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The intoxication of anger, like that of the grape, shows us to others, but hides us from ourselves.
- Colton, English Sportsman and Writer (1780-1832)

You ever hear the story of The Little Boy Who Cried Wolf? Well, I believe the same moral can be applied to crying racism – the more some people cry racism where it doesn’t exist, the more most people will become deaf to the cries when it actually does exist.

Consider the hashtag that went off last night, #ObamaBookTitles.

Well, judging by some of the crying we saw, sounds like #ObamaBookTitles was a regular meeting of the Ku Klux Klan.


and this


to which I replied


to which @ElleLamar replied


to which I replied


to which she replied


Of course, how could I have expected anything less. Here you are talking about all the racism flooding the boards, but you can’t even find one example to back it up?

So I grabbed the first 50 posts I either tweeted or retweeted to see if I could find a hint of racism in any of it:

Oh, he’s comparing Obama to a failed white president that’s just so . . . not racist.

Great play on the movie title, but to suggest that Obama would be a fan of a Soviet propaganda paper? Why that’s just about as bad as saying he reads the New York Times! Still, Pravda’s readership was about 100% white and the NYT’s readership is about 98% white, so it’s not racist to accuse him of reading either.

Get it? Because Glen Beck mocks Obama? I liked that one. How racist to even make mention of people who would mock the president, though! People mocking the president? Seriously? That’s just hateful! That’s just so un-American!

Oh wait sorry, I forgot, mocking the president is about as American as American can be. My bad.

So racist of me to point out how the same Obama who campaigned for president describing the Bush deficits as “irresponsible” and “unpatriotic” managed to raise the debt higher in three years than Bush did in his entire eight!



Come on now, the dude gave the Queen of England an iPod filled with audio and video from his favorite speeches (which means of course, a collection of his own speeches) so don’t even try to deny he’s one of the great egomaniacs of our times. Doesn’t make you a racist for pointing that out.

UPDATE: Brian gives us a graphic representation of what Narcissism looks like.

Truth hurts.

Oh man, I felt bad when I laughed but you can’t deny the truth of it. Obama’s father abandoned him and showed zero interest in ever being a father to his son. May be a little mean-spirited, but it’s certainly not racist any more than if you made an alcoholic joke about Reagan’s dad or the stepfather who adopted and raised Clinton.

Oooooh, now can we call that racist? Yeah, about as racist as talking about the guy who was half-Jewish but only spoke of his German side. (Yeah Adolph, I’m afraid the truth’s been out for quite some time now.) There’s nothing racist in the mere mention of a person’s ethnicity or the fact that he rarely mentions the other half of it.

Surely you can’t claim it’s racist to say Obama looks like that white kid from the Mad Magazine comic books? I mean, come on, who hasn’t noticed the resemblence? All you have to do is remove one tooth and the resemblence is striking.

Alfred E. Newman - I Loved Obama Obama and Alfred E. Newman, Separated at Birth

Remember the Bush presidency? A Google search of Bush monkey turns up over three million hits, almost all of them different variations of:

The Bush Monkey References WERE NOT Racist

Thank God Bush was white or we’d never hear the end of how racist those eight years were.

All of them funny, but again, where’s the racism? If you think people are insinuating Obama didn’t deserve the Nobel Peace Prize because he’s black, the racist insinuation is in your head. The fact is, it was a complete and total farce to see a guy get a Nobel Peace Prize one week after he started his job as president and began having a role in world events.

Perhaps some on the committee would argue, yes, but Obama deserved the prize for winning an election as a black man in racist America! Hey all you white Europeans on the Nobel Committee, not a single one of your home countries has ever elected a black president, so why don’t you stop giving away peace prizes when America elects a black president and instead worry about your own countries and your thousands of years of history of nothing but white rule when it comes to your kings, presidents and prime ministers.

(Thank God he included Biden with the dumb joke, or surely we would have had proof of racism right there.)

To which I received the reply from @BlackCanseco :

@mcjazzbass dude I’m blocking you. The bigoted BS you’ve been tweeting and RT’ing is foul. Later.

So now I’m being personally accused of being a bigot. That’s a serious charge. In my book, the only thing that could be worse than being accused of bigotry is being accused of being a child molester or a traitor to the nation.

Let’s continue going back through all my tweets and retweets to see what led up to @BlackCanseco calling me a bigot. (Mind you, I’ve skipped nothing here.)

Well done. (Alinsky if you missed the reference.)



So where’s the racism?

More than a few times, I pressed people crying racism to show me the racism, show me a specific example of a tweet in this hashtag that you consider to be racist. Nothing. Not a single example offered.

Yeah, except for all that RACISM going on there!

You know when the greatest stride for equality in America was made?

The greatest stride for equality in America was not made when the first black man was elected president, that stride was made many months later when the first late night comedian felt it was safe to tell a joke about the first black president.

Think about that and let it sink in for a bit.

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7 Responses to Those Racist #ObamaBookTitles Tweets!

  • Well, how about the guy at the Sarah Palin rally that had a monkey swinging from a noose?

  • That’s a little spooky… oops… I said: spook

  • I’m not saying racism doesn’t exist Billy, although I will tell you that the guy at the Palin rally was most likely a plant:


    What I can tell you is that from every account I’ve heard, those people were unwelcome and told to GTFO. Remember, all of this is also filtered through a media that would have us believe the Tea Party rallies were angry (a grand total of zero arrests) and the Occupy Movement rallies were peaceful (over 3,000 arrests which included cases of arson, rape and murder.)

    No, racism is not dead, never will be dead as long as there is a “man” in “mankind”, but where I see most of it is from the left, where they are just absolutely obsessed with race. (Think Chris Matthews, two years into Obama’s presidency admitting on live TV that he was astounded to realize he had just watched Obama for an hour without once thinking of his being black.)

    The truth is, unlike the race-obsessed left, a real conservative doesn’t give a fuck what the color of your skin is and believes only in a meritocracy.

  • Maybe if I left out the reverse racism part, it wouldn’t have been a racist tweet, but I could cares less what color obama is. Honestly, I think he’s a pretty cool guy, but I just don’t agree with his views.

    • I totally understood what you were saying though. Why does it always have to be about race with the liberals. Why can’t we just call it an honest disagreement? Isn’t that the whole point of having a Democracy in the first place?

  • More than once, dem operatives showed up to portray racist rants at T party rallies. They were thrown out immediately in every instance.

    I say dem operatives because they could not even play the part with conviction, usually just ranting stuff they think a racist might say.

    want to hear real racism, I’ve got a muslim friend (that I’ve cut all ties with because he was such a racist jack ass) who would rant on for hours about Jews and red necks like me— and this is while at work at a Fortune 500 company. So I’ll take offense at being called a racist when jerk offs like that are held to the same stanrdard or ANY standard by the left.

    So take your accusations of racism and fuck off with your left wing America hating selves.

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