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These ones didn’t get as much love from viewers. Here’s the round up of commercials ranked 36th through 60th in Facebook likes. Enjoy and be sure to like your favorites:

I wonder how many flight attendents across the world took offense to the “Air Waitress!” crack on this one?

It may have ranked a lowly 47 out of 60, but I’ll definitely be tuning into the History Channel for this one:

Budweiser scored big with the Clydesdale commercial, but the launch of their new Black Crown beer fell flatter than that half-drank glass from last night’s party, both commercials winding up as the third and fourth least popular commercials of the night:

Second to last of last night’s sixty Super Bowl ads, Subway’s outtake collection on the FebruANY promotion only managed 27 likes on Facebook:

Last on the list, when you factor in that most of the votes probably came from employees of Pepsi and the ad agency, only 25 likes on Facebook makes for a pretty poorly received ad:

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