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The decade of existence out of nothing has its end linked to its beginning and its beginning linked to its end, just as the flame is wedded to the live coal; because the Lord is one and there is not a second one, and before one what wilt thou count?" Sepher Yezirah, Jewish, Foundation of Kabbalah, attributed to Abraham (B.C. 2000?-600 A.D.)

Madonna - grandma is on MDMA with an Obama tattoo

When you see your seventy-year-old grandma getting an Obama tattoo, trippin’ on “MDNA” and dancing around the room in a cheerleader outfit, you know grandma is one person you definitely should not be taking voting advice from.

Wait . . . Madonna? Is that you?

When some stoned-out rapper named Snoop Dogg shares this fine example of an inner-city education on Instagram:

Snoop Dogg and a Brilliant Analysis of the Two Candidates

and then informs the world he’s going to change his name from Snoop Dogg to Snoop Lion, tell him thanks for the voting advice and that you’re sure your name change and four more years of Obama would work out as good as that time Prince tried to convince the world that from that point forward, he only be known as [unpronounceable symbol].

Lena Dunham's First Time Was a Disaster

When some actress from some HBO show comes on an Obama campaign ad to tell you to vote for Obama because it will be as special as losing your virginity, tell her thanks for the voting advice and sorry your first time was such a bummer.

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