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An enemy to whom you show kindness becomes your friend, excepting lust, the indulgence of which increases its enmity.
- Saadi, Persian Poet (1184-1291)

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All the ignorantly blissful little lambs who scoff at the idea of the Second Amendment being about protecting the American people from a government heading toward tyranny got a big healthy dose of reality Monday when a classified memo was leaked detailing the Obama administration’s justification for assassinating American citizens. Call it death by drone without due process.

In honor of this major step towards tyranny, yesterday, the hashtag #ReplaceSongTitleWithDrone was trending all over Twitter.

Celebrity-coined and paid-for-promotion hashtags are all fine and dandy, but for me, Twitter is at its very best when an everyday, average Joe or Josephine can send out a tweet with a hashtag they coined themselves and suddenly, it just strikes a chord that echoes out all across the Twittersphere.

Such was the case with this one from TxAv8r whose tweet started it all:

It took off from there.

Some of the tweets are worthy of top status simply becuase they fit in with the original so well:

Of course, all this was sure to ruffle a few feathers:

After checking their profile, you can be sure this person tweeted his John Lennon remake with a straight face and heartfelt sincerity:

But the best tweets found a song titles that spoke directly to the madness of what’s going on:

Runner up for best #ReplaceSongTitleWithDrone tweet:

And finally, the top tweet on the hashtag, sung from the perspective of King Obama himself . . .


So there you have it, folks. Are we done here?

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