same sort of crazy that reared it’s ugly head in just about every other era, just the same as it was with the lunatic “disgruntled job seeker” who killed Garfield in 1881, the anarchist nut who killed McKinley in 1901, the loser who couldn’t fit in anywhere so he decided to kill Kennedy in 1963 and all the crazies of the failed attempts before, inbetween and after. *

Don’t believe media’s attempts to blame the horror in Arizona on the lie that we live in times of unprecedented political discord. The mainstream media just hates the fact that anyone would dare question THEIR president.




* I leave out John Wilkes Booth because he may have been the only American presidential assassin who probably would have failed the crazy test.  He supported an evil institution of slavery, his heart was filled with hate, but he’s the one of the entire bunch who didn’t seem certifiably crazy.

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