Letters from the Lunar Outpost

If anger proceeds from a great cause, it turns to fury; if from a small cause, it is peevishness; and so is always either terrible or ridiculous.
- Jeremy Taylor, English Bishop and Theologian (1613-1667)

Granted with humble genius, I strove to be retarded
It took a lot to make me numb, a little more to make me dumb

I took the road less traveled, finding the path I’m lost on
I never took my own advice, I wish I could live my life twice

This world is filled with promise, I can’t remember my dreams
Can’t see the trees for all the woods, can’t ever find my own way back

In my mind are thoughts so disturbing that nothing can disturb me
On the sea of madness the captain is going down with his ship

I cut my ears off my face
To spite my bruised and broken heart

I didn’t take it too well
I made my life a living hell

My parents are all that I know
They’ve known me from the second week
My mother knew me for nine months
She could have had it easier

I never thought about it
I never knew my wounded soul
I’ve fallen so far from grace
I never want to find myself

I took the road less traveled on
Finding the path I’m lost upon
Can’t see the trees for all the woods
Can’t ever find my own way back

I never thought about it . . .

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