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It is better to deserve honors and not have them than to have them and not deserve them.
- Mark Twain, American Humorist and Writer (1835-1910)

If money is the root of all evil, then the tax code is the root of all evil in Congress. It is our tax code that allows politicians to bestow loopholes to their lobbyist supporters and corporate donors, and both sides end up corrupted in the process.

You hear a lot of talk about the 1% and the 99% today, if you ever wonder why the 1% have more power than the 99%, look no further than the ability of the 1% to lobby Congress and twist the tax code to their advantage.

As just one example, this culture of lobbyist influence and political corruption allowed a corporation like General Electic to make $14.2 billion in profits in 2010 without paying a single penny in taxes this year, getting a $3.2 billion tax benefit instead!!! Disgusting, isn’t it? *

So for all the people protesting Wall Street, ask yourselves, who should you really be directing your anger at, the corporations taking advantage of the loopholes made available to them, or the politicians and their lobbyist benefactors who actually MAKE those loopholes?

Our bloated tax code, an incomprehensible mess 71,684 pages long, is the cause for 6.1 BILLION hours of wasted productivity every year, hours wasted in the drudgery of tax preparation. Just imagine all the wonderful things that could be created if those 6.1 billion work hours were unleashed and channeled into something of worth.

End the tax code, end the evil.


Our Bloated Tax Code - 71,684 pages long

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* The corporate welfare given GE is even worse when you consider that it’s being given to the very same GE which laid off 21,000 American workers and closed 20 factories between 2007 and 2009 and now has more than half of its workforce outside the United States. But the irony only gets better, because as all those American factories were being closed and all the jobs were being shipped overseas, President Obama was making GE CEO Jeffrey Immelt chairman of Obama’s Council on Jobs and Competitiveness.

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12 Responses to The Tax Code – Root of All Evil in Congress

  • Here is the link to the study by the NON-PARTISAN Tax Foundation, that supports the figure of wasted manhours and expense that citizens and business are forced to comply with in the current system http://www.taxfoundation.org/files/sr138.pdf

    • Excellent link, thanks for the post.

      FTA: 2005 cost of complying with federal taxes, including tax planning, paperwork and other hassles caused by tax complexity… over $265.1 billion. This amounts to imposing a 22-cent tax compliance surcharge for every dollar the income tax system collects. Projections show that by 2015 the compliance cost will grow to $482.7 billion.

  • 999, what a joke. have you even read how that tax code will go down? it fucks the lower class again. 999 may be a catchy slogan, but its far from the answer.

    • If there’s one thing this presidency has taught us, it’s that government spending does not stimulate the economy. We were warned if that $787 billion “stimulus” wasn’t rushed blindly through Congress, unemployment could go as high as 8%. The $787 billion spending bill did pass, and unemployment proceeded to hit 10%. Almost three years later, it’s still at 9.1%

      All that government spending did nothing to lift people out of poverty, as a matter of fact, the latest poverty figures show more people in poverty than ever before.

      There’s a lot of important services we receive from the government, but it is the private sector that provides the wealth in a society, it’s the private sector that makes this the richest nation in the world.

      After the era where all the manufacturing jobs were shipped overseas, 999 would make this the most attractive nation in the world for companies to invest and build factories and hire workers.

      999 would make America the most attractive place to invest, all that investment would bring jobs, quality jobs, and the resulting prosperity and economic boom would make the extra 27 cents on a gallon of milk totally negligible.

      • It is indeed hard to kep up with the republicans laying off workers faster than the stmulus can add jobs. Will noone address the problem that our government has been taken over by the corporate tea partiers,who have in short order been able to downgrade our crdit rating by publicly stating that they would be willing to default on our debt obligations or are you incapable of reading the report by the rating agency?

    • Check into 999, it would raise a family that has an income of 50 grand a year from 6,500 dollars to 14,000 dollars. It’s part of the second 9. Read the bill and then comment on it.

  • Absolutely Correct…I totally support the above message to American’s on this website. America and Liberal’s, Wake up!!

    Awesome Mike!!!

    Herman Cain 9-9-9!!!

    • Thanks, Paula. All aboard the Cain Train, woo woo!

      • Don’t you just love Herman…it’s nice to hear some Real Common Sense!! I’ve Got Hank Williams Jr.’s back too! What a great song eh? Keep that Train a Roll’in!!!

        • The very first line of this article is a fallacy. The “love of money” is the root of all evil,was the original quote. The tyax code being the problem is also another fallacy. The problem we have in this country is corporate influence in our government,and is by no means limited to the tax code. Legislation across the board is slanted to the advantage of corporations over persons,and that is the problem that the 99% is fighting against. Cains 999 is just another veiled attempt to lower the taxes of the superrich and raise taxes on the working poor. It would ,by starting a national sales tax, increase taxes on the lower classes.

          • Did I miss the “love of” part of the quote? My bad, I must have been influenced by all the protests blindly lashing out at any one who has more if it than they do.

  • The protestors”blindly lashing out” is the standard of those who would deny the reason for the protests. the reson for the protests is that corporations with the help of the supreme court have coopted the government and in effect turned the government against the people is was intended to represent. An example would be the republican party telling its constituents that they do not want to have afffordable healthcare and would rather instead be at the mercy of the predatory capitalism of the insurance corporations. although please feel free to respond to a small point rather than taking a risk of trying to answer the larger portion of the comment.

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