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Hot Rod Drivers and Insurance Rates

When I saw the headline, my first thought was that all those people having their bills sent to the lower-risk zip codes of their parents or family members in order to get a better rate on their car insurance were screwed. (At least, I’ve heard some people have done that.)

Turns out, Fair Pay Insurance plans on assesing their rates based on the specific driving habits of their clients as reported by the TomTom units that will come bundled with the policy. (Here’s an idea – leave the GPS unit in the garage and go out and drive like the hot rod drivin’ maniac you are!)

Ah, the wonders of technology, it won’t be too long before all the insurance companies embrace similar systems and you can have your insurance agent right there in the car with you, setting your rates with every stomp of the gas pedal and every squeal of the tires. Forget speeding tickets raising your rates, your insurance company won’t even need a cop with a radar gun to know you’re speeding.

This comes on the heels of a blow to the old statistical model insurance companies use as the European Court of Justice recently struck down the discriminatory practice of insurance companies charging men higher rates than women for nothing other than being . . . men. Take that, you gender biased pigs!

source: PC Pro

When I first got my license and my 280Z (that was a Datsun 280Z, not a Nissan, don’t even google how long ago that was) I was the guy other drivers used to be yelling at, “Crazy freakin’ driver!” My how things change – now I’m the guy complaining about all those crazy freakin’ drivers.

By all means, judge us by the content of our driving instead of the broad bias of your statistical models.


So how much more are men charged than women on their car insurace rates? Find three different sources, you’ll get three differenct answers: 5 percent more, 20 percent more or 66% more . . . who the hell knows?


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4 Responses to TomTom and Insurance Co. Agree to First Deal to Use Satnavs to Set Rates

  • Great post! I just purchased a new policy yesterday through Progressive, and they tried to sell me on a potential discount for placing a similar device in my vehicle. I’m not having it!!! This may be the straw that breaks the insurance companies’ already fragile backs. I don’t know how it has gone on for so long, but auto insurance is one of the greatest scams in the history of the world. I, and my parents during my teen years, have paid more than $20,000 in insurance premiums on my behalf. I have not had one speeding ticket or auto accident in almost 15 years of operating motor vehicles. And the thought of being able to replace a vehicle I have no intention of wrecking is really limited in the peace of mind for it provides!

    • Car insurance rates are brutal, although they do tend to get better as you get older, but I can remember moving out for the first time and after rent was made, that was the next greatest struggle is to stay on top of the insurance payments. Now kids moving out are going to have to deal with making rent, making car payments and mandated health insurance. Look for late-twenties / early-thirties and still living at home to become the new norm for America.

      Progressive is offering a “potential discount” for letting them track your driving? Wow, didn’t know it was happening here in the states as well. You may want to consider it after all if you’re a cautious driver, may be your first chance to get a fair shake on the rates.

  • I have never thought to count up all that I paid in auto insurance over my years of driving. Never had an accident, so all that money on a remote possibility. I always did have low rates though.

    • You’re the responsible, rate paying good driver that all the rest of the car crashing fender bending world relies upon, Alainnah.

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