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- John Greenleaf Whittier, American Poet, Reformer, and Author (1807-1892)

Using search engine traffic as their guide, Yahoo just released the top 10 stories of 2013. I had a few comments, hope you do as well.

10. Aaron Hernandez arrest. In a story worthy of any top ten list, NFL star Aaron Hernandez was arrested for the murder of Odin Lloyd this year. For a guy who could have had it all (and for a while, did have it all) you have to wonder – where did it all go wrong?

Reports allege that Hernandez was hanging out with gang members, involved in violent incidents and failing drug tests back in his college days, but (again, allegedly) coach Urban Meyer and the University of Florida covered it up to keep him on the field. You have to wonder, if he’d been held accountable for his actions earlier on, could things have turned out differently?

NFL Star Aaron Hernandez Arrested for Murder

9. Paula Deen lawsuit. The media gleefully made Paula Deen one of the top stories of the year for having admitted to using the n-word once in the 80s in speaking of a robber who’d held her at gunpoint. After they were done dragging her through the mud, however, what most of the media chose not to follow up with was that the man who actually stuck the gun in her face says he feels sorry for her and the way she was persecuted in the media for it.

Paula Deen's Tearful Apology

8. Papal transition. Pope Francis seems like a genuinely humble man and even Time magazine honored him with its Man of the Year award. The story I really want to know though, is what the heck lead to Pope Benedict to stepping down and becoming the first pope in 598 years to resign.

Pope Francis and Pope Benedict Seated

7. North Korean missile threats. I think Yahoo mislabeled the results here. 2013 didn’t see a surge in interest over the North Korean nuclear threat, this year’s flood of search inquiries was surely a result of Dennis Rodman’s bizarre trips to North Korea. In 1972, you had Nixon visits China. Now in 2013, we have Rodman visits North Korea. We’ve become a nation fixated on frivolity.

Kim Jong Un

6. Syrian civil war. Obama’s flaccid red lines aside, explain to me again why we would take sides in a war where both sides hate us? I think skeptical third world kid says it best here:

Bombing Syria Because Syria Is Bombing Syria

5. George Zimmerman trial. Black on black crime resulting in nearly 9,000 deaths every year, but this one debatable case of self-defense between a hispanic and a black teen? CRIME OF THE CENTURY! For the people taking to the streets over one death and with nary a peep of outrage over the 9,000, there is something seriously messed up in your priorities.

Justice for Trayvon vs. 9,000 Dead Each Year

4. Royal baby birth. Um yeah, I heard about it, good for them.

3. Boston Marathon bombing. I can’t imagine the depth of the tragedy for the victims and their families, but I can tell you this – from that day forward, the words Boston Strong will forever ring deep and true for me.


2. The Obamacare rollout. With three years and $630 million to get the website rolling, surprise, surprise, the rollout of Obamacare was a disaster.  Not even Obama’s most loyal propagandists in the Obama State Media could deny that.  I’ve got news for you – you thought the rollout was bad?  Trust me, it only gets worse from here.

Healthcare Website Crashing

1. Jodi Arias trial. Welcome to America, folks. That’s your number one story of 2013 as judged by search engine requests. How utterly bizarre was that when Jodi Arias went straight from having her conviction read in the courtroom to being led back to her cell with a reporter waiting there for an arranged interview? Now Arias has a website for her artwork and is reportedly making a killing of a different type on eBay.  You know where this is headed.  I’m calling it right now, the first of my 2014 predictions: Jodi Arias becomes the first celebrity to have a sex tape smuggled out of prison.

Jodi Arias Prison Sex Tape

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4 Responses to Top Ten Stories of 2013

  • Don’t you be dissin’ Jodi!!!!!

  • So sad that many of the top stories had nothing to do with our fraudulent president or government but fueled racial tensions and made celebrities of common criminals like Hernandez and Arias.

    • You are so right about that. It’s amazing how much the Obama State Media can control the minds of the masses. Fast and Furious, Benghazi, IRS, NSA? Pay no attention to any of that, people, we’re stoking the fires of the racial divide over here – see how bright we can make those fires burn? Oh yes, and look over here! Just look at this delicious new tabloid story we have for you! After the break, we’ll catch up with the latest on all your favorite reality TV stars.

    • BTW, what a wonderfully musical name you have, love the way the combination of Hawaiian and Polish sounds.

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