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Father-Mother spin a web whose upper end is fastened to spirit - the light of the one darkness - and the lower one to its shadowy end, matter; and this web is the universe spun out of the two substances made in one...
- Book of Dzyan, Claimed Antediluvian Manuscript in Sen-Zar (B.C. 3000?)

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Here’s the round up of commercials ranked 11th through 35th in Facebook likes. Have fun and be sure to like your favorites:

Once you tweak the lyrics on your song to turn it into an ad hocking pistachios, you’re pretty much admitting you’re a one-hit wonder. That’s cool, Psy. $100 million and counting, milk it for all it’s worth.

A little disappointed to see it coming in at #22, this was my third favorite behind the Jamaica Mon and the Farmer spot.

Hey San Francisco, your Niners might have lost the Super Bowl, but at least you had this commercial to enjoy . . .

I’m guessing they do enough focus groups to determine the campaign still isn’t played out with people because a new eTrade talking baby ad at the Super Bowl has become as much of a given as the coin toss.

This commercial proves once again that whether it’s someone who’s going to play the idiot and the brunt of the joke, or in this case, someone who’s about to receive a real slapstick smackdown, there is only one person you can cast as being on the receiving end of it: a white male.

At #28, this two minute ad was well-written, although I’d call it entertaining more than outright funny:

We were told to go to cokechase.com to vote on who would win the quest to the coke. Not only did the website come up with nothing other than a single static image, but I don’t remember seeing an ending to this commercial either. Ah, you have to hit the website to see the ending.

Kind of ironic to see how many astronaught-themed commercials there were this year at a time when our Government has billions to blow on every pet project imaginable, except for American awesomeness in space and a new mission for NASA:

Click here for a round up of the ads voted #36 through #60 in Facebook likes.

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